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Tătucu Ligia

  • Date of Birth: 01.05.1992 (25 years); Adress: str. Simion Mehedinți, nr.8,bl.96, sc.1, ap.7, sector 6, București
  • 0744449998

Where I've worked

December 2016present

Tv Back-up

S.C Orange S.A

I have the duty to administrate the DSMX platform when the person in charge is not on duty. I manage the content of the platform, upload different files, make sure that the Tv's are working properly.

Sept 2016present

Customer Voice Representative

S.C Orange S.A

I am part of Customer Experience Departament. My main responsability is to take care of the clients that are not satisfied with company's services. Also, based on their feedback, I can make different proposals in order to change ineffective procedures.

Sept 2015Sept 2016

Customer Care Representative

S.C Orange S.A

My main responsability was to resolve the complaints of customers related to Orange Tv services and
products by answering the inbound calls. In case of difficult situations, I have the responsability to make outbound calls to clarify the problem. Furthermore, I attracted potential customers by promoting and answering product and service questions.


September 2017October 2017

PHP Internship

S.C Orange S.A.
May 2016December 2016

Orange Representative-Project "Policlinica sociala Regina Maria"

S.C Orange S.A

I coordinated this project which is fund by Orange. The main objective is to assure free medical services to people with no income.My  duty was to check the reports sent by the polyclinic in order to be sure that the money were spent comformable to the plan. Also, I made an official visit to know more about the activity, the staff and the pacients e

April 2016May 2016

Intern Marketing

S.C Orange S.A,Bucharest

During this internship , I have learned how to make offers for customers based on clients needs. Moreover, I have studied the products and services of the competitors with the purpose of finding their weak and  strong points, so I can create competitive advantage.

Jan 2014Feb 2014

Junior Marketing

S.C. Orange S.A, Cluj Napoca

During this internship, I have been involved in a market research organised by the company. The aim was to identify customer's dissatisfactions with Orange Shop's services. My job was to collect the data from the clients of the shop and to introduce them in a database.

Nov 2013Dec 2013

Sales Assistant

S.C. Orange S.A, Cluj Napoca

During this internship, I have learnt to identify customer's needs and to be actively involved in the promotion of company's products and services. Moreover, I have developed my communication skills by learning Selling Techniques. Practically, my job was to help the Sales Representative to achieve their target, by learning the features of the products and presenting the offers available to the clients.

Oct 2013Dec 2013


AIESEC, Cluj Napoca

Cluj Napoca(Romania) I was responsible for the promotion of  NGO's activity(international student's exchanges) in faculties.

Jul 2013Aug 2013


Alba Tourism, Alba Iulia

I was in contact with the processes that take place in a travel agency and with the way that the Travel Agent behave with the customers

What I've studied

Nov 2016Nov 2017

PHP Web Development

Link Academy 

What I have studied: HTML5-HTML tags,tables, ordered and     unordered lists, adding images/videos, forms, text and typografy

                                    CSS3- CSS tags,CSS box model, CSS layout, implementation of fonts,videos and image formatting,advanced selectors, pseudo-classes,pseudo-elements,responsive web design, transitions and animations

                                   PHP-PHP basics,variables, operators,if conditional, elseif conditional, switch and break, while loop,do while loop, for loop,foreach, arrays, strings, functions

                                  IT softwares: XAMPP, AdobeDreamweaver, Notepad++

Oct 2014Jul 2016

MASTER Degree in Marketing Strategies and Policies

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Cluj Napoca

Oct 2011Jul 2014

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration

Faculty of Economics and Bussines Administration, Cluj Napoca

What I am good at

Digital competence

Programming: HTML5, CSS3, PhP

Good knowledge of Office Package(Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access), Aptana Studio, Notepad ++, SPSS Statistics, Visual Fox Pro, Vantive (CRM), Epos

Communication skills

Good communication skills gained through my experience as Sales Assistant and as volunteer

Organisational / managerial skills

team spirit (during faculty I have participated in various projects team);

responsible; -capacity to adapt in any situation, to cope with stress;

good organisation skills;

ability to learn new things ( currently studying programming languages used to build websites );


English-Level C1


Web Design HTML and CSS programming language

Azimut Vision SRL

Language Proficiency Certificate- Lingua