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Work experience

Nov 2003Present

Founder & CEO

Tri Vision Global, Inc.

Tri-Vision Global (TVG) is the first company of it's kind; A strategic optimization company that utilizes a holistic approach to integrate key market sectors & technologies to optimize performance and maximize results.

We've started more than 24 businesses, advised over 220 companies in 64 countries, formed some powerful alliances & partnerships, while helping thousands of people succeed through our films, coaching programs, e-zines and news letters, so we know how to help you and your company thrive in today’s marketplace.

If you're ready for Xtreme Results in life and business, then Tri-Vision Global is Your Trusted Team.

You can be confident TVG will help you get the results you are looking for! To learn more click here!

2003 – CURRENTTri-Vision Global, IncJacksonville, FL


·Built an Internet Marketing Company that takes a holistic approach to marketing online

·Advanced the overall objectives of the company utilizing the internet as the primary vehicle.

·Launched over 40 separate Internet Marketing Projects and 3 separate companies.

·Viral strategies generating over 20M hits & and $3.5M in sales in 3.5 months

·Expanded client portfolio and developed strategic relationships.

·Optimized performance by bringing organization and segregating departments into separate companies.

Mar 1997Present

Chief Happiness Purser

My primary role at United Airlines is to provide outstanding customer service and an unparalleled seamless flight experience.

My strategy has been to take my same business building skills and personal improvement knowledge to transformed every flight to become an awesome experience so that the passengers would consider United Airlines as the World Wide Airline of Choice. I do this be treating every flight as if it were my business and making sure when those passengers get off they would look forward to coming back!

It was here I learned that people come before projects and that people are truly precious and have real needs and hurts and we have a short moment to touch their life and make it better. People feel your true sincerity. I also learned patience, compassion, humility and flexibility along with gratitude for every small thing!

After 911 we had the opportunity to advise the executive leadership on an initiative that would infuse them with more than $400 million in unencumbered revenue. While they did not use all of the ideas they did use some. Am grateful to have been able to contribute to their success?

1997 - 2006United AirlinesChicago, IL

Flight Attendant

·Strengthen key relationships and opened doors for further business opportunites in exces of         $450,000.

·CRAF Missions (FRA)

·International Service, DS-1 Security Training, CPR, AED, First Aid. Training

·Purser (747,744, 777,DC-10, 767, 757, 737, 727, A-320, A-319)

·International Flying (AMS, FRA, LHR, PKG, NRT, HKG, GRU, SJU)

May 2006Aug 2007


Precision Life Coaching
At Precision Life Coaching, my motto was to practice what you demand of others. My responsibilities included coaching my own clients, recruiting and training new coaches, managing the 11 coaches we had, developing and building the online objectives, processing coaching sessions, calculating commissions, and developing new business relationships. All in a days work right? :-)

Our goal was to help as many as we could both in life and in business so they could become beacons of light to those around them.

May 2002Jan 2003

Director Of Business Development

Clearwater IT

Clearwater IT was my baptism into IT.

Assisting the CEO in this start-up I was involved in almost every aspect of building this company from assisting with the marketing plan, to building packages & price points to obtaining new clients and joint venture partners.

When marriage called and the desires of a new spouse needed to be considered, like moving to Florida so she could be nearer to her parents, it was time to move on.

2002 - 2003Clearwater ITSan Jose, CA

Director Business Development

·Obtained & managed sales, marketing, & business development activities of the company

·Developed business relationships with strategic partners, resellers, distributors, as well as        sales and marketing channels.

·Assisted in business plan development, marketing campaigns, review of partnership        agreements and VAR agreements.

Dec 1994Aug 1995


Achievement Broadcasting Group

ABG was a marketing arm to The Peoples Network, the first company of it's kind to bring the best in personal improvement instruction directly into the home via Analog Satellites, before the digital age was available to the masses. 

The objective was to use the same strategy used by VHS and the Beta wars. We would flood the market with Analog satellites offer content rich training and resources and then switch over to digital when the timing was right.

Unfortunately the founder of TPN incurred an injury to the lower back devastating enough that he chose to sell the company to Pre Paid Legal.

My responsibilities at the time were training sales reps, expansion of viewers, promotions of seminars, advertising, sales & marketing, managing sales force, recruiting, meetings, accounting, internal promotions, inventory control, purchasing & ordering, customer relations, customer service.

Mar 1992Apr 1993

Traveling Promoter & Sales Manager

Achievement Seminars International

As the number one traveling sales executive for the third largest promotion company in the world, my responsibilities included managing and coordinating all aspects of events in each city we would go into for Jim Rohn International. My responsibilities included:

  • Managing sales representatives in 6 states, leads, territories and schedules.
  • Coordinating all seminar activities with hotel, speakers, vendors, rental car agencies & caterers.
  • Insuring proper room set up: seating maps, lighting, supplies, speaker requirements.
  • Managing all: advertising, media, joint venture partnerships, sponsors.
  • Training new sales accountants and area managers.

Responsibilities also included my own sales which involved prospecting, presentations, sales meetings.

Average weekly sales consistently exceeded the other  team members sales for the entire duration of our stay. Thus the nick name "Sales machine."


Sep 1987Jun 1989


Promotions is a labor intensive project that involves many skills. As the number one traveling sales executive for the third largest promotion company in the world I was responsible for coordinating all aspects of events in the City I was managing at the time from:   Sales representatives in 6 States, leads, territories and schedules. Coordinating all seminar activities with hotel, speakers, vendors, rental car agencies and caterers Insuring proper room set up, Seating maps, lighting, supplies, speaker requirements. Media relations, advertising, all media, joint venture partnerships, sponsors.  Training New sales accountants  
Project Management
Project management is a critical skill that can make or break a company. Project management has a rich history and is perhaps the single greatest reason why the US has achieved so much so quickly. In short it's simply is the consistent habit of planning, organizing and managing resources to insure successful completion of project goals and objectives. In every endeavor project management has been the one skill that has enabled me to accomplish so much as an entrepreneur. It is also what has enabled me to build more than 5 companies at the same time in 2005 to 2009 while at the same time manage multiple clients while we endured an 80% revenue loss from 2007 to 2008 due to economic circumstances.
Strategic E-Commerce
Building a global business optimization company is no different that winning a requires strategy.   Over the last 8 years we have assisted many companies in optimizing their e-commerce efforts on the internet using state of the art e-commerce environments and leading web 3.0, 4.0 strategies.   While we would have loved to to equip many with the full packages of services we offered to reach a global market, and dominate their market space, we had to work with in their budget constraints and enable them to reach the next milestone as best possible. Often we had to work with smaller software applications and lower entry third party SaaS service providers since more robust applications were cost prohibitive.   We began each assignment with a through analysis of market place, competition, key words, costs associated to entry, present team and available budget and then began assembling an effective strategy taking into consideration the goals and objectives, factors for success, and the possible barriers that would be encountered.   From there it was simply a matter of fleshing out the tactics and tasks into a time table and then begin execution while at the same time monitoring progress and making necessary course corrections.   A small sampling of the companies we have assisted thus far have included:   Hayward & Warwick Liberty Financial Management The Debt Healers Omar Periu Future Achievement Robin Crow Wally Amos Play On Golf Be Beautiful Naturally Excellence Quest Training International
Master Influencer
While many people feel they are not in sales or they are not sales people nothing could be further from the truth. If you have ever been married, had a significant other have children or deal with people you are in sales. If you have told yourself you cannot sell...Congratulations you just did the best sales job in the world. You sold yourself your not a sales person.   Life is about sales or better said about helping to guide others to make better choices. You could say that it's really about influence.   Learning how to connect with people, listen to their true needs, helping them overcome their concerns by truthfully answering their questions, and inspiring them to take action now instead of putting their future off is what sales is really all about.   As a professional influence for more than 40 years it's been my Job helping people just like you learn how to master the skills of influence in a way that is honest, ethical and sincere so that you can connect with your clients and help them make a better decision. Isn't that what you really want? To help your clients reach their goals by using your products and services? Of course you do.


Dr. Larry Pate

 Dr. Larry Pate  Dr. Larry Pate is the president of Bridging Peoples Consulting International (BPC). He and TVG have assisted in the development of business projects in sixty-four countries of the world over the past 26 years.   Dr. Pate, has earned two masters degrees and a doctorate in International Studies plus an MBA (Summa Cum Laude) at Regis University. He and the various teams of specialists that he has trained or led have consulted on projects up to $7.6 billion.   Dr. Pate has founded or co-founded six companies and consulted extensively in most parts of the world. He is experienced in many industries, including: telecommunications, aerospace, aviation, mining, energy, hi-tech manufacturing, banking, agriculture, community development, health services, human resources, economic development, executive coaching, real estate development and sales, construction, HVAC, non-profit development and Internet based business.   He has personally raised over $230 million in investment capital and has assisted others in raising much more. Dr. Pate’s passion is helping entrepreneurs succeed.  Dr. Pate will help your people grow and prepare your firm to lead your industry well into the future by laying out a clear blueprint for what it will take to succeed!

Jim McKie

Jim McKie -

Jim McKie is an Executive Management Professional with strong sales, training and consulting background for diversified industries from corporate America, to serving the needs of others in the world of non-profits. While working with non profits, Jim consulted to State and National Government officials throughout the United States and Latin America to address the diverse needs of at risk youth.Jim's training background includes coordinating and presenting national workshops on a variety of youth related topics, developing training materials and individualized training sessions with outcome based training, and developing workshops on Teleconferencing, Sales & Marketing, and Recruiting strategies.He produced and hosted "Family Matters", a weekly radio talk show that delved into family dynamics and relationships. He was also actively involved in the development of corporate promotional and training videos.Prior to joining the TVG team, he was a Divisional Manager with an international Management Consulting Company providing business strategies of break-even technology, policies and procedures, retention, sales and marketing. Jim has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.Jim serves as the President of Princeton Financial Group as well as President of Castle Bridge Credit. Princeton specializes in the acquisition of income producing assets for their private investment partners. With well coordinated financial planning and strategic project selection Princeton has been able to strengthen the retirement and income needs of its partners.

Dr. Ron Jenson

Dr. Ron Jenson is one of the most sought after speakers in the world today on the subjects of authentic success and authentic leadership. He is the Co-founder of Future Achievement International and is recognized worldwide as “America’s Life Coach.” An internationally known author, speaker, executive life coach and interviewer of hundreds of top leaders in the areas of leadership, life success, and influence. Dr. Jenson spent eight years as President of an international school where he helped build campuses in Asia, Africa and the United States. Dr Jenson has traveled around the world annually for 25 years and has spoken to groups including top Parliament Members in Uganda, 20,000 business people in India and corporate and institutional leaders in the United States, Latin America and Europe.

An expert authority in the area of personal leadership development Dr Jenson's research spans 30 years, during which time he has interviewed over 1,000 international leaders in a variety of corporate, government, educational, and non-profit executive positions. Ron Jenson is also published author of several books and is the main spokesperson and personality for Future Achievement International. His most popular book is Achieving Authentic Success® that has been published in multiple languages and has sold over 200,000 copies worldwide. Dr. Jenson appears at corporate events, business conventions, public seminars and workshops nationally and internationally on behalf of Future Achievement. Dr. Jenson brings a wealth of relationships with leaders and organizations to assist in the sales and distribution of educational products and training services worldwide. Dr. Jenson works closely with the President to secure strategic partnerships and alliances that create channels of distribution for the Company.


Apr 1987Present

VFR Private Pilot

Sep 2008Sep 2009


United Airlines FAA
Sep 2008Sep 2009


United Airlines, Red Cross



Published 20070711 Five Drivers Of Change - The huge Tsunami that hammered the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia in 2004 gave no warning...The change about to crash on the shores of business is much larger...Are you ready?  

Published 20090103 Keys To Using A Debt Management Company - With a rapidly changing market place and rearing economic market there is one circumstance that is affecting nearly every family and is dramatically hindering our progress as a nation…Debt! strategic optimization company we strive to make sure that the key sectors of a business are optimized to produce maximum results and when people are significantly in debt it weighs down tremendously on an organization and hinders them from being truly effective.


"Non-Stop Service To Success" TM., was an inBox News Letter dedicated to providing you with the insights and resources for you to meet with Xtreme Success TM., without delay!

"The Dream Journal" TM., An international publication that reaches 29 countries, the What's Your Dream Journal helps keep people inspired by reminding them of the importance of their dream. Combined with our Morning Minute that highlights an international destination and it's role in shaping history.  


Objectives/Goals:My desire is to assist cause oriented businesses in developing and implementing heart driven strategies to build, launch, and grow their businesses in a global market place while becoming the recognized leader in their space. Seasoned entrepreneur with multiple start-up experience, strong marketing background both off and online. Interested in early-stage start-ups as well as companies “on the bubble.” Executive/Life Coach with emphasis on strategic thinking & planning using a holistic model for life and business balance Internet Marketing Strategist with considerable online experience using email, viral, new media, affiliate, & social marketing, SEO, SEM, SMO, Social Media, Mobile marketing & Quick Response codes (QR codes), iPhone Apps and other traffic driving strategies. Reached 400,000 people in 29 countries in 7min. Peak performance consultant with solid background of human performance factors necessary for optimal performance including physical, mental & emotional fitness. Seminar promotions manager with in-depth experience in traveling teams, event planning, and promotions. Proud father of 3 precious children and a loving husband to a wonderful wife. Specialties: Strategic Planning & Thinking Internet Marketing Social & New Media Marketing Email & Article Marketing, Viral Video Creation, Distribution SEO Blogging Press Releases Link trading Smart Auto Responder Set up & Installation Merchant Account / Internet Gateway Setup & Configuration Lead Generation PPC setup/management Keyword Research Sales Page Creation & Set up's E-Book Creation Analytics Outsourcing Training Consulting NLP Executive/life coaching


I believe that Life is a collection of lessons that if learned and lived bring us closer to fulfilling our truest purpose. To bring TRUE LIFE to all those who come across our path. We are to do our work with excellence as if we were doing it unto CREATOR HIMSELF. This ensures honesty, integrity, and your best effort to those whom you have the privilege to serve. May some how in this resume you find the heart of some one that cares about you and one who wants to do His best to help your dream, visions, and goals become a reality by serving those who need what you have with excellence.


  • Family Outings
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Canoeing
  • Adventure sports(Sailing Climbing, Skiing, Crewing, Wind Surfing, Equestrian, Crewing, Biking)
  • GEOCaching
  • Resilient Living(Rain Harvesting, Edible gardening, micro farming, vermiposting, self-sufficiency, est.)
  • Technology
  • Business Turnarounds