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Dr. Trueman E. Tryhus, Jr., a retired dentist from Fargo, North Dakota, presently lives an active life in Scottsdale, Arizona. With his wife of 55 years, he moved to Arizona in 1994 after living in Fargo for close to 40 years, providing dental services to the community, participating in various social and philanthropic activities, and raising a family of 5 children. A man of strong faith, Tryhus is a devout Lutheran and belonged to the First Lutheran Church in Fargo; he and his wife are currently members of Scottsdale’s Living Water Lutheran Church. Trueman E. Tryhus, Jr. is also an enthusiastic amateur golfer. Before retiring to Arizona, he earned a spot in the North Dakota Golf Hall of Fame after winning both the North Dakota State Senior Golf Tournament and the North Dakota State Amateur Golf Tournament. Tryhus has continued his participation in the sport since his retirement, joining Scottsdale’s Pinnacle Peak Country Club. A natural leader, Trueman E. Tryhus, Jr. earned recognition for his abilities on a number of occasions. As a resident of Fargo, he was twice elected to the Board of Education and served as its President. He also served as President of the Board of Trustees of Fargo’s First Lutheran Church. In addition, Tryhus held the position of President of Pinnacle Peak Country Club. Trueman E. Tryhus, Jr. is an enthusiastic supporter of a number of philanthropic causes, especially those involving education and health care. He aids the Scottsdale Healthcare Foundation, as well as his alma mater, Minnesota’s St. Olaf College. In addition, he has generously contributed to North Dakota’s Mayville State University. Trueman E. Tryhus, Jr. enjoys a good read and counts Stephen King, John Grisham, and Ken Follett among his favorite authors. Ayn Rand is another one of his preferred writers, and The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged are two of his all-time favorite books. In keeping with his love of golf, he also particularly enjoys Mark Frost’s The Greatest Game Ever Played.

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