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Welcome to my ePortfolio. Contained in this ePortolio, is almost everything you need to know about me; it will include my achievements, academic history, work history and more! Please browse through and contact me if you have any questions.

Mission, Vision and Values

Vision Statement:

I will become a respected leader in my organization, who will provide the best service and support, with a goal to eliminate crime and disorder to improve the quality of life of citizens

Mission Statement:

I am a fair and supportive individual, who treats others with integrity and respect. I promote a safe and peaceful environment who focuses on completing the complex and challenging issues that are growing in today’s society.

Value Statement:

I am of good character, honest and passionate individual that strives to create a positive and harm-free environment; and for the well-being of others, looks to make effective contributions to society.


Sep 2014Present

Criminal Justice Policing - Diploma

Lethbridge College

Understanding of Canadian justice system

Increasing my technical writing skills

Significance of diversity, ethics and morals in policing

May 2014Jun 2014

Police Extension Certificate

Mount Royal University

Competed 96 Hours of Police studies

Learned about interpersonal relationship skills

Gained an understanding of trends and issues in policing

Sep 2010Jun 2013

High School Diploma

Lord Beaverbrook 

Completed High School Diploma

Work experience

Oct 2014Present

Lot Attendant

Maclin Ford

Organize and display car lot

Customer service related duties

Clean and detail vehicles

Mar 2011Oct 2014

Cashier/Fill-in Supervisor

Calgary Coop

Leaded and trained employees

Provided customer service to customers

Monitored store to ensure cleanliness 

Volunteer Experience

May 2014Present

Community Station Volunteer

Calgary Police Service

Documenting and recording concerns from public

Completion of non-criminal and criminal reports

Assist constables when needed


July 2013- present                           Possession and Acquisition License(PAL)

                                                                Safe use of restricted and unrestricted firearms

Resume & Cover Letter


Leadership Skills

As a previous supervisor of over 15 employees, I always provided co-workers with mentorship, support and constructive criticism when needed. I also made sure that I was compassionate, mentally stable and confident, which allows me to be a respected leader in the organization.

Effective Communication Skills

Anything that needs to be communicated is through sticky notes, email, text or by phone. This ensures that the team can be on the same page regarding issues, policies and changes in procedures. 

Team Work Skills

I have been able to demonstrate team work skills in all my workplaces, which has allowed myself and others to meet deadlines and expectations. This has also increase my interpersonal skills, diversity skills and conflict management skills.

Computer Skills

I have taken tests to confirm the ability to type at over 70 words per minute with strong accuracy. I also have some knowledge in computer programming, and the components of a computer.

Conflict Management Skills

Through my experiences in retail, I have deescalated many situations that could have potentially turned violent. There has been times where customers are having a bad day, and decide to take out their anger on staff; however, my team and I have always reduced tension and remained calm.  

Interpersonal Relationship Skills

While working in customer service, my team and I where responsible for processing hundreds of customers. Handling customer complaints with the utmost respect and professionalism, allowed my to understand people and resolve issues. 

Extracurricular Activities

  • I spend much of my time, working on my vehicles, learning about classic cars, imports or domestics, I like them all! 
  •  I train in Muay Thai, and while I participate only recreationally at this point in time, I may take the next step and compete competitively someday
  • I also enjoy being in the outdoors whether that is camping, hiking or mountain biking.


  • Friendly
  • Honest
  • Teamwork orientated
  • Leader
  • Empathetic
  • Professional
  • Courageous
  • ethical and moral


  • In my personal life, I would like to be married with kids, with the ability to live comfortably. I would like to dedicate more time to my community and genuinely making a difference in others life.
  • Professionally, I will be employed by a police agency, and serving the community the best way I can.
  • Educationally, I will finish my Diploma in Criminal Justice - Policing in 2016. And once in a police force I will take the opportunity to participate in courses offered by the organization. 




Adrian Chong / Police Officer


Earl Courage / Police Officer


Amanda Dyer / Gas Bar Supervisor