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vLead the team and made the first "Global Delivery Model" project successful with a team size of 8. Most of the process and methodology is being taken as benchmark for other similar projects.

vSet up a Professional Services team and managed. There was a huge appreciation from the management for its meticulous planning and its growth in a short time.

vOwning and Driving an "Architectural Review Board" an initiative within the pyramid which reviews the design/architecture of all the projects and conducts technical sessions which helps share the knowledge. 

vActively participated in the company’s CMMI Level-5 certification and assessment process.


vStrong background in RFP proposals, Requirements analysis, Design, Estimation,

          People Management, Talent Management and Collaboration.

vExposure to Banking, Telecommunications BSS/OSS (Mediation-Network & Billing, Provisioning), Healthcare and Retail Domains.

vExperience in handling multiple projects and large programs.

vStrong skills in Java/J2EE.

vObject Oriented Analysis and Design 

vProject/Program and People Management is one area, which is part of my life. In

  other words I call it ERP, Environment Resource Planning.

Career Summary: (Total of over 14+ years of experience)

vOver 5 plus years of project/product management. 

vOver 2 and half years of overseas experience [US, Saudi, UAE and Malaysia] in implementation, customer interaction, submitting proposals and gathering requirements.

vOver 4 Years of experience in design and development of Enterprise applications.

vOver 2 years of experience in research based application development works.

vStrong skills in J2EE paradigm including Servlet, JSP, EJB, JDBC, Swing. 

vExperience in processes of CMMI Level 5 assessment for certification and also process implementation.

Rewards and Recognitions:

  • April 2008 "Partnership Award" recognizing on the excellent collaboration with customers and         Minneapolis partners.
  • September 2009 "Excellence Award" for delivering a large program with high quality on committed schedule.
  • Quarterly Leadership Awards 2009 (Q1) - "Results Leadership" is at organization level recognizing all my commited works towards deliverables and initiatives.
  • Quarterly Leadership Awards 2009 (Q3) - "Team Leadership" is at organization level recognizing all my committed works towards CMMI Level-5 assessment process for Target. Target is now a CMMI Level-5 certified organization.
  • Quarterly Leadership Awards 2009 (Q3) - "Team Leadership" is at organization level recognizing all my committed works towards CMMI Level-5 assessment process for Target. Target is now a CMMI Level-5 certified organization.
  • "Innovation Award" for the year 2010 in recognition to the innovative idea which saved huge man hours in a key initiative.


Venugopal Sathyanarayana, Founder, President & CEO, Abhilash Infosystems (colleague)managed you

“I have known Ganesh for a long time. He is one individual who puts in a lot of effort in order to get the right output. He is a details oriented person and goes to any length to make sure that his works speaks volumes. He is cool, calm and dependable.”


Laura A Drury, Director of Software Development, Evolving Systems (colleague)managed you

“Ganesh brings his technical expertise, team building skills and willingness to serve to every project. Ganesh produced good results in a difficult situation - where there was a lot of complex code and very few people to support it. The customers recieved the support they needed both with fixes and new features, and the team morale was good. He is a dedicated project leader and software developer that I would not hesitate to work with again.”


Deepak Baliga , Delivery Manager, Target Corporation (colleague)managed you indirectly

“Ganesh is one of the most focussed, professional and proactive managers I have worked with. Ganesh lead a very large program which had large scale communication, collaboration and managerial expectations. Ganesh seamlessly delivered the program successfully. His contributions to organisation wide initiatives like process certification, technology review board formation and definition, etc. have been great value adds.He is a hands on leader, always leading from the front. He is a great value add to any team.”


Gunasekaran S, Manager, Target (colleague)worked directly with you

“Ganesh and I work together in same pyramid in Target. Ganesh is dedicated, reliable and a silent accomplisher. He is very pragmatic and talks straight. Critical thinking and thought leadership is so natural to him and that is his great asset. He is also a good mentor and an excellent motivator. His contribution to several organisation initiatives is highly efficient, practical and highly appreciable.”


Steve Farnsworth, Vice President, Evolving Systems, Inc (colleague)managed you indirectly

“Ganesh was a very capable and diligent manager and contributor on the development and services team while at Evolving Systems.”


Rajesh Rasale, Project Manager -Software Testing, Evolving Systems (colleague)reported to you

“Ganesh is a practical, down-to-earth, easy-to-work with colleague and a result oriented Manager.Ganesh brings his technical expertise, team building skills and willingness to serve to every project .He is the inspiration for the team and he is an individual with lot of commitment and Energy. Ganesh is one of the best managers I have got the chance to work with, Ganesh is aggressive, a go-getter and task oriented person and produced good results in very difficult situations.Ganesh impresses the colleagues with his skill and professionalism.He is very open, easily approachable and always ready to help and guide the team members. It’s very fun to work with Ganesh as he always takes his team along & gives confidence to the team, He is definitely a great asset to any team or organization.”


Vijay Srinivasan, Product Manager, 3i Infotech / Datacons (colleague)managed you

“I have worked with Ganesh baba for over 4 yrs when were developing a product for Asia-pacific market. Ganesh possess a unique quality of stretching himself while keeping himself calm and becoming more and more productive. He was extremely positive, strong technical architecture knowledge, constant urge to learn new things and a great people manager.”

Work experience

Dec 2007Present

Project Management Consultant

Target Corporation
  • Managing a portfolio and owning the products related to my portfolio
  • Managed a large program with three projects and multiple releases  with a peak team size of around 45 including the external vendors.
  • Owning and running a pyramid level initiative "Architectural Review Board" (ARB) which performs the below stated activities
    • Reviews the architecture and design of all the projects as part of coporate systems pyramid to ensure enhanced quality of the system.
    • This has an online forums for various technologies helping team members to quickly clarify any technical doubts.
    • Also this is responsible for conducting a technical sessions (TeachTalks) to spread the knowledge to all the team members within the corporate systems pyramid.
  • Contributing to  "Delivery Excellence" and "Training & Certification" initiatives as part of Corporate Systems raise the bar initiatives.
  • Actively involved with in the organization initiative of CMMI Level-5 certification process  with two of my projects in the assessment processes to help organization get CMMI Level-5 certification.
Aug 20042007

Project Manager

Evolving Systems India Pvt Ltd
  • Set-up and managing a "Professional Services" group which was responsible for the following activities...
    • Implementation of the company's products at the customer place.
    • Working towards the PoC on any new requirements of the customers which imacts largely the eixting products both functionalities and architecture.
    • Provide all the required support to the pre-sales division.
    • Also worked exclusively on the products High Availability as needed by the customers.
  • Managed the enhancements of the company's products - Mediation Central, Traffic Data Management Systems, Real Time Monitor.
  • Managed the  customer support (Tier - 2) team for the above mentioned products at various customer installations like AT&T, Bell South, South Bell Corporation and Verizon.
  • Handled couple of data migration projects as needed by the customers due to the change/upgraded database servers.
Aug 2000Jul 2004

Project Leader

Datacons Pvt. Ltd.
  • Helped set-up and manage a first "Global Delivery Center"  to work with IDX Systems Corporation, USA to do the development project for them on Health Care management System.
  • Developed a product "Investor Services Systems" a web application helps in managing the mutual fund management.
  • Involved in customizing the Investor Services Systems which suits to APAC mutual fund management requirements and implemented this at various customer places - Prudential, OSK Bank, Public Mutual and MayBank in Malaysia.
Jan 1999Feb 2000

Senior Developer

Abhilash Infosystems
  • This is a software sub-contracting company and were working as sub-cntractors mainly to Infosys and Reliance Systems, executing their numerious projects.
  • The main project I worked for Relaiance Systems is to their ERP package called GEMINI.
Jan 1995Nov 1998


  • Developed an in-house product to design the structural steel elements for various steel structures.
  • Meeting various clinets as part of pre-sales activities for the design consultancy.
  • During this period worked with major clients in design consultancy with Chioda Pertrostar, Samsung, SABIC, Saudi ARAMCO, Saudi Shinwa etc.
Nov 1991Dec 1994

Project Assistant

Indian Institute of Science
  • This is a premier research institue located in Bangalore, India.
  •  I was working on one of their research project sponsored by National Aeronautical Laboratory in Vibration Analysis Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering Department.
  • I was involved in assisting the research students in developing the Finite Element Analysis package with a rational approach assuming uniform function points across the fields within a finite element under the guidance of Dr. Udipi Srinivasa.
  • Published a report "Towards the Rational Approach to the Finite Element Analysis assuming Uniform Function Points" by Dr. Udipi Srinivasa, D. N. Venkatesh and T V Ganesh Baba et al.




Gulbarga University

Passed engineering degree securing first class with distinction scoring 71%.


Project/Product/Portfolio Management
  Currently as Project Management Consultant, managing a portfolio and owning the product related to portfolio. The portfolio management includes working close with Target business to understand the priority projects. Annual forecasting of the budgets for my portfolio and coming with the delivery plan according to the business priorities of all the initiatives. Handling multi year programs and providing work directions to Senior project managers and project managers.