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To apply my knowledge of organizational theory and management towards a career in the public sector.


My name is Trevor Thompson, I am a graduate from the University of Akron's Masters of Public Administration (MPA) program and am currently looking for a career in local government or in human resources.  I also have a Bachelors of Arts degree from The Ohio State University where I majored in history and minored in geography.  Over the past two years I have interned with three different public service organizations where I have gained valuable experience in foundation fundraising, employee training and development, and personnel management through the development of a personnel policies and procedures manual during my most recent internship with the City of Stow.  I have been a career student virtually my entire life as I place great value on higher education and the future benefits that come with such an investment.  I know that the knowledge I have gained and the experiences I have been a part of both as a student and as an intern have given me the tools necessary to be successful in whatever career I will eventually land upon.  I am determined to find an organization that I can call "home" for years to come and in which I can grow in personally and professionally.  I look forward to landing my first major job and finally putting all that hard work I completed in college to good use.

Work experience

Sep 2009Nov 2009


Turbine Standard, Ltd.

I was brought on as an independent human resources consultant with Turbine Standard, Ltd. to develop an employee handbook that would serve as the primary reference for company policies and laws related to employment.  The manual was necessary for the company's current rapid expansion and I completed the project in the time frame I was given with much appreciation by Turbine Standard, Ltd. management.  With an official employee handbook on file, Turbine Standard, Ltd. is now well-prepared to professionally and uniformly address employment issues for all of its employees.

Aug 2008May 2009

Human Resources Intern

City of Stow, Ohio

As an intern for the City of Stow during my final year of graduate school, I was put in charge of developing a personnel policies and procedures manual that would serve as a uniform guide for departmental managers in the day-to-day administration of city employees.  The manual covered nearly all aspects of employment, including sections dealing with general employment policies (such as EEO and ADA accommodation), compensation and benefits, and employee sanctions and separation policies.  While developing the manual, much of my time was spent researching federal and state public employment laws as well as local ordinances to ensure that each of the policies I developed were compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.  I also assisted the Human Resources Director with any addtional research he may have needed in carrying out the effective managment of the City's personnel system.

Jun 2008Aug 2008

Human Resources Intern

Oriana House, Inc.

During my summer internship with Oriana House, Inc., I worked under the Human Resources Director where I authored a turnover analysis report that examined the turnover rates of several area social service agencies and then made recommendations on how to reduce employee turnover.  I also assisted in the development of several employee training and development courses that would be used in the organization's orientation program for new hires.  Additionally, I updated employee records using ADP Professional database software and recruited for Oriana House, Inc. at the 2008 Job Fair.

Aug 2007May 2008

Development Intern

Wadsworth-Rittman Hospital Foundation

As an intern at Wadsworth-Rittman Hospital Foundation during my first year as a graduate student at the University of Akron I co-authored several grant proposals with the Grants Manager.  My grantsmanship duties included communicating with various hospital staff to determine the specific needs of the hospital, researching foundations online to match potential funders with our needs, drafting executive summaries of our hospital's needs to the funders, and assisting the Grants Manager with any additional writing or editing needed to successfully complete grant applications for submittal.  I was also highly involved in donor correspondence and event planning, including the 2008 black tie gala that raised over $115,000 towards the hospital's capital campaign.  I attended several planning meetings, corresponded with the major donors, and helped setup for the event which ended up being a huge success.

Jun 2003Aug 2007

Crew Leader

Nilsson's: A Full Service Landscape Company

I worked seasonally for Nilsson's while I was a student at Ohio State.  In my second summer I was promoted to the crew leader position as I was a fast learner and I was good at managing people and communicating with our customers.  As a crew leader I was responsible for training new hires, organizing my crew each morning by directing what tools we would need for the day, personally communicating with our customers to go over project details, completing daily timesheets for payroll processing and invoicing, and presenting weekly safety meetings to multiple crews to keep everyone informed about how to remain safe while on the worksite.  I continued to work here full-time until I decided to attend the University of Akron's graduate school in August of 2007.


Craig Nilsson

Jodi Fabry

Greg Plagens



Aug 2007May 2009

Masters of Public Administration

University of Akron

The Masters of Public Administration (MPA) program at the University of Akron gave me a solid foundation in effective management practices that are commonly found in public employment. Relevant coursework includes public personnel management, public budgeting, public policy analysis, legal foundations of public administration, public organization theory, and ethics in public administration, to name a few. 

While I was a student here I joined the Public Administration and Urban Studies Student Association (PAUSSA), which is the official student organization for the Public Administration Department at the graduate school.  This organization sponsored several community networking programs and informed students of upcoming professional seminars related to the field of public administration.

Sep 2001Jun 2005

Bachelors of Arts

The Ohio State University

As a history major at Ohio State I studied a wide range of significant historical events and accounts with a strong emphasis on interpreting our past through an objective lens.  Much of my time was spent examining how one event triggered other events, enhancing my overall problem-solving skills by projecting how a solution to a problem may impact both the present and the future.

During my freshman year I joined the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity to become more involved with the university community and to surround myself with a group of leaders and scholars.  I was actually one of the founding brothers of the Ohio Gamma chapter of SigEp as they returned to campus during my freshman year.  During my years with SigEp I attended numerous leadership seminars, participated in a wide array of community service projects, and participated in numerous intramural sports.  In my third year as a SigEp I was elected Senior Marshall of the Standards Board where I worked to uphold the fraternity's bylaws and to ensure that all members were in good academic standing.  I created academic study plans for those members who may have had a rough semester and encouraged them to stay focused.  I am happy to say that SigEp won the university's coveted Chapter of the Year award every year that I was a member, demonstrating how great of an organization we were.


Macintosh OSX
I am quite familiar with the Macintosh Operating System and I even own an iBook of my own.  Although I have been a lifetime Windows user, I am a quick learner and enjoy working on Mac's as well.
Microsoft Windows
I am well-versed in virtually all Microsoft Windows programs as I have been working on computers since the early 1990s.  I have been using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) for well over a decade and have taken coursework on how to get the most out of Office programs in the past year.