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I thrive in professional environments, as I always strive to display a respectful approach to people and situations. I am also always willing to cooperate and compromise to complete the task at hand. I will do anything to make sure the job is done properly. I also have proven to be good with technology both on a hardware and software basis, and can fix and maintain most equipment. In school, mathematics and academics were my forte.

Work History


Apprentice interior and exterior painter


Assisted in daily jobs and assigned specific tasks by the master paintor


Apprentice duct cleaner and air quality assurance worker


Assisted in daily jobs and assigned specific tasks




Aldergrove Community Secondary School

Graduated with a large focus on Academics, with every opportunity taken for Information and Technology



Honor Roll

Langley School District

Consistently retains an average A grade.


Effort Award

Langley School District

Always shows a dedication  to his craft and adherence to a pre-established schedule.

Volunteer Experience

Regularly volunteers as much time tutoring as the client requires, for the purpose of helping them achieve their own academic success.

Volunteers his time to teaching young children how to curl on a weekly basis at the Langley Curling Club.

When required, will take hours of his day to set up, cleanup, and provide other assistance to community events, such as Gima-Ha Karate Tournaments, and local school concerts .