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I would like to work for a  reputed  organization to enhance and improve my skills,abilities and knowledge and to explore my knowledge and experience by working To join  in the most competent environment where I can give full potential and skills for the best of the society and my organizational interest.

Work experience

Feb 2015March 2018

House Physician

House Physician

Entrusted as house physician. Regular patients from various Govt offices, Banks and other organisations visits in personal chamber for common diseases, taking advices for medical issues etc. Conducted medical camps and free Health check ups to the needy and thus hold a respective position in the society.

Jan 2015Sep 2015

Associate Physician BHMS

Bose Institute for Research and Treatment in Homoeopathy , Kolkata

Worked as BHMS Doctor and Physician Consultant in Research Institute. Practiced as BHMS physician on regular basis. checking up number of patients, advised for various laboratory tests, analysed pathological reports, Radiography X Ray Films, USG reports etc. Prepared medical history of the patients and monitored the regular physical medical parameters of a patients and prescribed medicine. Also describe  various preventive methods of a disease after recovery.

Dec 2014Aug 2015

Physician in Private Clinic

Bose Clinic, Kolkata

Associated with Senior MD Doctors in private clinic. Prepared case history of number of patients, health status monitoring, Choosing of medicine using various repertory. Also acquainted with various medical soft wares   like Homepath. Also handled Administrative Jobs in Private clinics as and when required.

Aug 2014Oct 2014

Physician as BHMS Doctor 

Sambhu Nath Pandit Hospital( under Govt. of West Bengal), Kolkata

Worked in Sambhunath Pandit Hospital, which is an annex hospital of IPGME & SSKM Hospital. Attended various Out Patient Department ( OPD)    of Medicine, Surgery, Gynae and Obs. Attended and successfully carried out more than 30 cases of obstetrical cases in the Dept. of Gynae & Obs. Sample collection, Measurement of Blood Pressure and Serum Glucose from various patients on daily basis while conducting rounds in various depts. Analysis of medical reports carried out , Prepared medical history of individual patients and accordingly medicine was prescribed. Also handled number of follow ups cases. Meeting conducted with medical representatives regarding new medicines. Instructed the on duty nurses during stitching job, dressing job and regarding other daily hygiene's.

Oct 2013Oct 2014

Physician and consultant as BHMS Doctor  

Pratap Chandra Memorial Homoeopathic Hospital,Kolkata

Worked as BHMS Physician in the Dept. of Medicine in the fields of Psychiatry, Dermatology, paediatrics etc. Also attended various surgical cases(in Emergency)  relating to ENT, Ophthalmology, Gynaecology and Obstetrics (3 Delivery cases handled successfully) . Attended Seminar on Community Medicine at various Primary Health Centres, training given during various health programmes to children regarding daily healthy habits and maintaining primary health.  Associated with Pathological and Radiology Dept , also interpreted various medical reports and accordingly prescribed medicine.    


Aug 2013Jul 2015

Diploma in ECG Technology


Completed 2year diploma course in ECG. During this period knowledge gained in various instruments and equipments of ECG and their use.Also carried out ECG on patients and analysised the finding. Report preperation process in ECG learned. Also learned clinical cardiology during the course. 

Jun 2014Mar 2015

Diploma in Diet and Nutration

Indian Board of Alternative Medicine

Completed the course in DDN from reputed Govt Approved Institution in 1st Division. During this period in depth knowledge gathered on diet and nutration required for various physical condion and regarding health and hygiene.

Aug 2008Oct 2014

Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery

West Bengal University of Health Sciences

Completed BHMS from WBUHS in the year 2014. During the period in depth knowledge acquired in the subjects like Anatomy,Physiology,Pharmacy, Materia Medica, Organon of Medicine, Pthology, Forensic Medicine, Surgery, Obs and Gyane, Medicine, Case taking and Repatory, Community Medicine etc. Also attended many practical labs during the period.