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Experience Work History


Web developer

Web Developer | Cinparty,Web Developer | Varas

Duties and Responsibilities:
Worked as Individual Contributor & Web Developer

Develop consumer based features and applications using Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and pair based programming.
Design and build Ruby on Rails landing page platform.
Deploy complex business rules, SEO and instrumentation.
Collaborate with Product Management and User Experience experts regarding product definition, schedule, scope and project-related decisions.
Develop best practices and architecture.
Manage, collaborate and coordinate the work of an offshore development team.

Selected Accomplishments:

Proactively suggested architecture changes and new coding practices through GitHub management that reduced application and functionality errors by 30 percent.
Received more than 100 unsolicited user compliments regarding changes to site features.
Implemented a new collaboration tool that improved offshore team communications and efficiency by 16 percent.

Web Development 2007-2016
Seniow Web Developer
Applied analytical, creative and professional skills while creating over 25 websites for major retailers, oil companies, manufacturers, small entertainment companies, non-profit organizations and professional services firms.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Used PHP(Laravel,CI) and MySQL, ASP and Cold Fusion. Learned Ruby on Rails, business rules, SEO and other advanced tools.
Collaborated with other designers and sales to determine client needs and requirements.
Provided general office support including file, print, backup, network, email, web and phone services.
Selected Accomplishments:

Garnered 5 new accounts and 15 referrals due to my conscientious work and unique web designs.


1 Ruby on Rails
  Responsible for designing and developing highly distributed Ruby on Rails web applications   for a high performance, high traffic, advanced E-commerce site(Booking) that attracts over 1   million unique visitors per day, by providing online real estate and neighborhood      information to consumers and professionals.

2 Laravel project
  These is soical job sites for finland company.
  I developed these sites with full stack team member in my comany.
  This is google map site.
  Laravel Api project

  Booking site(Laravel)Booking site(Laravel)



Computer science | St. 

Pertinent courses: web page development, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets, HTML, web and internet programming and computer graphics.

Core Qualification

Python Django Developer Course Certification

Easylearning Guru

Earned 02/05/2013

Since I have successfully launch 3 Python projects and I wrote my posts and comments on the forum of EasyLearning Guru.
The Antti Magnasco, CTO of Easy Learning Guru award the certification to me.
It was my other opening era on my life.

Professional Affilication

backbone js
react js
Node js