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After 3 quarters as CEO, we achieved:

Reconstruction of all critical processes of the company's value chain including customization design and implementation of a new CRM software, which allowed to handle a much larger number of contracts with greater speed and operational efficiency while reducing the number of employees in the backoffice
Increase monthly sales by operator by 27% in a team of 160 direct employees.
Our total assets expanded by BRL $120M, reaching BRL $300M in assets, with 120,000 loans in progress with an average annual interest rate of 29%, and less than 0.3% in default.
Growth of 313% in EBITDA compared to the previous 3 quarters.

In the last five years, was leading over 100 direct employees and 160 today. During this period, we had to make many important decisions for the future of the company, considering the values ​​of the enterprise culture with respect and ethical relationships with people and the community, and delivering positive results and increase the number of credit agencies in four times, keeping the annual growth of net revenue by 70%, strengthening the company's relationship with customers and suppliers.

Work experience

Jun 2014Present



We reformulated our management model of the sales team, analyzing the particularities of each of the 44 stores in the chain, strengthening the relationship of the sales team with the company's headquarters.

In the same period, we recorded a 30% increase in the volume of loans, 23% in the number of new customers, and 12% in the average value of sales orders. 

Added 6 new stores in October/2014. 10 more in final analysis for admission before Christmas/2014

Jul 2013May 2014

Sales and Marketing Director


During the period, to lead the board of the company's sales during the creation of the Joint Venture RedeCifrão and was responsible for building the business plan aligned with the strategic objectives of the partners.

Implementation of a new CRM platform fully integrated with our ERP and call-center.

Recomposition of the sales team with the recruitment, selection and training of supervisors and managers.

Construction of Tactical Planning adjusting the positioning of the two brands to new value proposition RedeCifrão.

Construction of a new visual identity of POS

Jan 2012Jun 2013

Sales and Marketing Director

VIDANOVA Participações

Management and development of sales programs, customer support, reaching the established goals;

Development and identification of new business opportunities together, through market research and various levels of interface in which the company operates.

Tracking 25 PDV's, including team management, weekly training, results management, motivation and leadership of sales team.

Results in the period: During the period, consolidated the Group's position in its area of ​​operation: expanding the sales of BRL $40M to $100M.

Raise the market share of the portfolio originated in POS from 8% to 15% of all turnover in agreement INSS, three states in which we operate.

Development of strategic and tactical planning increased the gross volume of repurchase operations for $ 8MM to 30MM / year.

Management CRM improved customer retention in Group raising our rate of 3-1 to 8-1 customers bought X sold. 

Development of marketing plan achieved share of mind worthy of winning the 1st place in 14 of the 20 squares met.

Dec 2009Dec 2011

Sales Director

VIDANOVA Comércio e Serviços (Oi Telecom Carrier Regional Partner)

Management of Sales Team Managers. Relationships with major clients and government agencies in the mobile and data segment. Responsible for support 5,000 customers spread over 80 cities.

Strategic sales planning. Management of marketing activities. Orientation and structuring of commercial offers. Definition, evaluation, and monitoring of policies and strategies for marketing services. Evaluation and proposition development plans for new projects.


Jan 2006Dec 2009

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng)

Federal University of Vale do São Francisco

360 extra hours in elective curriculum courses: Strategic Marketing, Services Marketing, Business Management, People Management and Financial Management.


Solange Hale - SugarCRM Sales Director

Phone: +1 (831) 251-2930

Luis Jayme - National Sales Director - Panamericano Bank S.A.

Phone: +55 (71) 3111 9142

Márcio Alaor - VP BMG Bank S.A.

Phone: +55 31 3290 3000

José Marcelo Alves - Channel Sales Director - Bradesco Financiamentos Bank S.A.

Phone: +55 (11) 5502-7540


Direct Sales
Relationship Building
Selling Businesses and Strategic Sales
ERP and CRM Implementations
HTML5, PHP, JScript, CSS, SQL, XML and API


  • 5 consecutive awards in the annual ranking of sales BMG Bank (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014) 
  • Titanium Trophy Annual Sales Award - Bradesco Promotora - 2013 and 2014
  • 2 consecutive awards by Chamber of Retail Executives 2011/2012 and 2012/2013


Certification name:


Issued by: FEBRABAN

Allows trade in the Brazilian credit market payroll


Certification name: 

TOEIC - Test of English for International Communication:

Gold Certificate of Achievement -Professional Proficiency 905 points

Issued by: ETS