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A gifted and insightful math teacher, Tsolaire Aghamanoukian utilizes a combination of proven teaching methodologies to help her students understand the fundamentals of mathematics. In her capacity as a math teacher at the Chamlian Armenian School in California, Tsolaire Aghamanoukian educates sixth- and seventh-graders on math skills they need to be successful in their schoolwork and on the Stanford Standardized Test. Because of her long-time experience as a teacher, Tsolaire Aghamanoukian strives to create learning opportunities for all her students. Although many children respond to traditional memorization techniques, others learn more effectively when they can see the concepts they are trying to understand. By demonstrating numbers concepts with visual aids and manipulatives such as candy, Tsolaire Aghamanoukian makes math class fun for her young charges and helps them master the subject. For instance, she teaches fractions using Hershey bars, which are scored into 12 small rectangles that can be divided to instruct students to divide and multiply by thirds, fourths, and halves. Her ability to clearly illustrate math theories to her students serves Tsolaire Aghamanoukian well in her efforts as a researcher and writer. Having worked on academic papers and book reviews on broad-ranging topics involving linear algebra, she effectively explains and parses the difficult themes undertaken by renowned scholars. Moreover, Tsolaire Aghamanoukian has published her own articles, including “An Ongoing Investigation of the Learning Process of Year One University Students” during a research internship at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Having attended Concordia University as an undergraduate, she graduated with a 4.0 grade point average. She accepted an offer from the school to stay on as a graduate student. She initially served as a researcher and teacher’s aide for the well-known mathematical researcher and professor Anna Siepinska. Later, the university invited Tsolaire Aghamanoukian to join its faculty as a Professor of Finite Mathematics for Business and Economics and a Master in the Teaching of Math. She completed her Master of Arts in Mathematics and her Bachelor of Education at York University in Toronto.

Work experience

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Math Teacher

Chamlian Armenian School



Bachelor of Education, Mathematics, Science & Technology

York University

Master of Arts

York University