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Tuesday P. Brooks provides Project Management for media and entertainment properties.

Areas of Experience:


Film / TV


Book Publishing

Web Branding


Live & Recorded Events

Looking for per contract, temporary, part-time, seasonal projects & opportunities to assist with

  • Planning a media venture (film, TV show, music production, book publishing, fashion & design)
  • Planning a marketing program (advertising, Internet presence, branding, promotional activities)
  • Project Management (all areas of media, entertainment)
  • Accounting management (film, TV, music, book, theater & staged events)

Work experience

Jan 1995Present

Independent Contractor / Consultant

Ajoy Management Enterprise

Tuesday P. Brooks is a resourceful manager adept in planning and orchestrating diverse range of projects from conception through launch to generate profitable results. Strategic vision for translating business requirements into effective public relations, marketing, and promotional campaigns, with expertise in financial analysis and management. Highly skilled in collaborating with cross-functional production teams to successfully complete deadline-driven projects.



Insight Wellness, LLC

Insight Wellness, LLC designs and develops proactive health strategies and peak performance training for organizations and individuals thru it's subsidiaries Project Insight 2020 & MJ Impulse, LLC. While with the company, Insight Wellness, LLC secured 100k+ in funding & investments, entrepreneurial recognition, and grew 50% in revenue.



Brian S. Carr, CPA & Company

Brian S Carr, CPA & Company is a boutique financial services company specializing in accounting, auditing, bookkeeping & tax preparation services. The clientele ranged a broad spectrum from small mom & pop businesses such as neighborhood dry cleaners, to art dealers and  entertainers, to multi-million dollar venture capital firms. While partnered with the company, account management services included write-up work, financial statements, audits, payroll and individual and corporate tax preparation.




Metropolitan College of New York - School of Business


Teachers College of Columbia University


State University of New York at Binghamton


Aaron Friedman

“Tuesday, thank you for helping us organize Harlem for Make Music New York 2011. I enjoyed seeing your photos from the performances and our intern put lots of these on our Flickr stream. It's quite amazing to me how many venues and musicians you were able to sign up in a short amount of time, and follow through until they got it all together. MMNY in Harlem was quite strong in 2011. I hope you were able to enjoy the fruits of your labor and see everything you were able to accomplish.... Thanks very much for your brilliant work!”

Paula Landry

It is my distinct pleasure to recommend Tuesday P. Brooks, for her work, ingenuity and tenacity. A forward thinker and a visionary, she brainstorms consistently ahead of the curve. Working with Tuesday always inspires me because she asks the greatest questions! In the 9+ years I've known Tuesday and had the pleasure of collaborating with her as a consultant in diverse media projects, I admire her style, she gets results, building trust along the way. Tuesday has a wide breadth of experience in media, business plans and business writing, her strategies and problem solving are outstanding.

PAULA LANDRY is a film and music producer who creates commercials, multimedia concerts, films both short- and long-form, and branded videos for the Internet. Her movies have premiered at Sundance and gone on to win awards worldwide. Ms. Landry is currently president of Idea Blizzard Productions, a media-consulting company, and also heads a commercial-music enterprise, FireStorm Productions. She has produced media projects for American Health and Fitness, Fit TV, the Odyssey Channel, Pearson Television, and several Fortune 500 companies.

Sheila Speller

Tuesday is always extremely thorough, precise and accurate with her work. She was the only person that I considered to step in to work with me in my theatrical general management office while producing my Off-Broadway show. That's because she is professional and personable to work with and she makes sure that bottom-line goals are met -- budgets that are comprehensible, and a transparent audit process. I am privileged to know Tuesday for the past 5 years, and now to partner with a like-minded business woman. I highly recommend her services and will most certainly work with Tuesday on future projects.

Sheila L. Speller is president and founder of Orielle Creative Company LLC, a boutique business consulting company serving creative artists and creative professionals, arts organizations and entertainment companies.



Technical Proficiency
Environments: Windows and Mac OS Tools: Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook), Final Cut Pro, HTML, QuickBooks; Payroll Systems (ADP, Paychex).
Business Management
Business planning, operations & systems specializing in media entertainment companies & properties. 
Project Management
Project planning, implementation and evaluation; soup to nuts!
Finance / Accounting / Payroll
General accounting; Financial reporting & analysis; Payroll systems: Paychex & ADP