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Security and Infrastructure Architect and Wireless Technologies Solutions Expert with over 20 years experience in the IT service industry and internal business IT. Versatile and mobile, with a deep understanding and knowledge of IT infrastructures, wireless and security in an international business experience.

Visionary with strategic analytical and problem solving skills and demonstrated ability to plan, design, manage and carry out large IT security infrastructure projects, including:

  • Integrating security into the software design and development cycle through developer mentoring of SDLCs, code and design review through the process, integrating technologies (such as PKI, IdM), and applying industry standards and methodologies (OWASP, Penetration Testing).
  • Designing, deploying and rolling out into production network security and secure solutions architectures to support business objectives and constraints (such as Mobile, BYOD or SCADA) using proven technologies (Checkpoint, Cisco & Juniper firewalls, Snort based IDS/IPS, HIDS, SIEM like OSSEC).
  • Addressing, auditing and writing Corporate IT Security Policies as well as ensuring implementation and testing of supporting security solutions through vulnerability and threat risk management (ISO based auditing and penetration testing).
  • Organizing and participating in internal and external mentoring activities for knowledge sharing and peer exchange and participating in industry exchanges for improvement, for example working with GIAC on material reviews.

My personal goal is to be at the forefront and cutting edge of IT technology and security to pursue the integration of these technologies into a pervasive and user-friendly environment providing information securely, on time, anytime and anywhere.

Work experience

Oct 2009May 2012

Senior Security Consultant

  • Senior consultant in charge of helping customers implement their security programs around the design, deployment and audit of OpenTrust products including PKI, Smartcard Management, Secure Sharing, Digital Signature.
  • Working with customers and SAAS teams to secure platforms using host & network based firewalls, HIDS, IPS, and Log/Event Management (SIEM).
Jan 1999Jul 2009

Principal Security Architect


Aug. 2005 to Jul.2009 - Principal Security Architect with Schlumberger (Oilfield)

  • Architect for security infrastructure services internal to Schlumberger, IT Enterprise Services. The scope of work includes wireless security, perimeter security, process security, end-point security, de-perimeterization projects and 3rd party secure connectivity. The scope of competencies included defining security best-practices and architectures based on WPA, 802.11i, SSL-VPN, PKI, Firewalls, IPS, Log/Event correlation, smart cards, SSO and two factor authentication.
  • Internal compliance auditing, standards implementation and part of global incident handling team
  • TAM for operating system and standard image security in charge of service security design management and security configuration management for the all components related to the desktop or server environment including OS, Applications, SPOC for 3rd Party security software.
  • Representative for Schlumberger to the ETSI standardization group on BSM (Broadband Satellite Multimedia) and to the SPE Oilfield Integration and Security standards committees.
  • Schlumberger IT Innovation project submission, review and development.

Jan. 2004 to Aug.2005 - Principal Security and Infrastructure Architect with Schlumberger Information Solutions

  • Business development, account manager and project manager for key consulting customer accounts ranging from USD 650,000 to USD 1.5 million in project or annual revenue. Pre-sales for identity management projects with major customers (USD 750,000 to USD 2 million).
  • Performed wireless security assessments, designs and architectures and providing secure wireless architectures for global deployment at the customer's sites.
  • Architect for infrastructure services (DNS, e-mail, Windows 2000 servers, Active Directory) for acquisitions and divestiture projects in Schlumberger providing rapid project deployment to facilitate new business services and ensure proper secure separation of activities.
  • Architect for Linux solutions advising customer on how to successfully integrate and deploy Linux workstations, back-office servers and computing infrastructure.
  • Real-Time security consultant for Well Management production infrastructures (PCS), performing security assessments, designs and implementation of the security solutions.
  • Technical adviser for secure wireless solutions in the field (oilfield production). The scope of competencies included defining security best-practices (based on WPA, 802.11i) and standards for wireless deployments in the field (including Dust Networks and Sensor Networks).

Dec. 2001 to Dec. 2003 - Executive Consultant with Schlumberger Network & Infrastructure Solutions

  • Performed network and security solutions design with two and three factor authentication including the use of PKI based solutions as well as network and security assessments in the areas of Windows 2000 architecture, Active Directory design, and physical network capacity. Established solutions for network, user and domain management tools with a focus on the security perspective.
  • Technical adviser and senior consultant for the initiation and development of a global wireless consulting practice focused on implementing secure wireless solutions for the enterprise and public. The scope of competencies included defining security best-practices (based on WPA, 802.11i), security solutions (EAP w/smart card).
  • Technical adviser and senior consultant for the initiation and development of a global SCADA security consulting practice focused on providing risk assessment and design of security solutions for SCADA infrastructures.

Jul. 2000 to Dec. 2001 - Wireless Consulting Manager with Schlumberger Network & Infrastructure Solutions

  • Responsible for establishing and developing a technology consulting practice focused on providing consulting services around Wireless technologies such as GSM, GPRS, UMTS, Bluetooth and WLAN and later around Security, Wireless-LANs, infrastructure systems (Windows 2000, UNIX, Linux, Messaging) and the management of the systems.
  • Participation in product development for mobile operator WiFi solutions such as EAP-SIM, HotSpot billing solutions, just in time advertising and localization services.

Jan. 1999 to Jul. 2000 - LAN Services Manager with Schlumberger Omnes

  • Responsible for a team of 20 people in charge of the desktop, server and intranet support needs for various clients and system design and implementation.
  • Management of infrastructure support contract for the Schlumberger account with annual service fees of USD 350,000.
  • Implementation and management of remote support for the TotalFina Messaging Hub providing 99.99% service up-time.

Authored following whitepapers: Wireless Local Area Networks - Understanding Speed Degradation Issues in 802.11b; 802.11i vs. WPA – Which WLAN security to implement? (Technology Brief); Wireless Security Primer (co-author). C.Baudoin (contributions T.Fischer, C.Elliott) Security Maturity Assessments.

Patents: Fischer, Pimentel, Assaf, Abadi. Method and apparatus for securely transferring wireless data (USPTO Application Number 20030072451 assigned to Schlumberger)

Oct 1994Dec 1998

Senior Systems Engineer

Tetra Pak Information Systems
  • Implementation and deployment of a regional data center and implementation of a regional network infrastructure capable of handling the new IT needs (SAP, Data Mining, Production Control).
  • Evaluation of user needs for IT Solutions. The analysis was then used to source and implement existing applications or develop internal solutions with emphasis on integration of SAP R/3. Assignments were completed on a global, regional and local basis.
  • Implementation of the corporate Common Operating Environment in the Asia/Pacific region providing a regional savings of 18% to 25 % on cost of infrastructure support
Sep 1992Sep 1994

Systems Analyst

Tetra Pak Data Systems

In charge of Design Solutions and Programming Specifications for the Invoicing subproject (Mac/VAX-ACMS client-server applications).



La Fédération Continentale

In-house developer of 4th Dimension/Sybase SQL Server client-server applications and MPW applications at La Fédération Continentale. Sybase SQL Server administrator on a Sun Workstation [UNIX].



Knowledge Management
Software/Product Development
Development: C/C++, Java, SQL, HTML, php, perl, Database Modeling, Encryption Protocols (AES, DES/3DES, RC4, MD4/5, Blowfish, SHA).
Network and Application Security Architecture
Networking, Wireless, & Security:  Wi-Fi/802.11, WiMAX, GSM & 3G, Wireless Security (inc. WPA2, 802.11i, WTLS, intrusion prevention/detection);Network protocols (e.g. TCP/IP, Satellite), Routers & Switching(Cisco), Voice Technologies (VoIP,  ToIP), Network Performance Optimization, HA Network Implementation;Incident Handling & Penetration Testing, Firewall (Netscreen, Checkpoint, PIX, IPTables), Network Authentication, IDS & IPS ( Cisco, ISS, Snort, Nessus).   Identity Management: Directories(LDAP, AD), Smart Cards, PKI Design & Deployment, Federation, Biometrics.   Key System Knowledge: Linux, Mac OS, Windows (inc. 2008), Solaris, HP/UX, SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL, Microsoft Exchange, SMTP, POP/IMAP, Infrastructure Performance & Monitoring (e.g NetIQ, HPOV).
Information Security Governance and Privacy
Security Management & IT Governance: ISO17799, Security Maturity Model & Assessment, Security Risk Management, Security Policy Design and Implementation, ITIL/ITSM, Log & Event Correlation Practices (SIEM)
Incident Handling
Program and Project Management


Jun 2008Present

ITIL v3 Foundation Certification





Jun 2000Jun 2003

Cisco Certified Network Associate

Cisco Systems, Inc
Dec 1998Dec 2001

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer