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Adrian Travis had been working for years in consulting, advising companies on the best way to optimize their processes, when he finally decided to team up with fellow performance experts to found Trindent Management Consulting. During his time as an adviser, Adrian had noticed how most businesses he dealt with on a daily basis had it completely wrong when it came to managing their resources. They were all wasting a lot of valuable time and money in unnecessary tasks. That is what motivated him to offer his expertise to help those companies capitalize on their strengths and become as competitive as they could be.

As Principal for Trindent, Adrian is kept busy by the management of the group, but he does not lose sight of what gives him true satisfaction: assist in unlocking the situation when a problem prevents one of his clients from growing and reaching the next level. On top of this, Adrian remains highly concerned about the well-being of his employees; he takes his role as a mentor very seriously, always ready to lend a hand and make his expertise and knowledge available.

Trindent Consulting
66 Wellington Street West, Suite 3400
Toronto, ON M5K 1H1
Tel: (416) 839-7000