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Work experience

Summer Student

Geneva, Switzerland Summer Student FORTRAN


University of Glasgow
Dept. Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Research Student design, manufacture, medium-scale production of nanometre scale transistors electron beam microscopy, GaAs processing, electrical characterisation, electronic test device modelling and analysis e.g. FORTRAN, Pascal, Excel demonstrated in many undergraduate labs; part-time computer lecturing at Central College of Commerce

Lasers for Industrial Applications, Heriot-Watt University

Lasers for Industrial Applications, Heriot-Watt University

Network Systems Management, Microtech, Watford

Network Systems Management, Microtech, Watford

Localisation Engineer

FastTrak Software Publishing
Watford and Books that Work, Palo Alto, California The Software Localisation Engineer retail home visualisation software-devised methods to extend USA software into metric and English recoded, rebuilt and tested family of programs including interactive help books, database, installers released Garden Encyclopaedia, 3D Landscape I & II, 3D Kitchen, Visual Home to European market Microsoft and Borland C++, Starview class library & resource editor, WYSE installer, Win help compiler, sourcesafe, grep


McQueen, (contract, for Adobe) Software Localisation Engineer Adobe Illustrator 7(Macintosh) UI to Italian in conjunction with translators and test teams Mac programmers workshop, Installer VISE, scripting

Market Research Lead

Canon Europe Ltd
Uxbridge Market Research Lead Successfully and accurately predicted the 2001 tech crash & its evolution besting all market research companies solid prediction of the forthcoming tech crash. Market volume growth almost perfectly for the succeeding four years. at-10% per annum. Heading the entire market research function during transition to Amsterdam. Responsible for securing and processing the incoming data(GfK, Gartner, IDC, Infosource, Context). Quarterly Reports-Automation This analysis previous took market research dept many weeks work. My coded solution(Excel) generated beautiful graphs country/segment automatically from several cleansed data sources. This simultaneous enabled richer analysis of the data with several spin offs. Software Localisation Costings How many languages do you localise the software for a particular model and upon which platforms? Simplify/rewrite the Japanese-USA manuals and installers? What about updates? product information systems specialist contributor to web-publishing product information database(‘ Product Navigator') transfer of content updating from development to document authors member European working group-functional specification, data guidelines, data structure and linking product test and competitive evaluation, product management testing products to improve usability and reduce costs printers, scanners, digital cameras, software, accessories and consumables devising demonstration scripts and‘ sales sheets' for the sales force

Product Demand Planner

Allasso Ltd., Computer Security Distributor
Theale Product Demand Planner Prosumer network security products Analysed sales/inventory transactions to predict stock levels. Administered pricing and parts(hardware and softwares), product information, stock rotation, rebates etc.

UK Hydrographic Office

UK Hydrographic Office
Taunton Market Research Researching and documenting factors affecting new build shipping and nautical chart market

NHS Purchasing and Supplies Agency, Dept of Health

NHS Purchasing and Supplies Agency, Dept of Health
Reading Commercial Intelligence Visualisation-Information Processing Demonstrated mapping of information sources(100) to information outputs(100) with intermediate processing nodes over 3 layers. The data was hard-won and a linchpin. Outputs of course refer to deliverables. Totally impossible to do manually instead used Graphviz/Excel to produce information flow diagrams as PDF. Market Research, 15000 suppliers registered to supply services to English Hospitals. OneSource as primary comparison. I researched and categorised the suppliers using all available means. As expected this helped to improve OneSource too including identifying systematic deficiencies in their data feeds. Data Cleansing A database system was developed by the development team(C#, T-SQL)-the' Master Supplier Database' to expose the verified data and research results. The core data was populated from my annotated Excel sheets. Documentation Several necessarily turgid and linear Quality procedures(OPPM) documents converted to multipage clickable Visio flow diagrams.

Sql Developer

Research-NPSA incidents
SQL Developer PharmEx(SQL/SSRS/VB.NET/Excel)-NHS pharmaceuticals imports and reports line-level secondary care pharmacy spend across all NHS Trusts in England to enable the tendering process and benefits reporting for Trusts. This cleansed parsed data is also heavily used by NICE Scorecard. Monitoring£ 3Bn spend, 10M transactions pa Able to further leverage this cleaned parsed data against difficult dataset from the(then) NPSA. Matching safety incident descriptions against usage incl. clinical area. Another first. Improving process for the PharmEx pharmacy database interfaces and providing ongoing development changes. Reporting thereof. Liaison data analysts-ad hod queries etc-all meticulously audited in source control. Designed reporting solution to predict product parsing errors-based on simple math. Leveraged PharmEx against difficult dataset from the then NPSA. Matched safety incident descriptions against usage. Another first. Platform support infrastructure build and support-HYPER-V, SSRS, Windows Server etc. HYPER-V Windows 2008 powered VM environment built from scratch onto dual servers with NAS CIFS. Building templates, administering machines, babysitting. Documentation

Business Systems Developer

Spire Healthcare Ltd, Reading
Business Systems Developer Diagrams and Documents Systems and Interfaces Landscape diagram as required by auditors prior to flotation. Comprehensive and extensible overview of the system architecture. Accurate aesthetic valuable versatile. Developed structure and content of support wiki based upon that now-clickable diagram. Data Migration Devised coded and productionised the critical data migration-SQL views, schemas and ETL routines. To load error-free core and transactional data into SAP with no errors from now-legacy systems. Support Systems support and root cause analysis/fix-ColdFusion, T-SQL, SSIS, systems, interfaces, file transfer. Identified functionality and process gaps to help improve customised LANDesk Service Desk support tool. Improvements Productionised and eliminated errors from finance and cash processing systems-notably credit cards. Analysed devised and implemented novel back end interface between Oracle/SAP tables and SQL environment to bypass and correct data errors(HL7 interfaces) between SAP and its downstream systems. Coding SSRS Report Development, ABAP Programming(Finance module) NHS Commercial Medicines Unit, Dept of Health, Reading


Boclair Academy


St.Andrews University


critical data migration
analytical insight