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Work experience

Oct 2007Mar 2008

Bank intern

Rabobank de KempenWest
  • Recruiting a team of 4 students/young professionals
  • Facilitating and analysing consumer preference surveys
  • Negotiating with the local government involving new retail regulations
  • Reorganising the retail organisations in order to lower costs and create a marketable centre
  • Researching consumer knowledge and choosing incentives regarding mortgages.

The Rabobank office assigned me to a branch manager who asked me to recruit a small group of students, to evaluate the town's retail centre and the central position taken by the Rabobank office. We developed two new retail organisations with more complementary objectives and also launched a proposal for a new mortgage marketing approach to attract new customers to the region.

The local council and the retail organisation were very enthusiastic and gave us the privilege to implement some of our ideas ourselves.

Jul 2006Jul 2007

Retail Analyst

Schellens BV
  • Collecting and analysing data through; direct interviews and general surveys for employees and franchise owners, presenting the recommendations to senior management and negotiating new ideas for the organisation.
  • Organising and analysing branch meetings.
  • Voluntarily researched a new expedition network. (came up with a new 'transport hub', introduced beginning of 2009)
  • Member of a task force to improve the implementation of a brand and structure.

During my first years of University I started working for Schellens BV as a part-time job (2003-2008). Here I assisted several departments what offered me the opportunity to become familiar with the organisation as a whole. 

Before finishing my University degree I was asked to join a full time job for the set period of a year. The company, at that time, was involved in a major acquisition and needed support to restructure the organisation and implement the company's brand into the acquired branches.

My academic background and having worked in close relation with the management team allowed me to be closely involved in this process. My tasks included working together with the company's lawyer dealing with problematic employer's contracts and implementing our brand and vision into the new branch locations.

This challenge was of significant importance to my career, it gave me a very fast learning experience in leadership, time management and communicating in difficult situations. Starting in a medium size corporation has offered me an inside view of all the company's dynamics and decision making processes.

"Tuur was closely involved in the overall success of this acquisition. With his legal background he was invaluable in conferring with our lawyer regarding matters of contract negotiation."

"He quickly proved himself as a fast learner and creative thinker. This quality promoted him to the sales & branding department with a role in development of sales strategies, branch control and branding. Here he worked effectively in a team setting."

"I would recommend Tuur to any future employer or university."

(Mr. Toon Schellens, CEO, Schellens BV, 2009)


BA Business Law and Management

University of Tilburg

Undergraduate Dissertation: Is the growing shareholders power becoming a worldwide hazard for healthy, well structured organisations and it's stakeholders?

My interest in the functioning of organisations and especially the people involved in these communities has been there throughout my academic carreer. I am mainly interested in people and their choices, in this case shareholders' incentives compared to the organisational continuity and the legal framework. Which can often lead to high prices for the environment and employees.

My Bachelor dissertation was marked by Prof. Dr. Raaijmakers who is specialised in this area of expertise and graded a 75.


My bachelor started a a very broad law education, and narrowed down to mainly; International Company law, Corporate responsibility, Intellectual property Law, Accounting & Finance, and Organisational Dynamics. 

Extra courses I enrolled in where Philosophy and Social studies.

Also, I was succesfully engaged in a programme to devellop; public speaking, academic writing, IT skills, and negotiating.

Aug 2008Present

International Business and Emerging Markets

University of Edinburgh

MESL Microwave Market Analyst

MESL collaborated with the University of Edinburgh business school in seeking advice on potential investment in emerging markets. The report focused on the telecommunications industry in India. It looked at the business environment, outlined the major telecom operators and the changes taking place within telecom infrastructure. The findings allowed for an indication of doing business in the Indian telecommunications market specifically for a telecoms component manufacturer. (

"Tuur was a student on the International Business and Emerging Markets course that I co-taught in first half of 2009. In this course he worked in a group preparing a report for an Edinburgh-based mobile telephone base station components producer investigating business opportunities in the Indian market. Overall the group did very good work, and Tuur's contibution was, in my assessment, by far the best. His analysis covered market players, including customers and competitors, and identified the best location for the company to open operations in India on the basis of proximity to suppliers. I felt that his work demonstrated not only an ability to gather and present facts but also a rare skill in assessing the meaning of those facts for the company and drawing conclusions for action on the basis of the analysis." (Dr. Richard Woodward - Lecturer in International Business, University of Edinburgh)

Corporate Strategy:

An overall understanding of the needs, contexts and processes of strategic management in businesses working in an international context, and some useful approaches to analyzing them. Including:

  • Understanding the complexity of strategic management in international firms.
  • Knowledge of strategy alternatives for international firms.
  • Ability to apply strategy theories and models to new environments and contexts
  • The ability to communicate analyses and conclusions clearly and persuasively.

Methods of Research:

Analysis of different methods of data collection designed to show the strengths and weakness of research methods. Including:

  • How to conduct qualitative research and the keyskills for interview based approaches to research
  • Principles of statistical sampling and the reliability of conclusions arisingfrom it
  • Recognize statistical techniques appropriate to the analysis of some particularcircumstances.
  • Implement sampling experiments toachieve adequate randomness and reliability in sample data.

Accounting and Financial Management: 

Provides essential accounting and financial background and an introduction to analytical tools necessary to understand the financial management of an organization. Including:

  • Theinterrelationship between the organisation's accounting results, financingand valuation.
  • Understand basic accounts and their relationship to theperformance, financing and valuation of a company.
  • Understand the role of risk in the pricing of assets and its role inthe markets for equities and bonds.
  • Learn how corporations raise capital and the valuation effects ofcapital structure decisions and dividend policy.

Global Strategy and Management: 

Examined the strategic challenges faced by firms in emerging markets, as well as how multinationals from emerging markets compete in today's global markets, indentifying managerial principles that are applicable universally and those that are specific to emerging markets. 

Key topics included:   

  • Global competitive dynamics; international strategies of firms from emerging markets
  • Design of global organisational structures and change management
  • Global learning and knowledge management
  • Strategic issues in cross-border strategic alliances
  • The role of corporate social responsibility in multinational firms' strategies

International Marketing:

  • Learning of challenges presented byinternational marketing to equip participants to deal with differences, opportunities andthreats emerging from diverse economic, demographic, political/legal, cultural, technical andcompetitive environments.
  • Provided a comprehensive overview of international marketing issues, andinstilledan appreciation of the international business and marketing environment. Introducedthe international marketing environment andbasic principles underlying the design and implementation of marketing strategies across andwithin foreign countries.

Global Financial Markets

  • Understand the relation between financial markets and firms.
  • Understand how markets for equities, bonds, derivatives and foreign exchange function, how these instruments are traded and the role of global capital markets in raising finance for emerging market firms.
  • Appreciate problems and issues related to institutions, legal frameworks, disclosure regimes and financial risk that must be considered when emerging market firms raise capital in international capital markets through equity and bond issues, cross-listing and other methods.
Sep 2008May 2009

Language school Edinburgh

An intensive Spanish course teaching; speaking/listening, reading, and culture.

Sep 1997Jun 2003

Economics and Society

Pius X College

This is a 'VWO' degree which in the dutch education model means the highest possible degree available in that age group. I persued this degree together with a very intense Football training schedule, playing for the juniors of PSV Eindhoven.

Extra elective courses I followed included; Management & Organisation, History 1/2, French 1/2.


Running: Ran the London Marathon in April 2009 for St. John's Ambulance, a charity that provides first aid medical care to those who need it the most. 

Travelling: I spent 7 months independently travelling through Indonesia and Australia. It was from this experience that my interest in cultures and their impact on human behaviour started, and brought to light the immense difficulties/opportunities these differences posses for future generations. 

Travelling has helped to shape my interest in business strategy within emerging markets. I enjoy travelling 'off the beaten' path and look at travelling as an opportunity to learn about cultures. 

Football: Having played very competitively until my 17th and playing for the University squad after, shows how much I appreciate the sport. I've been coach for junior teams since I was 18 and have always been involved in the Football club's youth development commission. 

Languages: Communicating with people from all over the world is, in my view, the way forward. This can offer us new perspectives and see recognise new ideas. Therefore I'm enjoying to push myself learn new languages, currently i'm focussing on French and Spanish.


The objective for my future is to become an expert on the sustainability of globalising firms towards emerging markets. Hereby including different diciplines such as; people management in different cultural settings, market entry strategies, collaborations, and organisational structures.