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Work experience

Jan 2010Present

Real Time Energy Trader

Lower Colorado River Authority
  • Performs and provides guidance for less experienced GenDesk staff regarding real-time trading and scheduling of energy and capacity to meet LCRA’s generation strategies.  Schedules natural gas on a real-time basis to meet LCRA’s generation strategies.  Communicates all market and gas operation information to the Fuel & Energy Risk Management Staff.
  • Performs complex and non-standard decision-making in all aspects of LCRA's role as a Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE) in the monitoring and adjusting of generation controls to provide the most efficient operation of power generation units.  Schedules energy; manages emergencies consisting of transmission outages such as black starts; and manages market or Grid Reliability issues such as Energy Emergency Alert (EEA) following ERCOT Protocols and Guidelines, North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Standards, LCRA Generation Desk Procedures, or other LCRA policies as appropriate. Performs complex and non-standard decision making regarding adjustments to short term load forecasts as well as decisions to bring additional units on-line or to take un-needed units off-line.  Procures additional energy or capacity in the event of a loss of LCRA Generation or to meet LCRA's Customer Load requirements.
  • Performs and reports all required accounting information related to energy or natural gas to other entities including energy and gas marketing companies, ERCOT and LCRA staff.
  • Makes decisions to switch to back-up fuel (oil) when conditions warrant maintaining reliability.
  • Assists with creation and revision of GenDesk procedures.
  • Assures compliance with all ERCOT Reliability Unit Dispatches per LCRA Compliance Procedures.
  • Provides assistance with internal/external audits.
Jun 2004Dec 2008

Equipment Maintenance Technician Principal

Cypress Semiconductor

Wafer Sort Area - Maintained and Repaired Sort Equipment, KLA and Electroglas wafer probers. Parametric and logic testers. Palomar Technologies stud bump, Blue M ovens. Ordered parts and tools for the Sort maintenance department. Written maintenance and production specs. Memo Logged all equipment issues and upgrades to the sort equipment. Involved in the Sort VMD SPC team. Communicated upcoming PMs and equipment issues to Production Managers and Supervisors. Scheduled Vendors for Annual PMs and also for major equipment issues. Worked closely with the Test Engineers when new problems occur on the test floor. Stayed to the end to deinstall wafer sort equipment after final build.

Mar 2003Jun 2004

Service Manager


Retail Store Manager at the Westlake Flagship Randalls.

As a Manager I was responsible for a Million dollar a week grocery store and the safety of our customers and employees. All company assets need to be secure and protected. I have to manage 10 departments, which includes 30 plus employees a day. I have to make sure all employees are using the company's service attributes at all times. My strength here was working with difficult people and managing employees. Service is our company's number one responsibility.

Mar 1993Apr 2002

Sr. Equipment Maintenance Technician

Motorola Semiconductor

My last position at Motorola was a Sr Equipment Technician in final probe. I was responsible for repair and Preventative Maintenance of Teradyne testers, and Tokyo Electron wafer probers. I was a Sr Equipment Technician in Motorola's Bat-1 Bump area. I repaired Balzers and Unaxis metal deposition tools and argon etchers. I was also a Equipment Technician in Plastic Assembly department. I repaired T.I. 4070 lead inspection scanners and repaired Dusan automatic press tools. In each department I was creative, motivated, and dependable to get the job done correctly. In Bat-1 Bump I received a Engineering Excellence Award for creating a electro-mechanical device to install on all of the Evaporative tools to prevent misprocesses by production personnel.


Aug 1992Jan 2010

Incomplete - Power Technology

Austin community College

As one of only 50 community college districts in Texas, Austin Community College provides access to high-quality education at affordable tuition rates. ACC offers university transfer curriculum, technical certificate programs, two-year associate degrees, foundation skills and English as a Second Language courses, and a highly diverse Continuing Education program. 



S.W. School of Electronics

Website: Southwest School Of Electronics Degree type Associate's

Southwest School of Electronics- Austin, TX. 9/89- 12/90

Associate of Occupational Studies Degree that includes 1,440 hours of training, 800 lab and 640 theory hours.



O.S.I GMS Software
I have the skills to develop Trend Boards to help the Real Time traders to see the critical GMS data that's needed on a daily basis. After OSI was released to the GenDesk. I created the needed Trend Boards for the Plant UCE, wind Gen, Load Resources, and LMP.
Personal Skills
Experienced with all hand tools. Computer repair Microsoft Office Automotive A/C repair Automotive EEC-IV and OBD-2 Diagnostics Wafer Probers Logic testers Evaporative repair Electro Mechanical repair Hydraulic repair Pneumatic and Electrical repair


Mike Hale


Greg Pyka

QSE Real Time Desk trainer Ext 6858


I've been in the semiconductor industry since 1991. I've worked in many different areas in the electronics industry from calibrating RTD sensors to repairing wafer fab equipment. I am talented, motivated and a enthusiastic person, who is driven to surpass typical standards of excellence.


I am a talented, motivated and enthusiastic person who is driven to surpass typical standards of excellence. I want to explore the opportunities and the adventure and challenges of a career with one of the finest company's in America.


Ford Mustangs

Alternative Energy