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I am a software developer with experience in startups, and large organisations. I am interested in Linux servers and following best practices to writing  softwares.

Work Experience

Aug 2015Present

DevOps Engineer

EFT Software 

EFT Software is outsourcing company for FinTech sector. All systems were hosted on Amazon Web Services. We used Docker to host Python and Java applications. EC2, CodeDeploy, S3, IAM, ElastiCache and RDS services are heavily in use.

May 2015Present

Software Developer

DNS Teknoloji

We created a product called Safir ISMS. It is ISO 27001 information security standards tracking system. It was developed by using RubyOnRails. It is running on AWS EC2 Container Service. I also work on projects based on Java SpringBoot framework and NodeJS ExpressJs. 

Feb 2015May 2015

Software Developer is the largest e-commerce company of Turkey. I participated in the implementation project of the popular web site's as a front store team as a JavaScript developer. During my time at, I had the opportunity of working in a large corporation and I also had the opportunity of working with the Thoughtworks guys for a while. Working with Thoughtworks helped me a lot to improve my understanding of concepts like agile development, microservice architecture and continuous delivery.

Jan 2014Feb 2015

Software Developer


I was a full stack web developer. I built web applications and RESTful JSON apis using Ruby on Rails and AngularJs frontend applications.

I was working on a project that online invoicing and accounting application for cloud.

Being a solo developer helped me to improve my productivity skills. I applied a combination of personal Kanban, Pomodoro  and GTD techniques for my work to create the MVP.

Apr 2013Jan 2014

Lead Software Developer

FirstRemit Ltd.

FirstRemit is a startup which provides online money transferring service. I was the lead software developer in the project.

Technologies used: .NET MVC for Backend and KnockoutJS for frontend;

Apr 2012Apr 2013

Second Lieutenant

Turkish Armed Forces

Compulsory military service.

Jun 2011Mar 2012

Freelance Software Developer


As a freelance software developer, I created a software product for my customer using Borland C++, FastReports and Firebird database server. The product is an integrated environment like an ERP. It has modules like accounting, manufacture tree, stock and payment tracking. It also had a web interface for the company's clients to install orders and to track account balances. As of 2016 it is still actively used.



Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Eastern Mediterranean University