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Initiative is a trait that not everyone possesses. It is a valuable trait. My initiative is my best trait. It is what differentiates me from the rest of the group. I believe that I will be a very valuable asset to your company  because I have initiative, and I believe that  time wasted is money lost. 

Work experience

Aug 2014Present

General Manager


Within 4 months of working for Fastenal as a part time employee, I was promoted  to General Manager of our Biloxi location. I have consistently put up great numbers for sales, actives and retention. I have shown growth 10 consecutive months, exceeded sales goals, and rank top in our district of 200 in collections. 

May 2005Apr 2014

Project Manager

Ramsey Quality Construction

I was a Project Manager for my father's residential construction company.  . I ensured materials were on the job site at appropriate times, sub-contractors were on site in the correct order, and scrap material was used in order to keep profits up. I also shopped different vendors to make sure the best price was obtained for materials. 

Apr 2012Apr 2014

Site Supervisor

Professional Security Corporation

I was a security site supervisor at a tier 1, level 1 federally regulated facility. It was my job to maintain accurate head counts, monitor CCTV at both the San Jose, California and Hattiesburg, Mississippi sites, alert the facilities technicians of any problems, and maintain safety standards in accordance with the Department of Homeland Security. Besides the normal day to day routines, I was tasked with implementing training of new hires, ensuring proper certifications were obtained, and troubleshooted for  possible changes with procedures directly with the facilities supervisor. 

Aug 2008Nov 2009

Lead Visual Weld Inspector


I used various methods of nondestructive testing to check welds for discrepancies. I am a certified level 1 ultrasound inspector. We have used both the straight beam and angle beam method.

My NDT Hours to date are:

VT 259

UT 270

MT 24

RT 40

PT 18

Oct 2007Aug 2008

Line Manager

Hudson's Distribution Center

I was enlisted in the management training program. After completion of said program, I was in charge of a line of 6 individuals. We has specific quotas of particles processed each day. I was able to go above and beyond during my short time their. I was able to gain respect and challenge my team to do better each day. 

Oct 2006Oct 2007

Manager Trainee

Tower Loan

I was enlisted in the Manager Trainee program. I helped our office rank in the top 10 of all offices in

the month of March. I was ranked 6th of 114 manager trainees for the month of March, and ranked

4th for the year. I helped my office exceed the established lending goal as well as delinquency goal.

I also assisted customers over the telephone as well as in the office. I made trips to clients houses to discuss nonpayment, and assisted in repossessions

Oct 2003May 2005

Swing Manager


I was in charge of developing a crew schedule and managing eight to sixteen crew members each night.   It was my responsibility to make sure food was prepared not only fast but accurate as well. I was also in charge of nightly deposits that ranged from $3000-$6000 a night.  Besides the mandatory cleaning, it my responsibility to delegate the work for the crew members to do. 


Aug 2012Present

Business Management

Jones County Junior College

Besides the basic classes needed to acquire my degree, I am also taking basic programming classes. 

Aug 2001May 2005

High School Diploma

Sumrall High School