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Work experience


Business First

My primary beats were healthcare, higher education and the “Green” industry before it was popular. I was the most prolific reporter on staff writing four to five stories per week, compared with other reporters who wrote two or three stories. When the editor didn’t have enough stories from the staff to fill the paper, he always turned to me to find and write a story, sometimes within a few hours before deadline.

Highlights of Experiences:

  • I produced a series of stories over a period of five weeks about emergency departments in Central Ohio often closing its doors to ambulances due to a backlog of patients. This policy created a horrible problem for the ambulances, often having to drive around town to find a hospital that would take their dying patient. The series won an award from a statewide organization and eventually was a story on national news.
  • In addition to reporting, I earned credibility in the area by giving presentations at a variety of organizations, including graduate level classes, about trends in the healthcare industry.
  • A primary beat included Ohio State University, the largest university in the country. I was responsible for reporting on all aspects of the university that would interest the business community, often breaking news.
  • In addition to Ohio State, I also covered many private universities in the area. The stories focused on collaborations and partnerships the university would have with local businesses.
  • My beat was health-care and medical research; writing at least three to four stories a week.

Marketing Coordinator

Zimmer Law Firm LLC

I was responsible for all aspects of marketing. In four months, I organized five events that generated several new clients plus referral business. As a way to cut marketing costs, I launched a successful e-newsletter and marketing campaign. Furthermore, I worked on a marketing strategy for an entire year.

Highlights of Experience:

  • Direct mail marketing
  • Marketing and advertising strategic planning
  • Advertising design
  • Newsletters, writing
  • Media buying/planning
  • Organize seminars to attract new clients
  • Social media management and marketing
  • Website and blog management.

Senior Journalist

San Jose/Silicon Valley Business Journal

The newspaper’s corporate office moved me to San Jose to cover the healthcare industry in Silicon Valley from its paper in Columbus. The company offered me the position in San Jose because I was one of its top healthcare reporters in a chain of 40 newspapers across the country.

Highlights of Experiences:

  • As a healthcare reporter I frequently broke news at a weekly newspaper, which is difficult given the timing. With my depth of knowledge about the healthcare industry combined with excellent research skills, I wrote three to four stories a week ranging from 800 to 1,200 words per story.
  • KGO- TV San Francisco frequently interviewed me for the noon and evening news regarding local healthcare issues, such as hospitals, health insurance and legislation.
  • As a reporter in Silicon Valley I often reported on the majority of the country’s largest technology companies such as Google, Yahoo, Intel, HP, Adobe, eBay and many others.
  • Organized luncheons for local health-care professionals that had high profile speakers who I knew would deliver important information the audience could use.
  • As a health-care reporter I had the opportunity to write about a variety of businesses and its funding sources such as start-ups, nonprofits, public companies, venture capital and angel investors.
  • My reporting was often weeks or months ahead of the competition on major healthcare issues.
  • Since biotechnology is a large local industry, I covered a variety of promising academic medical research in drug and medical device developments at Stanford University and University of California San Francisco.
  • I covered California legislature, Medicaid, Medicare, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute of Health, state and local health departments and medical schools.
  • I created a series named “Code Blue” that outlined a variety of obstacles the local healthcare industry was facing at the time and all the things they were doing to resolve the issues

Public Relations Strategist


I worked in the agency’s healthcare division managing corporate public relations functions such as publicly traded biotech companies and nonprofit hospital chains.

Highlights of Experiences:

  • I was on small team to evaluate the effectiveness of employee communications at a large hospital network on the West Coast. Once our research was done, we provided the hospital corporate office with an employee communications strategy, and helped to implement the new program.
  • Managed the production of client employee newsletters, including writing stories, taking pictures and editing.
  • Wrote press releases, FAQs, datasheets and informational articles for a variety of trade journals.
  • Responsible for crisis communications plans.
  • Managed the entire process of creating media kits for clients, such as design concept, fact sheets, writing articles on the history of a company, some press releases, finding ideal images and more.
  • Generated ideas on how to get clients attention in the media or trade press. Helping the client to find and develop interesting story ideas.
  • Provided media training and mock interviews to prepare spokespeople for press interviews.
  • Wrote a variety of articles and columns that were published under the name of our client’s executive team.
  • Team member that launched a new public relations and marketing campaign for one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s largest employers.

Executive Editor

Palo Alto Publishing

I was hired to develop and manage a regional health-care newspaper geared toward physicians and other health-care professionals. I lead a team to design the layout, write a business plan, marketing strategy, distribution channels, public relations campaign and editorial content. A sample of the newspaper is in the right column.

Highlights of Experiences:

  • The newspaper went from 0 to more than 15,000 readers in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Created the layout for the newspaper with the help of a design and editorial team.
  • Worked with design team to create a website and e-newsletter for readers.
  • Designed media sales kit and advised advertising.
  • Developed content that would attract readers to the paper version and website equally. I assigned stories to freelancers, wrote stories, editorials and columns for the paper.
  • Created a marketing strategy for the newspaper that included community partnerships, media awareness and distribution channels.
  • Managed the staff and production of the newspaper/website.
  • Created an editorial calendar that would generate high revenue.
  • Coordinated luncheons, receptions and other events to promote the newspaper.


OutNow Magazine

As the editor, I managed all stages of production for the magazine. That includes a variety of duties such as creating the editorial calendar, sales strategy, story schedule, writing, editing and much more. In addition the magazine, I also created a variety of newsletters for nonprofit organizations. Samples of the magazine are in the right column.

Highlights of Experiences:

  • I purchased a failing magazine; redesigned the publication, improved the content and tripled the revenue and circulation within two years.
  • I created an editorial calendar that generated most of the advertising revenue.
  • Sold, wrote and designed advertorials for clients.
  • I used business equations to generate pricing for services and ads, plus created promotional programs each month to increase revenue.
  • Managed online content, created editorial budgets, assigned photographers, editing, added distribution channels, provided public relations services and more.
  • Researched and negotiated contracts with printers and other vendors. Over a period of four years I was able to cut printing costs in half while maintaining high-quality.
  • Organized events with local businesses such as Intuit, Yahoo, Google and nonprofit organizations.
  • Managed a staff of six people including a dozen freelance writers and two professional photographers. We used local models to create, design and shoot most of our covers. 


Media Mojo Inc.

As the president of the company I manage all aspects of the business to ensure the highest quality work is delivered to our clients. We create a variety of promotional materials for print and online marketing. We also published a monthly magazine and bi-monthly newspaper.

Highlights of Experience:

  • Produced media/sales kits for clients that include a simple sales presentation.
  • Designed, wrote and produced promotional materials like brochures, flyers, post cards and posters.
  • Designed social media marketing strategies on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Wikipedia and YouTube for the magazine and our clients.
  • Managed the sales, design and production of an annual directory for two small business chambers located in San Jose and San Francisco, California.
  • Planned, produced and managed a variety of promotional events.
  • Worked with local physicians to write a marketing plan that would attract new patients. The plans included a website, key messages, taglines, color schemes, community outreach plan, media strategy and advertising.
  • Provided strategic advice on dealing with the media and developed media relations tactics for clients.
  • Managed all details of marketing campaigns for clients, including concept development, printing marketing collateral, media and mailing services.
  • Created communications strategic plans for community nonprofit organizations.
  • Worked on contract with local public relations agencies in San Jose to produce fundraising plans, educational campaigns, press releases and media relations.


Entrepreneur & Freelance Journalist

I am a freelance writer/editor for a variety of regional newspapers and I launched a magazine.

Highlights of Experience:

  • Freelance journalist for the Cincinnati Business Courier and Business First in Columbus
  • Launched a local online nonprofit magazine
  • Obtained regional recognition for the publication and attracted various sponsors.
  • Designed the layout, content and business strategy for
  • Provides marketing and communications services for local small businesses.


Certificate Program

Franklin University

While in Columbus I attended a local university to further my business education.

Graduate School

Ohio University

I was in graduate school when offered a journalism position for the Silicon Valley Business Journal in San Jose, CA

Aug 1984Dec 1989

Bachelor of Arts

Northern Kentucky University


I currently use WordPress for my website and online content management. I'm able to use the popular online software to management content including images, videos and social media.
Microsoft Office
I have been using the Microsoft Office package of software for years to create letters, articles, memos, publications, presentations, charts, databases and more. The software packages include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher.



In the last 20 years I have been a journalist, editor, publisher, public relations consultant, marketing manager, entrepreneur and small business owner. As an editor and publisher, I managed a magazine, health-care trade journal and special publications in Silicon Valley. My small business management experience would be ideal for a variety of positions that require attention to detail, independence, customer relations, supervision, marketing and sales.

                                          Highlights Include:

Editor/Journalist                                      Advertising Strategy & Design

Entrepreneur                                              Event Planning

Media Relations                                          Media Training

Publishing                                                    Online Content Management

Marketing Design                                      Social Media Marketing

Communications/Writing                        Budget Management

Newsletters                                                  Staff Supervisor



      President of the Board 2009

Vice President of Marketing 2006 to 2009

    I took an unorganized chamber, implemented a variety of administrative systems, hired a bookkeeper and put the organization back on a path for success. I organized the chamber’s first awards dinner, doubled membership and connected the organization with other community organizations.


Vice President of the Board 2006 to 2008

Worked with a team to organize and manage fundraising events, make important decisions on how to spend money, nurtured communityrelations, press releases and more.


Board Member, 2002 to 2006

      As the marketing and fundraising chair, I increased the exposure of the association in Silicon Valley, hosted the only events in San Jose and raised funds for the annual awards dinner.