Professional goal

I'm Tunachara, from Brazil. I work as a photographer since seven years  taking pictures at  weddings, events and of pregnant women and children.  Some jobs architectures and environments for hotels , hostels and architects. Product photography and sports. Always seeking knowledge , whether in research or workshops . With attention to every detail , I strive to express my art through the lens .

Professional experience

Experiência Profissional
2010 - 2015

Photographs and socia

Dois Olhares Fotografia

Wedding photographs, photo shoots , product , architecture , sports .

Academic education

Formação Acadêmica
2009 - atual

basic photography course

Studio Objectivo
2010 - atual

Surf photography course

Sebastian Rojas
2012 - atual

Photography congress

Semana da fotografia
2013 - atual

Photography congress

Semana da fotografia
2011 - atual

Diagramming course albums


2013 - atual

Career management workshop for photographers

Estudio Manolo Rodriguez

Professional skills

Habilidades Profissionais

Adobe Photoshop advanced

Image editing , assembly , album layout

Adobe Lightroom advanced

individual image processing and batch , color, lighting, effects.


fluent Portuguese , English and Spanish basic

Text Section

Canon t1i 

Canon 70-300 mm is

Canon 24-70mm 2.8

canon 50mm 1.8

canon 18-55mm

Flash canon 600ex