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My life story:

Ever since I was in 6th grade I have had a love for I.T.  It all started in my "free time" class, which was basically a computer lab where we played games and checked our emails once a week (If we behaved well in class, ofcourse!). Every week that we went to the computer lab I was exited to get onto the computer (I didn't have a home computer at that time). Unlike the other kids, though, I wasn't playing games or checking my email (didn't have one then actually), instead I was going into the deepest parts of the system and exploring the user interface of what was then our old Windows 2000 computers. Every time I went into that lab I learned a little bit more about the computer. My love for computers was just beginning to grow. Later in 7th grade, my school (Burr) upgraded all their computers to brand new Dell Windows XP's. I was just as exited as the staff. This was also the time that I started taking a Business Education Class (everyday!) which invloved learning basic computer skills for future work use. Once again, every class I learned more and more. I learned so much that I was teaching my BE teacher some of my techinques. This was pretty much the same in 8th grade since I had the same teacher. At one point, an expert SMART Board Specialist came in and I was granted access to all the courses. In time, I became a SMART Board Specialist myself and even ran a few SMART Board training sessions with the staff at Burr (I was 13 years old). My passion for I.T. grew so much that I decided to join a school that mainly concentrated on teaching technology skills. I am currently in Pathways to Technology Magnet High School in Windsor, CT. Pathways is part of Hartford Public Schools but is currently located in Windsor. At Pathways I became IC3 Certified and am continuing to advance my I.T. skills with various courses.

Work experience

Jan 2010Present

Assistant / Webdesigner / Videographer

Balam Soto Studio

My work varies with Balam Soto Studio. I assist owner Balam Soto with some of his website work as well as some art and IT projects. I am also the Studios Videographer and put onto recording his work and Installations.

Feb 2010Present

Intern (In Training)

ABC Pizza

I am currently training at the Pizza place to become a regular employee. Through the work at the pizza place I have gained experience in interacting with customers, answering telephones, taking orders, and managing my time.

Jul 2009Aug 2009


Balam Soto Studio

At this internship I assisted owner Balam Soto in combining art and modern technology to create interactive installations. I helped code Arduinos (micro controllers that manipulate LED lights) and assisted in the creation of custom hardware and software.

Jul 2008Jul 2009


Humanitarian FOSS, Trinity Collage

I worked on modifying the internet wiki and finding/fixing bugs in their variety of software (beta testing). I also edited some video and field tested their mobile software.

The Humanitarian FOSS Project is a collaborative, community-building project that was started by a group of computing faculty and open source proponents at Trinity College, Wesleyan University, and Connecticut College. Our goal is to build a community of academic computing departments, IT corporations, and local and global humanitarian and community organizations dedicated to building and using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) to benefit humanity. (Description from Website)


Sep 2007Present

Current Student

Pathways to Technology

Pathways to Technology Magnet High School seeks to empower its diverse community of students to develop the skills needed to become fully active participants in our global, technology-driven society. Students will acquire technological and critical thinking skills, and will develop a sense of personal and social responsibility that will enable them to successfully participate in a growing, fast paced, and rapidly changing world economy.(Description from website)

Mar 2007Present

Current Student

I.T. Community Support Project

The IT Community Support Project, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) is a collaboration between the University of Hartford and the Hartford Public Schools.The 3-year project involves after-school hands-on technology training and summer internships for students in Hartford Public Schools, grades 7-12.

The program started with basic IT training, and then advanced to paid internships at local companies. In the final year of the program, the students created a local IT Resource Center called Our-I.T., where they will be refurbishing computers and supply them to students' families and community members, and provide other IT services to the local Hartford community. (Description from website)


I have minimal experience in Java, it was a course I took in High School. I plan on continuing to learn more Java in future Classes.
Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most popular Web site software available. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone. (Description from
Web Designing
I learned Web Design in Our-I.T. and got some more training at Patways to Technology Magnet School. I am able to make and create a website.
Spanish (Language)
I am currently taking a Spanish Class and do not know Spanish very well. My vocabulary is very limited and not enough to communicate with other Spanish Speaking People. Every now and then I'll say a word or two in Spanish to a Spanish Speaking Person but I still can't make sentences. Working on it! My speaking, writing, and reading of the Spanish Language is Poor and not enough for conversation.
Polish (Language)
Polish is my first language and I use it on a daily basis when speaking to my mother. My speaking, writing, and reading of the Polish Language is iffy, but enough to be able to communicate with other Polish Speaking People.
English (Language)
I am very good at speaking, writing, and reading the English Language.
Computer Refurbishment
I learned CR (Computer Refurbishment) at ITCSP (I.T. Community Support Project) several years ago and I have continued to use it on a daily basis since I refurbish and fix peoples computers all the time.
Microsoft Office 2007
I use Microsoft Office 2007 all the time since it is on my home computer. I learned MS Office 07 on my own since I realized that few people liked or knew anything about it. Many people came to me with questions about the new office suite and I had no clue what to answer them. So I studied the program and its features and soon I was able to teach others. Skill level out of 10:   OneNote: 5 Word: 9 PowerPoint: 9 Excel: 8 Windows Mail: 6 Access: 3 Publisher: 7
Microsoft Office 2003
I learned Microsoft Office 2003 in my Business Education Class. I went on to further my knowledge at home and before I knew it I was very good at formatting and editing a document and working with data. Skill level out of 10:   Word: 10 PowerPoint: 10 Excel: 8 Outlook: 4 Access: 3 Publisher: 7