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Work experience

Oct 2007Present

Assistant Residence Manager

Wayne ARC

I assisted the Residence Manager with all of her responsibilities.  I would take care of all the bills the individuals needed to pay, assist them with balancing their check books.  Entering all of their information on the computer into the computer on Quicken.  Assist the individuals with their ADL's,  prepare them for what it would be like if they were to live on their own.  Administer any or all medications at the times they were due.  Take the individuals to their doctors appointments.  Talk with the doctors and explain what has been going on with the individual since their last visit.  Due to some of the individuals not being able to correctly communicate with the doctor, I would then need to speak on their behalf.  I would also talk with their doctors on the phone.  Some of these individuals had a wide variety of medical professionals.  This was on a daily basis. 

Jan 1997Jun 2007

Production Worker

Parker Hannifin

I worked on production line that built air conditioner parts for large trucks with built in air conditioners  and/or smaller parts that went into air conditioners.  I would start at the beginning of the line with putting parts on an conveyor belt and part to that part and have it go through an oven.  Once it came out of the oven I would unload it either use it right a way or put into bins to be used.  I may then use that part add it to other parts and have all part put together to make one part.  Once all the parts came together as one that part would be put on a line to be painted.  I sometimes worked at the end of the line which was call the paint line.  The parts would come out painted, I would add a label to it and pack it to be shipped out.

I was asked to be the receptionist for a few months.  I would greet all the customer that would come to our company.  Once I knew why and who they were there for I would let that person know and either I would direct them to their office or I would explain where their office is.  I also had responsibilities  of checking all mail that came in and all mail going out.  I would sort all mail and put into their proper mail boxes.   I would assist any staff that were in the office with anything they needed me to do.  I worked closely with my boss on some companies.  He had me working on spread sheets.  I would make up spread sheets with the information that was provided to me.  Once I completed those spread sheets, I would take them to my boss, he would look them over.  If he thought they were good he would use them and then show them to the companies.  If the companies approved them, my boss would then let me know and we would work on more.  Some of my spread sheets didn't always make it to the companies, however my boss would work closely with me on how to make it better.

This job only lasted a few months.


Sep 1984Jun 1988

High School Diploma

Clyde Savannah Jr. Sr. High

I graduated from Clyde Savannah Jr. Sr. High School in 1988 and received a High School Diploma


Management, teaching individuals ADL's, moderate computer, finacial skills
I have had several trainings on management team building.


Amber Delgado CNA @DeMay Living Center 315-398-4214

You may contact Amber before 2pm with any questions you may have.

Mark Jarzyka Driver for Advance Auto Parts 315-945-1566

You may contact Mark after 5pm to ask him any questions you may have.

Katie Sexton Direct Support Professional 315-690-9779

You may contact Katie at your convenience to ask her any questions you may have.


Med Administration, CPR, First Aid, SCIR R

Med administration: is to take medical class given by the agency RN and doing 3 med pass with the RN and then being able to administer medicine to the individuals. CPR: Cardio pulmonary resuscitation First Aid: the provision of initial care for an illness or injury SCIP-R: Strategies for Crisis Intervention and Prevention Revised.