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Writing and Editing
I have spent the entirety of my advanced education writing and editing. Many professors have recognized this ability and have encouraged me to continue along this path mainly because a legitimate interest in this field is so rare.    However, my excelling talent - which cannot be obtained through institutional means but rather through a personal attribute - resides with my uncanny knack for a critical eye. When I place myself in front of a task that requires thorough observation and analysis, I don't merely look for what this particular function is, but more importantly how and why this particular function operates or exists. For example, when playing a video game anyone can explain what makes it compelling or what makes it undesirable, but when I examine the same game I naturally dive deeper into its core principle and investigate how and why its properties succeed or fail in the overall outcome of the game. 


Natural and Physical Sciences, Media and Entertainment, Philosophy, Fitness and Nutrition, and Sports are all areas of interest of mine when it comes to both professional pursuits as well as personal hobbies. My occupational dream resides under three main possibilities: writing or editing, in no specific order, for 1.) astronomy, environmental, geographical, or wildlife magazines; 2.) video game/technological magazines; or 3.) sports/fitness/nutritional institutions.

Work experience

Sep 2008Present

Learning Commons Secretary/Security Guard

University of Wisconsin Systems

My duties included aiding students in their academic research by locating materials in the library as well as provide advice where needed. My rhetorical passion and skill grants me a unique capability most other colleagues at my position aren't allowed - insightful dedication.


Sep 2007May 2011

Bachelor of Arts

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee