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I graduated in International Economics (Bachelor) in Foreign Trade University and then held the Master degree in Economics Management, certified by Vietnam Maritime University. I am a motivated, versatile and responsible person, who has a good English ability and some diverse soft skills, such as Communication, Leadership and Time Management. I have approximately 4 years of experiences working as Operations Senior Executive for Hanjin Shipping Co., Ltd.. I am now seeking for a new job to improve my capabilities and following my career path in Shipping Line industry.

Work experience

May 2012May 2016

Operations Senior Executive 

Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd. 

I was responsible for....



Master of Economics Management 

Vietnam Maritime University

During the postgraduate years, I studied more about economics management in shipping line industry, along with cumulating the knowledge in all fields of business, such as, HR, Finance, Port performance operations, and so on. 


Bachelor of International Economics

Foreign Trade University 

Strong focused on background knowledge in international business, foreign transactions, import and export business, logistics and transports and the insurance in foreign trade. 



English: TOEIC: 720 (having an equitable development of all 4 skills, especially experienced on English for Business and Commerce; having the experiences of negotiating, preparing the contracts in international context)

Japanese: efficient for basic communication. 


An excellent ability of using or learning any IT programs. I am familiar with all kinds of Microsoft Office™ tools (Words, Outlook, Excel) and using some other online tools for improving the efficiency and speeding the Job processing time. 

I am competent with most Internet search tools and familiar with some specific programs for shipping line industry. 


An excellent ability of communicating with others, especially in  Negotiating, Presenting and Persuading.

Solve 4 important problems which each last for more than 2 years and cost approximately hundreds million VND during the period of 4 years. 


Others highlight skills of mine are LEADERSHIP and TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS 

I was a Deputy Head of FTU Sport Club, senior operations executive who was in charge of several tasks