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Executive Profile:

Engineering executive and agile business manager with 17 years of success spanning multiple industries and organizational sizes from post startup to global firms.  A tough, creative, people-centric leader with a passion for crafting engineering organizations that are both scaleable and sustainable.  Profitable wins though actionable strategic vision, flexible technology roadmaps, and hands-on project execution.  A leader that understands innovation comes from inspired, diverse, collaborative, and disciplined teams.

Core Competencies:

  • Multidiscipline / Multiple Site Organizational Leader
  • Cultural Change and Turn Around Catalyst
  • Technical Business Development and Strategic Planning
  • Full Product Life Cycle Execution
  • Risk Reduction Focused R&D Management
  • Agile Technology and Lean Engineering Specialist
  • Product / Program / Project Management
  • Inventive Systems Thinking Engineer
  • System & Software Architectures
  • High Assurance / Safety Critical Product Developer

Work experience


Manager, Systems & Software Engineering, Strategic Value Chain Leader


Sypris - supplier of high reliability products supporting multilayer security of global net centric organizations in the defense, aerospace, civilian and foreign market spaces: Encryption - KIV-19M; Global Key Management (GKM) & Crypto-Net Planning - ICOR, ACES, RASKL/CLD, ICOR/CKMS; Endpoint Security - PUF solutions.

  • Rebuilt Systems, Software, and Quality Assurance Engineering organizations composed of 45 multidiscipline engineers supporting 11 product development and 3 R&D efforts budgeted for $17M (FY09 - FY12).
  • Recovered effectivity of engineering departments establishing a dependable and consistent employee base through the adoption of Lean Product Development / Agile / Scrum / Visual methods, deploying standards of practice to exceed DOD / NSA Type-1 guidelines.
    • Hands-on approach eliminated 80% of backlogged technical debt spanning 8 programs in under 12 months, reduced product release cycles by 50% with a zero defect requirement for product launch.
    • Evangelist for the migration to "LAMP-like" client server architectures, reduction of user workloads via improvements to user experience by implementing visual workflow concepts, and mitigation of deployment risk through continuous integration for the enterprise class GKM software products.
    • Generated change requests valued at $750k (Q3, FY11), provided operator spot training sessions, clarified CONOPS / requirements, identified peer supplier collaboration opportunities, and improved customer goodwill by championing multiple baselining events to engage customers at product point of deployment.
    • Reduced new employee on-boarding process for all new staff through mentor / shadowing assignments with senior staff members.
    • Improved development flow and reduced departmental overhead through the application of Lean Product Development methods by engaging all levels of the engineering organization in multiple kaizen events. Pages reduced by 64%, I/O reduced by 36%, metrics better distributed and increased by 38%.
  • Extensive involvement with Business Development organization extending the Defense and Network Assurance (DNA) offerings to adjacent markets (Cyber Physical Endpoint, Smart Micro-Grid, and Critical Infrastructure Protection spaces) and expanding peer supplier partnering opportunities (EADS/Cassidian, Cubic, Blackridge Technologies).
    • Authored 5-year product road maps for embedded offerings to justify 3 new R&D efforts ($1M, FY12) for the development of reusable embedded technology appliances - Single Chip Crypto, Android-based Common Use Device.
    • Developing (early stage) strategic web based architectures with the intent of evolving GKM & Crypt-Net Planner offerings into a unified Key Management SaaS model; initial offerings targeted for military clouds. Initiated to maintain competitiveness within ongoing DOD Key Management Infrastructure deployment and for immediate product offerings for DOE and Critical Infrastructure.
    • Shared DNA P&L ownership targeted FY12 revenue growth to $7M (50% over FY11), and FY15 booking objectives of $10.5M (50% over FY12) budgets of $1M for R&D, and $0.5M for B&P (FY12).
  • Recognition: Multiyear recipient of Employee Retention Program for outstanding contribution and individual performance.

Principal Engineering Manager


Rockwell-Collins - supplier of full range communication, audio management, and cryptographic equipment in the defense, aerospace, civilian and foreign market spaces.

  • Transitioned Communications Management & Integration (CM&I) engineering contract work from Cedar Rapids, IA to the Richardson, TX campus.
    • Built new CM&I engineering organization through 98% inorganic staffing in 18 months, 4 months ahead of plan, consisting of 5 Senior Engineering Managers, 90 multidiscipline engineers, and 10 supporting staff members.
    • Owned 35 concurrent programs, with total funding profiles approaching $75M, FY06 - FY10, maintaining CPI/SPI of 0.9 for all programs, and in multiple cases exceeding pre-transition quality / customer satisfaction.
    • Built 4000 sq.-ft. CM&I department lab under a capital appropriation request with a budget profile approaching $4M.
    • Standardized on-boarding process for all staff training team members on company processes (CMMi Level 5), critical technology, standard tools, and project performance standards.
  • Led approximately 75 B&P efforts for government avionics programs (Totaling $50M - 80% win rate) while developing standardized management toolsets for B&P validation, risk mitigation & retirement, staff demand planning.
  • Collaborated with Business Development organizations across multiple sites as a member of Non-Advocacy Review Boards to validate strategic market initiatives, business plans, and technical roadmaps, and as a Red Team member for multiple proposals.
  • Eased corporate restructuring and alignment with new go-to-market channels by assuming additional responsibility for the Cryptographic Modernization (CM) organization in 2007.
    • Managed an additional 65 staff members executing 3 concurrent CM contracts with total funding profiles approaching $100M spanning FY06 - FY13.
    • Transitioned CM organization to permanent leadership before educational leave of absence to attend the Copenhagen Business School’s International Summer University Program in 2008.
  • Founder and president for the Pride Employee Network, part of the Rockwell-Collins Diversity and Inclusion initiative.
  • Recognition: Multiyear recipient of Rockwell Collins Alternative Awards for service and individual performance.

Manager, Software Engineering


Goodrich Engine Control Systems - supplier of engine control systems for small aux power units and helicopters to front-line military aircraft and the latest generation of business and large-passenger jets in the defense, aerospace, civilian and foreign market spaces.

  • Managed 5 senior team leaders, 20 software engineers, and compliment of contract personnel located at multiple sites.
    • Led 12 concurrent embedded software development programs for high reliability flight critical engine control systems with total funding profiles approaching $40M, FY03 - FY07 spanning multiple sites and countries (Arizona / France, Canada).
    • Focused the software engineering department through right sizing by eliminating 30% of contracted staff for proper alignment to financial needs, project obligations, and elimination of non-value added efforts.
    • Regained program control and improved department efficiency by establishing an organizationally consistent software life cycle process to meet DO-178B, Level A guidelines for FAA and JAA (France) maintaining the existing CMMi Level 3 rating.
    • Revived working relationships between management, employees, customers, and vendors through open honest data driven discussions, joint planning sessions, and collaborative solution generation.
  • Developed real-time embedded control software in C/C++ on multi-treaded RTOS for domestic (Rolls-Royce, Airbus, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin) and international (Turbomeca & JAA – France, Bell - Canada) organizations.
  • Minimized cost and schedule overruns for existing efforts by hands-on-management of resources and scope.  Worked directly with the Program Director to establish company policy for change request management to limit scope creep and overruns.

Staff Engineer, Systems & Software


L-3 Avionics - provides a wide array of avionics technologies designed to improve situational awareness and enhance safety, including SkyWatch® Collision Avoidance System, Stormscope® Weather Mapping System, LandMark® Terrain Awareness System, and TACAN products for the general aviation market space.

  • Led multiple engineering teams spanning multiple sites and offshore (Turkey) through full product development life cycles for high reliability, flight critical avionics components, including navigation, and terrain awareness and warning systems.
    • Successfully completed GPS Engine, TAWS8000/8100, RGC-250/250(a), TACAN-39 through -45 programs as Project Manager and Software Lead.  Leading all aspects of development for real-time embedded systems, including definition, estimation, planning, development, and verification.
    • Reduced GPS Engine project cost overruns by reclassifying 13 research hurdles from product development to R&D efforts as Project Manager.  Eliminated 75% of overhead costs by limiting adherence to full product life cycle processes.
    • Individual contributing developer for the SkyWatch™ HP, OASIS Test Rig, SmartDeck™ Primary Flight Display.
  • Achieved a 50% reduction in certification time through the independent development of standard software development processes templates to meet DO-178B, Level B guidelines.  Templates were adopted by the larger software organization resulting in a significant improvement on time to market and overall development costs, and eventually used as the basis for DO-254 templates.
  • Independent Quality Assurance auditor for all Columbus office development programs, to ensure process compliance to approved plans and standards prior to external audits.
  • Mentored by Software Designated Engineering Representative (DER) until candidacy for Company Software DER was filed with the FAA in 2000.  Worked directly with the FAA Representatives (ACO and DER) while achieving 7 certification approvals.

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