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Work experience

Jul 2009Jul 2009

Assistant Director

Pink Banana Productions

"Whatever"- MUSIC VIDEO

    Was responsible for running production smoothly and efficiently. Worked closely with Director/Producer and D.P.

Jun 2009Jun 2009

Assistant Director

Pink Banana Productions

 "Winner" -MUSIC VIDEO

  Was responsible for talent and crew working efficiently. Kept time during production to make sure the work pace was efficient. Assisted Director/Producer with anything that was needed.

Mar 2009Apr 2009


There Was a Heartbeat -Project

Scheduled and oversaw photo shoot. In charge of putting together a music video together for the song "There was a Heartbeat" by Cindy Hughlette. 

Feb 2009Mar 2009

Script Supervisor/1st Assistant Director

K-Town Films

Responsible for continuity during the shooting process and also must keep the crew on a timed schedule so that everything is done in a timely manner. 

Aug 2008Sep 2008

Head of Craft Services/ Day Runner

Sacred Productions

I was responsible for keeping the cast and crew of the production fed and hydrated. I also assited the Producer with whatever she needed, such as running errands and staying behind to ensure the facilities used were left in good condition.

Apr 2008May 2008


Bagel King

I was responsible for keeping the coffee fresh and condiments in stock. I was respsonsible for a clean enviroment.

May 2006Sep 2006


Casa Ole Restauraunt

I was responsible for serving food to customers and keeping a clean working enviroment. I also hosted and cashiered as well as occasionally preparing food.

Feb 2006May 2006

Bag Boy

United Super Markets

I was responsible for bagging groceries for customers and taking them out to the customer's vehicle.

Sep 2005Dec 2005


Welcome Home Soldier Project

I was responsible for taking compact disc orders down and entering them into Excel. Then to turn them into my grandfather who was my Employeer to get them delivered on time. We had many troops that were sent this 2 song disc for encouragment and support.

Apr 2005Sep 2005

Ranch Hand

WHS Stewart Ranch

I was a Ranch hand  and my duties included a wide range of tasks. I built fence, worked catte, cleaned stalls, etc.

Sep 2004Apr 2005

Employee/ Shift Leader

Chicken Express

My duties included taking the customer's order, handling the customer's money, preparing the customer's food and keeping a clean work enviroment. I was also responsible for the store when the manager's weren't present, handling any customer complaint at the time.


Oct 2006Aug 2008


Full Sail University

The program courses offered here were built for a fast paced work enviroment. Our schedual was a 24 hr operation 7 days a week. This helped with many time management skills, communication skills and stress management.


I am a self motivated person. Persuing nothing but the best in everything that I do. A positive outlook on the world is essential to a healthy prospering life. Letting blockades discourage me is not in my nature, for I have faced many as of my twenty-ones years of age. Many lessons have I learned and much wisdom taken from them. God is a constant in my life and I do turn to Him in everything that I do, nor do I let my religious beliefs interfere with my work. Describing one's self is a hard task to complete, in fear of beng too modest or sounding conceded. I am however very confident in myself and my abilities to complete any task given to me.


Nikki WIlson

Peer and then the Producer/Director for a few productions that I worked on. I was her Assistant Director.

Sharon Reed

Former instructor and then after graduation she was a producer for a film that I worked craft services for. I also assisted her personally for errands and such throughout the production. 

Ross Jordan

Family friend for two plus years. 

Tessa & Darren Streit


To perform as a vital member of a team and to contribute excellent service toward the success of a growing and fruitful organization.


Project Team Management
In the Masters program for Entertainment Business, we are required to find an Non-profit organization that has a need that must be fulfilled. We then are required to meet with the organization and create and event/project and drawl up a proposal comparing what the costs would be if the organization was paying for the service.
Experience in Editing
I am proficient in editing software such as Final Cut and Avid programs. I was trained in these programs while in attendance at Full Sail University.
computer literate
I have experience with both Macintosh and Windows operating systems. I am experienced in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook. I am familiar with Adobe programs such as Photoshop.