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Executive with an extensive background in national and international business development, product management, technology, engineering and finance. Over 20+ years of experience in gaming, consumer electronics, professional broadcast and instrumentation sectors. Recognized for consistent excellence, efficiency and creativity. Proven success in developing, leading, organizing and managing challenging projects, dynamic engineering groups and strategic alliances.


·Cross-functional Business Development

·Tactical Technology Planning

·Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures

·Financial and Budgetary Planning

·Comprehensive Project Management

·Team Building and Management

·Embedded Software Engineering

·Open Source and Proprietary Software


Presented “Beyond Gaming on the PS3” hosted by Los Alamos National Laboratory and attended by several universities.

Presented to a 3 company Management Steering Committee on how to ignite open source development on CELL based processor architecture.

Several business, financial and technical presentations for the CELF Board of Directors.

Business, financial and technical presentations at Industry Forums.

Concept demonstration and presentations at multiple industry trade shows such as CeBit, CES, NAB.

In-house presentations on Software Development Improvement, Engineering Leadership, Talent Attraction and Retention Incentive.

In-house presentations on new product and business opportunities

IEEE Publication: Test System for Microwave Devices ISBN: 0-7803-5686-1 (1993)

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Work experience

Mar 2008Present

Manging Director

Cavallino Consulting LLC and other

·Consulted in the consumer and wireless telecom industry on companywide project planning and execution to shorten time-to-market, lower cost and increase product quality.

·Advised on business alliances and strategic technology planning for corporations and non-profits.

·Provided product market research in the gaming and enterprise security sectors.

Oct 2005Mar 2008

Senior Director

Sony Computer Entertainment America

Senior Director, Sony Computer Entertainment, Foster City, CA (2005 - 2008)

·Developed a new non-gaming business model for the Playstation 3 (PS3) bridging across engineering, legal, sales and marketing business units.

·Directed resources of several Sony corporate entities and third parties to provide a Linux operating system and applications for thePS3.

·Created alliances with IBM, Toshiba, MIT and Georgia Tech to promote awareness and development around the CELL B.E. architecture used by the PS3.

·Enabled a powerful general purpose workstation, High Performance Super Computing Cluster, Personal Video Recorder, Terrestrial Setup Box and Autonomous Personal Vehicle Control with more than 8 Linux distributions supporting the PS3.

Instigated outreach efforts resulting in over 60 universities, labs and private organizations worldwide offering multi-core parallel programming classes and applications using the PS3.

May 1996Oct 2005


Director, Sony Electronics Consumer & Standards Group, San Jose, CA (2002 - 2005)

·Co-founded the Consumer Electronics Linux Forum (CELF) which grew into a multi-national industry alliance, with over 70 companies. CELF’s focus was to enable the Linux kernel for consumer products.

·Directed all CELF day-to-day activities as elected Executive Director and Treasurer.

·Presented before CELF Board and multinational industry leaders at international meetings and conferences.

·Built a Linux team to improve boot-up time, security and foot print of the Linux kernel.

·Improved resource allocation, efficiency and time-to-market by reducing the amount of operating systems Sony products use.

Director, Sony Electronics Consumer Group, San Jose, CA (1997 - 2002)

·Improved dramatically the software developing process and engineering performance by implementing new quality assurance and software control methods.

·Created a new group within the Sony Consumer Group which bridged the analog to the digital world.

·Lead 65 direct and indirect reports in software engineering, quality assurance tests, tools and technology assessment.

·Developed 3 generations of IEEE1394 iLink interfaces for the VAIO laptop family, streaming low cost AV-HDD for Personal Video Recorders, such as TiVo, media converters which convert analog to digital content and transmission for many Sony products.

Engineering Manager, Sony Electronics Professional Broadcast Group, San Jose, CA (1994 - 1997)

·Envisioned a marketing, sales and engineering task force and interviewed several news studios across the USA to brainstorm editing approaches and work flow.

·Engineered a new inexpensive, time saving, fault tolerant non-linear editing solution for customers with reliable, networked and high speed random access.

·Designed a product to allow a news story to be edited much faster and be easily transferred electronically from studio to studio. This became the industry standard for studios converting to High Definition Digital TV.

Conceived, developed and implemented applicationof disk farms inserting commercials into satellite TV for StarTV, Hong Kong broadcasting to one third of the world.

May 1989May 1994

Project Lead / Software Engineer

Wiltron / Anritsu

Software Engineer & Project Manager, Anritsu, formerly Wiltron, Morgan Hill, CA (1989 - 1994)

·Implemented cross-functional product planning team to develop next generation Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). Team was compiled from engineering, sales and marketing, field support and manufacturing.

·Reduced cost and increased reliability by replacing outdated processors with a standard VME and off-the-shelf Operating System solution.

·Increased production speed and quality by implementing architecture and design methodologies, version control, bug tracking and using a high-speed, networked target developing system.

Engineered size reduction, self-testing, self-monitoring and remote field testing capabilities in products, allowing significantly faster response time to customer problems, shortening the manufacturing process, reducing cost by 20%, increasing sales 10% and improving turn around time five fold.



RWTH Aachen Germany


German language



US Patent Office


Shawn Kwon (Soon-Son)

I got to know about Thomas when he was the secretary of CELF. He was very impressive in that handling all the details of forum's financial as well as all the operational issues very efficiently. Thomas, you did a wonderful job!

Ivy Tsai

Thomas is the best manager I have ever worked for. I worked for him as a staff engineer in Sony Electronics for 7 years. We have accomplished many projects, iLink chip, AV HardDisk, Media Converter, etc. Needlessly to say, he is extreamly organized and professional. Most of all he cares his team members, and he always does his best to solve the team problems. The team morale is high under his management. It was the pleasure and honor to work for Thomas.

Attila Vass

Thomas in an incredible individual with positive attitude and a great sense of humor. Although he had a difficult job at SCEA, he managed to set a course with a goal and executed on it. I am looking forward working with him again in the future.

Jari Juopperi

Looking back during the time I was involved on the Board of Directors of the CE Linux Forum, I must say that Thomas' way to run the operations of the organization - firmly and transparently - but at the same time smoothly and politely, made a great impression on me. I can openly admit that in certain difficult situations involving a number of stakeholders, I think about how he would try to find the solution to the problems at hand.

James Williamson

While I haven't been directly involved in the CE Linux Forum activities, I have as VP of Standards had many opportunities to receive feedback on Thomas's work and all of it has been positive. In fact, I was responsible for nominating Thomas for a Technology Standards Committee Award for his efforts in CE Linux Forum. Thomas was very effective in this role.

Kai Staats

Thomas Swidler and I worked together in a highly collaborative relationship where my company provided contract services to SCEA from the spring of 2006 through the fall of 2007. I have never enjoyed a working relationship as much as I have in working with Thomas. He embodies the unique combination of Linux experience with political savvy, a sense of humor that prevails, even in challenging times. He is personable, sensitive to the needs of his co-workers, and yet drives hard to obtain the goals set. If I had a position available for Thomas, I would hire him in a heart-beat. Sincerely, Kai Staats, CEO Terra Soft Solutions

Tammy Chang

I worked for Thomas as a SQA manager in SONY for more than 2 years. He demonstrated a great leadership as the SW director to 30+ SW engineers at SONY. He gave clear directions and communicated effectively which is a key for many successful SW projects. It's so appreciated to work for the best !

Thai Dang

Thomas is the hardest working engineer I have ever worked with. At Wiltron/Anritsu, I was impressed by his technical knowledge, meticulous nature, and outspokeness in expressing his opinions.

Richard Bardini

I have had the pleasure of working with and for Thomas at Sony Electronics for 10+ years. He is extreamly organized, professional, and has great people skills. He's very proactive in getting tasks done and professionaly nuturing team members that report to him. Thomas is always on top of things and quickly adapts to changing requirements and work environment.

Tim Bird

I worked under Thomas when he organized the CE Linux Forum. He was always a dedicated professional, and a great manager. He handled forum business well, and was always prepared. As a manager, Thomas communicated very well, and kept us on top of things as employees.”