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Tritama Chaerani

Tama is an Employee Communications Officer who particularly engages on internal communication for over 55.000 employees around Indonesia. As part of the largest global outsourcing company in the world (ISS Indonesia), she develops and maintains any communication channels to analyze trends regarding human resource management strategy, including empowers the employee and crisis management.


Her past employers includes:  Spirit-PR consultant with a solid reputation as the partner of Indonesian Government, the largest Airline in Indonesia, PT. Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk and one of Carrosserie company in Banten Province, Simpati Motor Star.


She believes that learning is a never ending process and until now she taught communication scholars, marketers, and public relations enthusiast with cooperative learning techniques that lets her students learn beyond the text book. She always use real-time technologies such as social media platforms and pop culture media to make her students engage with the study materials, because for her learning is not about transferring materials that stated in a book, It’s about transferring knowledge.