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A fact-based decision maker with extensive senior level leadership experience, key strengths include consistently exceeding profit targets, the capacity to envision “success” and establish strategic initiatives, and the ability to communicate in practical, common-sense terms at all levels of an organization. Financially astute, and quick to grasp the strengths and weaknesses of a business, he pays attention to others around him, shows consistent respect, builds good working relationships and seeks to integrate diverse viewpoints into problem solving and decision making

Work experience

May 2005Apr 2011

Vice President, Business Development

Van Houtte Coffee Services Inc.

Van Houtte is a privately held, vertically integrated company – Coffee Services, Retail sales, Bistros, Product, and equipment

Vice President, Business Development, Canada - Current

Responsible for recruitment and development of Van Houtte’s first National Accounts business development team.

  • Recognized opportunity to leverage national infrastructure to secure large multi-unit clients
  • Recruited, hired and trained team of elite new business hunters and support staff
  • Team signed over $2 million in new business in first year

Vice President – Central Region May 2005 - Feb 2010

Responsible for increasing profitability in the Coffee Services division, through organic growth and

acquisition.Serving over 8000 business clients through 6 Ontario branches

  • Increased EBITDA by 50% over four fiscal years
  • Transformed operations-driven business to client-centered Marketing business through HR training and development, advertising, trade shows, events, and product promotions
  • Created National Accounts program to exploit Van Houtte’s international branch network
  • Negotiated strategic alliance with Canada’s largest Food Service Operator – increased sales by 100% nationally with that client in first two years of contract.
  • Held Operating Expenses flat for three years by centralizing non customer facing functions.
  • Increased Return on Assets by 10% through recovery of low ROI equipment, reduction of inactive clients, reduction of equipment in warehouse, and reduction of inventory.
  • Completed 6 acquisitions adding over $2 million in sales and divested 2 non-core vending businesses for a substantial gain on book value 
Apr 2003Aug 2004


Laura Secord

Chain of 160 Chocolate stores, distributor to Food, Drug, Corporate, and Mass Market customers, partner in Hallmark/Laura Secord joint venture stores.Sold to Gordon Brothers in 2004.


Contract position responsible for P & L, development of strategic plan and management presentation for sale of the company.

  • Recruited to build infrastructure in Canada to make company a stand-alone entity suitable for sale to prospective strategic and financial buyers - hired VP Finance, VP Supply Chain, Director of IT, and outsourced Production, Distribution and IT to Canadian partners.
  • Initiated Brand re-launch - packaging, product mix, merchandising, advertising, and pricing, including launch of Laura Secord’s first Web site
  • Grew EBITDA from $1.5 to $4 million
  • Created and presented Strategic Plan and Management Presentation for potential purchasers, and successfully sold business for 7x expanded EBITDA, creating over $9 million additional value to Archibald.
Oct 1990Jun 2000


American Greetings
American Greetings, Cleveland, Ohio (NYSE:AM)| 1990-2000

$2.5 billion manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of greeting cards, and

social expression products. three positions over a ten year period and was promoted twice at American Greetings as follows:

Carlton Cards Retail Inc., Cleveland, Ohio | 1999-2000 (division of AM)

Retail division of American Greetings, volume of $450 million, owned and operated 700 North American stores, managed Gorant Candy Company, manufacturer/retailer of fine chocolates.


Responsible for P & L of the North American retail division.

  • Managed change in strategy to: build brand, focus on key category dominance, develop exclusive private-label giftware program, develop new store formats.
  • Exceeded fiscal 2000 sales goal by $2.6 million, increased earnings (EBIT) 15%.
  • Improved domestic terms of trade by $1.5 million in fiscal year 2000
  • Developed and Implemented “clicks and bricks” web site strategy focusing on Information, Loyalty Marketing, and e-commerce at
  • Above company average in Gallup survey rating. Received “Exemplary Performance” rating 10 straight years from 4 different managers during 10-year career at American Greetings.

Carlton Cards Retail Canada, Toronto, Ontario | 1993-1999 (division of AM)


Responsibilities similar to ‘President’ description above for 250 Canadian stores

  • Exceeded earnings plan 6 years in a row. Earnings increased from $300,000 in fiscal 1994 to over $11 million in fiscal 2000
  • Increased same store sales over 50% during 6 years in Canada.
  • Improved “Return on Net Capital Employed” to over 40%,
  • Developed new concept “Marketplace Store” in Oakville and Toronto Eaton Centre
  • Pioneered “Fast Track” program to build management bench strength and promote from within.

Rustcraft, Toronto, Ontario | 1990-1993 (division of AM)

Focused on sales and distribution of Rust Craft brand greeting cards to grocery, drug, and mass retailers

Director of Field Sales

Responsible for leadership and management of sales force of 5 District Managers, 40 sales representatives, and merchandising force of 500.

  • Increased sales by 30% over 2-1/2 years and increased account base by 20%.
Sep 1976Oct 1990


Additional Career Experience
Humber College | 2001 and 2004 Instructor

·Taught over a dozen courses including strategy, direct marketing, financial services

RBC Investments | March 2002 – April 2003 Investment Advisor

·Gathered $6 million in assets in one year

Shelving Designs, Toronto, Ontario | 1987-1990

A Closet Organizer, and Kitchen Accessory retail and service business


Best Wishes, Toronto, Ontario | 1984-1987

A 22-store card and gift chain with volume of $7 million

Vice-President, Retail Operations

Hallmark Cards, Toronto, Ontario | 1978-1983

A $4.5 billion international brand name manufacturer, distributor, and retailer, of cards, gifts, and social expression

Market Development Manager | 1981-1983

Responsible for retail store site selection and evaluation, lease negotiation

·Negotiated 14 deals for new store sites at estimated $400,000 first year profit.

Account Manager | 1978-1981

Responsible for a sales territory of 30-50 accounts

·Achieved highest sales increase in company in first territory, exceeding objective by 9%.

·Handled largest volume territory in company in second sales territory, in Hamilton

Zellers Ltd., Toronto, Ontario | 1976-1978




Member, CEO Global NetworkVice President, Caledon Tennis Club 2010Former member, Board of Directors, Archibald Candy (Canada) LimitedFormer member, Board of Directors, Carlton Cards Limited  Former member, Board of Directors, Retail Council of CanadaChairman, 1998 Annual Conference, Retail Council of CanadaMember, Earl Haig Foundation 2003 - 2008

Co-Chair, Earl Haig Secondary School 75th Anniversary Committee 2003Membership Chairman, Brampton Tennis Club 2003

Continuing Education

·Canadian Professional Sales Association Course2009

·Professional Financial Planning Course, Honours2003

·Derivatives Fundamentals Course, Honours2002

·Life Insurance Course, Honours 2002

·Accident and Sickness Insurance Course, Honours 2002

·Conduct and Practices Handbook Course, Honours 2002

·Canadian Securities Course, Honours 2002

·Lessons in Leadership 1999

·Windows 98, Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel 1998

·Creating a Growth and Profit Culture 1997

·Continuous Improvement as a Way of Life 1996

·Cambridge Forum on Executive Leadership 1996

·QUEST (Quality Service) 1994

·Front Line Leadership 1993

·French Level 4 Sheridan College (A+) 1992

·Management 1 & 2 – Waterloo Management Consultants 1982

·Xerox Account Development Strategies, Managing Time & Territory 1979

·Ontario Scholar 1973

Sep 1982May 1987


York University

Completed part time over 5 years while working full time


Andrew Laudenbach

I have known Tim Weichel for the past 6 years.For the first five and half years I knew him casually through meetings at various industry conventions.In April 2003, Tim was hired on as the President for Laura Secord, a company I have work at for the last nine years.

As Director of Real Estate I reported directly to Tim.I found Tim to be a very fair, intelligent individual to work for.What struck me most was Tim’s ability to be a quick study.Within a month or two Tim had an understanding of our business that normally would take the average person much longer.He was able to assess what we were doing and recommend and implement the appropriate changes.

Within a few weeks of being with the company Tim had organized a four-day strategic planning session for the management team.It was incredibly well thought out and very logical in its process.It was an extremely productive four days and the results of the meeting actually became the blueprint for the strategic presentations made to the potential buyers of Laura Secord.Feedback from numerous parties indicated that they agreed with our assessment and recommendations.Tim deserves the credit for initiating, organizing and executing a valuable long-term business plan.

Tim’s has an excellent understanding of all the functional areas of retail from marketing to finance to real estate.He uses these talents to bring out the best in people and the organization by encouraging individual responsibility and accountability.Laura Secord has become, and will be, a more successful company as a direct result of Tim’s skills and dedication.

I have enjoyed working with Tim and would welcome the opportunity to do it again should our paths cross in the future.

John Sullivan

John Sullivan and Tim Weichel were peers with Carlton Cards. John was the President of Carlton Cards (Wholesale and Manufacturing), Canada, while Tim was the President of Carlton Cards Retail, (Canada, later North America). John was employed with Carlton Cards as their Canadian President.

“Tim and I began our careers together almost 25 years ago with Hallmark.We both grew over the years. My first real exposure to Tim was at a time when he was National Key Accounts Manager/Field Operations, with Carlton, in Toronto. Tim had 70-80 reps reporting to him, and I was always amazed at his adeptness and organizational skills in working with so many people and keeping order, discipline and a focused direction.

Tim Weichel is a first class Senior Executive who is goal oriented, decisive, analytical, a great leader with a very high energy level. His management skills were outstanding.He has a great understanding of the elements of running a business, such as Marketing, P&L, business and strategic plans, supply chain, and financials.Perhaps his greatest strength was his clear-cut direction to his subordinates. He made sure that everyone, from senior management down to the people that worked in every store-front, that everyone was on the same page, clearly understood their function, and understood the goals of the company.This is a very difficult thing to accomplish, particularly when you are in charge of 500-700 stores and are responsible for the financial performance of the company, and for the welfare of the employees. His organizational skills, and his direct approach to his duties were a real work of art.

In running a business the size of Carlton Cards, Tim required a certain degree of freedom and independence to function properly.This became increasingly more difficult as family interests would not allow for him to run the business in the manner that he felt was necessary.With family interests pressing him to utilize family members in key positions, Tim and Carlton parted company.

I would re-hire him in a minute. He did an extraordinary job in running the Retail Division of Carlton.I am sure the he will chose wisely in his next career move, and given his skills he should make a significant contribution to that organization.”

Ed Fruchtenbaum

“Tim and I worked together during a growth period of Carlton Cards.He was responsible for Carlton, USA and reported to me, as I was the President and COO of American Greetings, the parent company, for the last two years of Tim’s employ with us.

While we worked together for five years, in reality, it was the last two years that we were directly involved with each other.Tim was responsible for the Retail side of the business to include full P & L responsibility, Manpower Planning, Visual Presentation, Finance, Site selection, Strategic Planning, Inventory Control, as well as Marketing and Sales.

To run 500-700 stores takes a very adept individual.Tim was extremely good at his job. He was a very decisive individual, goal-oriented, with an intensely high energy level. He had excellent management skills, was quite articulate, and very creative in directing his subordinates and all store lines.Tim Weichel is bright, and very direct in his approach to running a business, and is loyal to his Company and all those that report to him.

Tim left Carlton when he felt that it was not possible to take the company and his career in the direction that he felt was necessary for growth. Although the company was publicly held, the overall direction was guided by a family interest that wanted to take Carlton in a direction that was diverse to Tim’s overall strategy.They agreed to part company.

Tim Weichel is an honest, hard working individual, who utilizes his many skills to get things accomplished.I am sure that he will make a significant contribution in his next effort”


Excerpt from Personal Orientation Profile
In Terms of Enterprising vs Support Role Possibilities Tim would be described as extremely competitive, enterprising, assertive, aggressive, tough minded, determined and goal oriented. He may display new and creative ways to reach his personal and work objectives and will be self-evaluative and sometimes critical of his own performance. Given an aim, objective or requirement, he would be able to develop his own plan, manage his time and focus his effort on a daily basis to reach his goals. Being a self-manager should come very naturally to him. In Terms of Style & Strength of Various Motivations Tim would be described as being motivated both by a genuine concern for the well being of others and by the opportunity to achieve an excellent standard of income for himself through the application of his talents and effort to the achievement of very demanding goals. To achieve both his 'people-oriented' and his personal goals, he may become somewhat hard driving, eager and active. In Terms of Independence vs Need to Be in the 'Team' Tim would be described as cooperative, obliging, efficient and conscientious. He can function effectively in a group which is well organized but allows him leeway for individual initiative. He will accept early supervision along with training but will expect less supervision after gaining the experience. In Terms of Orientation Towards the 'People' Side of Business Tim would be described as somewhat sociable, enthusiastic, cheerful, lively and entertaining. While valuing social interactions, he may be somewhat reserved in his initial contacts with new people. The achievement of goals would be through personal relationships developed over a very long period of time. In Terms of Orientation Towards Technical & Practical Concerns Tim is extremely logical, reflective, analytical, factual and very practical. He enjoys things that challenge his capacity to learn. For the sake of interest as well as necessity, he will become an expert in things that intrigue and challenge him. He likes to be creative and conceptual. He would enjoy solving intellectual challenges by thoroughly investigating the facts and data associated with a particular problem.
Excerpt from Traversa Individual Assessment Report
  Tim has a number of leadership strengths which have helped him succeed in his 32 year business career. He possesses a strong business education and seasoned senior general management experience and knowledge across industry segments relevant to Van Houtte’s businesses. He is able to integrate diverse functions to drive growth and profitability of a substantial business. He has a well developed and balanced repertoire of thinking and planning abilities in the areas of strategy, operational management and innovation. He consistently involves his team of leaders in planning and decision making across these areas. He has a respectful, inclusive, friendly approach to organizational leadership that can build a high degree of buy‐in and commitment. He approaches influence and leading change in a straight forward, organized, collaborative manner. He pays attention to others around him, shows consistent respect, builds good working relationships and seeks to integrate diverse viewpoints into problem solving and decision making. He sustains positive interpersonal initiative and a constructive attitude. He is an achievement oriented senior line executive who consistently pursues challenging business performance, sets high expectations, cultivates strong leadership buy‐in and handles operational execution in a thoroughly planned, organized manner. He has substantial experience and skills as a senior general manager in selecting, developing and integrating executive talent on senior business leadership teams. He replaces talent as needed and seeks to upgrade it over time through career development and succession planning.
Judgment, critical thinking, and open-mindedness
Thinking things through and examining them from all sides are important aspects of who I am. I do not jump to conclusions, and I rely only on solid evidence to make my decisions. For example:   Completed 6 acquisitions adding over $2 million in sales and divested 2 non-core vending businesses for a substantial gain on book value at Van Houtte Created and presented Strategic Plan and Management Presentation for potential purchasers, and successfully sold business for 7x expanded EBITDA, creating over $9 million additional value to Archibald at Laura Secord Managed change in strategy to: build brand, focus on key category dominance, develop exclusive private-label giftware program, develop new store formats at Carlton Cards
Curiosity and interest in the world
I am curious about everything. I am always asking questions, and find all subjects and topics fascinating. I like exploration and discovery.  For example:   Have taken continuing education courses throughout my career Took on multiple courses teaching at Humber College in various subjects Have adapted to several different careers - business owner, investment advisor, teacher, executive - and have both Business to Business and Business to Consumer experience
Creativity, ingenuity, and originality
Thinking of new ways to do things is a crucial part of who I am. I am never content with doing something the conventional way if a better way is possible.  For example:   Created National Accounts program to exploit Van Houtte’s international branch network Initiated Brand re-launch - packaging, product mix, merchandising, advertising, and pricing, including lauch of Laura Secord's first web site. Developed new concept “Marketplace Store” in Oakville and Toronto Eaton Centre