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About TrueCar

Dedicated to helping consumers navigate the often difficult process of finding and buying a new car, TrueCar, Inc. has assisted its members in saving thousands of dollars by providing pricing information and analysis. TrueCar Certified Dealers have sold more than 600,000 vehicles. Since its inception in 2005, TrueCar has received significant media recognition for its innovative services, earning a place on such lists as Inc. 500’s Fastest Growing Companies in America and CNNMoney’s 20 Best Websites for Saving Money. Working out of offices in California and Texas, TrueCar has acquired venture capital funding and partnerships that have helped it attain its goal of promoting transparency in the automobile industry.With a commitment to making the car-buying process easier for consumers and dealers, TrueCar offers detailed price reports, which include information such as the average price paid for a given make and model in a user’s area. TrueCar’s game-changing services create a level playing field for buyers while helping dealers to achieve high sales volumes and reduce their marketing costs.In addition to its new-vehicle price reports, TrueCar offers similar services for consumers looking for a used car, indexing over 3 million vehicles across the country. Its used-car data also powers ClearBook, a service that helps customers discover how much their used car is worth based on the information in TrueCar’s extensive database. TrueCar’s online presence includes a frequently updated blog to help users keep abreast of the latest news in the auto industry, as well as, monthly, and annual sales forecasts and average fuel economy figures.