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Finance, Management of projects or organizations, Organization,Information Technologies, Large companies, Small companies are my key words and the keys for a new future.

Work experience

Head of Cost controlling

Arjo Wiggins Canson

Canson et Montgolfier was a small group inside of Arjo Wiggins, 150 Million euros of sales and 1000 people working in.

I was in charge of cost controlling, for the whole activities, in France and all other countries. (Europe, United states, Japan, Australia…)

I had to launch many It projects, especially in Industry. From 1990 to 1992, I had to manage the merge with Guarro Casas, close to Barcelona (400 people, 60 million euros of sales).

Oct 2004Present

Director, Health and Technologies

Pierre Fabre SA

Presently in charge of the development of new activities in the field of E Health for the Group, I assume also the presidence of a small company (30 people, 2.0 Million euros) very focused on Geographical Information Systems (Aeronautics, homeland security and mobility). The objectives are to deploy these technologies in the domain of Health.

We try to find answers to the problems of ageing people, and dependency.

Many projects have been launched, or are waiting for financial helps.

They are “Patient-centric” or “Illness centric”. Some of them are related to medical technologies.

Oct 1996Oct 2004


Pierre Fabre SA

I had to perform a global re engineering of the system, from a mainframe architecture to a C/S one.

We had to move from internal developed soft wares to COTS proposals and ERP.

We developed a strong BI infrastructure and adopted the most technological up to date solutions.

The size of the resulting system is close to 7000 clients, 350 servers, localized on 80 locations in France and 45 in foreign countries.

250 people are working in It Department and the global expenses are close to 45 Million euros which means 3% of sales.

All of the soft wares and the technologies have been changed regarding to the business strategy of the company.

We created a joint venture (first with Cap Gemini, then with Devoteam) to externalize IT runing.

May 1992Oct 1996

Head of Cost controlling

Pierre Fabre SA

From May, 1992 to October, 1996 I was in charge of cost controlling.

I had to work on several merge projects with Bertrand Parmentier, CEO in charge of finance, the Corporate Finance Dept and some of the most famous banks

May 1982May 1986

Production cost controller

Eurotechnique/ Thomson components/ST Micro

900 people working in in ’86. We produced MOS components (micro electronics)

In charge of cost controlling for Production department, I started to work in a very high technology company. I had to control more than 300 Million euros of investments during these 4 years of a very strong experience.




Institut Supérieur de Gestion


Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier