Starting out in 1983 by doing business on IBM Selectric II Typewriter Cartridges and Lift-off Tape, Triton Imaging Systems went further than other firms selling related products ever could. Guided by the stewardship of a very innovative leader at the helm, Triton Imaging Systems went forward in the industry, relentlessly pursuing technology as it continuously changed. When the technology made a move towards computers, Triton Imaging Systems fearlessly moved forward establishing itself in the production of Computer Printer Ribbons, setting the standards for such computer brands as Epson, IBM, Texas Instruments, Micros, and Okidata, just to name a few. The advent of LASER jet printing technology arrived, and Triton Imaging Systems naturally adapted to the change capably, selling printer cartridges and ribbons for such equipment. Although Triton Imaging Systems had been well established in the Ink Jet Cartridges business by that time, the bulk of its business was definitely on those for LASER jet. When the idea of Point of Sale (POS) systems was just being considered a nifty and novel concept back in the year 2000, Triton Imaging Systems LLC became aware of the potentials just waiting to be tapped in such an endeavor. So onwards the company went, further discovering on the way the value behind Kitchen Printer Ribbons, and maximizing the benefits of exploring and going full steam ahead with the innovation. With Triton Imaging Systems, restaurant kitchens have never been the same again. The direct link among the serving stations, the kitchen and bookkeeping has never been so smooth and seamless, thanks to the smart innovations from Triton Imaging Systems.