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Troy Hollenbaugh

Forward Thinking Entrepreneur/Business Development Consultant



Relationship, Product and Market Development 

Help to foster long term value added, win-win business partners, repeat customers and clients. Able to get to the root cause, find appropriate solutions, convey it, and back manage. Capital Acquisition, new market capture through organizing and community involvement. Motivational, and forward thinking, problem solver.

Planning and Organization

Preparing PowerPoint presentations and sales displays
Contacting clients to inform them about new developments in the company’s products
Developing quotes and proposals
Negotiating and re›negotiating by phone, email, and in person
Developing sales goals for the team and ensuring they are met
Training personnel and helping team members develop their skills


Able to convey business needs, concept, capital requirements, educate, convey sales materials, close deals, negotiate and renegotiate. 

Scope- clients, corporations, IT Professionals, government agency, and local municipalities.

Capacity- Sales, Recruiting, Funding, Donations, Event Coordination, Planning, Problem Solving, business need assessments, Presentations. 

Writing and Creative Talents 

Scope: Business Plans, Memo, Emails, PowerPoint Presentation, Marketing and Sales Materials, Client Communication Materials, Word Documents, SAP Recruiting and Functional Consulting Documents, Change Management, Training Materials, Support Documents, Flyers, Product Launch, Press Releases, Letter to the Editor, Community Outreach, RFP, RFQ, Project Write Up, Stakeholders Updates, Corporate Newsletters, Grants. 


Strong analytical ability and expert at researching organisations and individuals online (especially on social media) to identify new leads and potential new markets
Researching the needs of other companies and learning who makes decisions about purchasing.

Projects, PROPOSALS, and Select Positions 


Business Development Director

Better Carbon Solutions

Better Carbon Solutions is a Waste To Resource Management Company. Helping to eliminate organic waste stream by  means pyrolysis conversion, to effectively sequestering Carbon, sustainable through sales of Carbon Neutral Bio Products. Member of the Bio Char Sustainability Movement, Patent Pending Process. 

Troy's built the BCS business concept, he presents regularly to an increasing number of Stakeholders including Founders, Investors, Equipment Manufactures, Federal and State Agencies, and Waste Producers.

BCS has been given over 1000+ man hours voluntarily provided from professionals in multiple states under the direction of Troy Hollenbaugh. They have obtained 2 signed MOU's to secure 14 Million in agreed upon project capital.

Troy coordinates founding members in four different states including WY, WA, FL, CO, Multiple Equipment Manufacture including National and International Players, Conducting Research, making initial and ongoing strategic contact, Leading negotiations, and securing commitments.

Troy leads a professional team of Seven to develop; Marketing and Sales Materials, Corporate website(Design, Develop, CMS, Wire-framing, UX, Graphics, Content), new market acquisition, obtainment and recruitment of  private and public funding sources, product and sales process development, warehouse and business process development, employee recruitment and training. motivating team and set up of weekly planning meeting. 


Business Development Director

A Better Community

Troy's built the ABC business concept, he presents regularly to an increasing number of Stakeholders including Founders, Investors, Equipment Manufactures, Federal and State Agencies, and Waste Producers.

ABC has been given over 1500 man hours voluntarily provided from community member, performers, and  professionals under the direction of Troy Hollenbaugh. Including over ten local events, with hundreds of attendees, obtain donation sponsors from national brands like Lowe's, Home Depot, Target, and many more. Raising thousands of dollars for local nonprofits. Working towards CDFI certification.


Business Development Director

Wind River Reservation Waste Management and Solar PV Farm Project

Project Manager; Budget, Proposal, Timeline, Set up, Schedule, Plan Shareholder meetings. 

2015 2016

Business Development Director

Karuk Tribe and Casino Renewable Energy Proposal Project

Produced project proposal and planning to potential stakeholders, project managers, and investors. Successfully gain the green light on a 2 million dollarS solar project on tribal lands. The project later was concluded without construction. 



Olympia Rockstars LLC./Olympia Rockstars

Launched a successful kiosk at the Capital Mall, Olympia, WA. Along with coordinating 10 local events. Including Sponsorship by Home Depot, Lowe's, Pepsi, Fish Tale Ale. Coordinating over 20 volunteers and 10 staff. 



The Evergreen State College Olympia,WA

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Field Of Study: Entrepreneurship/Global Business Management

Thurston County Volunteer Legal Services(Internship),

Klamath Justice Coalition (Internship)

Karuk Tribe Department of Natural Resources (Internship)

Cedar Traditional Canoe and Carving Studio,

Website Design and Web Development; 

Capstone Business Simulation, 

LA Times Letter to Editor Publication Spring 2013;

Social Movement Organizing and Activism

Global Business Tools for Sustainable Ventures,

SWOT, Marketing, Leadership, Corporate Management