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As a recent college graduate with a 4.0 GPA in Business Administration as proof of my dedication and desire to achieve, I feel that at this juncture landing a position with a great company will help me develop myself both personally and professionally.  For a time after graduation I obtained my insurance license and was a sales rep but I felt that I wasn't going in the direction I truly wanted to go in so I made the difficult but right choice to continue pursuing a career in marketing, my passion.  I'm passionate about marketing because it’s a blend of creativity, analysis, and management.  There are so many career paths to follow and I even believe that I can start my own business someday.  I have a real entrepreneurial spirit and I have so many ideas that I would love to market.  Marketing is all encompassing and the most important function of any business.  My hope is that someone gives me the chance to shine in their company because it’s been difficult to break through the experience conundrum especially in this economy.  I agree that those with experience should be getting the jobs too, but don't forget about the newbies who have a lot of ideas and need that first opportunity so we too can become the "experienced" and join the ranks of the gainfully employed. 

More about me...I'm a smart, funny, life-loving person who cares about people, our world, and positive change.  I have a well developed intuition which I know will continue to be an asset as our world evolves into a right-brain oriented world. 

Work experience

Independent Sales Representative

Brown Insurance

Promoted, sold, and marketed private individual health insurance plans to small businesses as a field underwriter. 



Bachelor of Business Administration

Roosevelt University

Associates of Arts

Elgin Community College