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Work experience

Jun 2007Present

Telephone interpreter and translator

Bay Area Translations

For work  previous history look at my attached CV.


Jan 1996May 2000

History and prelaw

New York University

I have also a law school degree from New York University.


Language and teaching skills
 I have also a lot of experience in automobile translations as I have worked for Daewoo Motors (1998-2002). I was also trained in their headquarters in South Korea.   I have done translations for The American, Spanish and Mexican government.   I have also done document translations for companies in the United States, Canada, England, France, Spain, Ireland, Switzerland, Turkey , Austria, Greece, Romania, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, India, Israel, China, Turkey, Taiwan, Estonia, Latvia and the Netherlands.  I'm also a court certified and conference interpreter.I also did Spanish voice-overs for several translation companies and recording studios such as "The Post" in New York city and AIO Productions.  My most recent project was done for the Hollywod movie "The Limits of Control" in July, 2008 where movie stars such as Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Isaach De Bankolé, John Hurt and others appeared. The movie is being released in the movie theaters. You can listen to my voice during the movie.   I did also a voice over for a Spanish video in 2009. I have also several years of experience working as a Spanish teacher and Spanish tutor to University and high school students in New York University, Nyack College(NY),College of New Rochelle(NY), Columbia University,The New school (NY). I have also been a Spanish and ESL teacher in a couple of tutoring companies and schools in New York City and New Jersey. I also provide Spanish and English tutoring services on-line and by video.  I'm a great translator and I charge very good rates of only 100 dollars for three pages.  I also have good rates for my interpretation,editing and proofreading services. I have special rates for you and I never miss a deadline.   I did a translation of a TV commercial for the television of Spain in 2003, one for the University of Albany in 2004, one for MTV in 2005 and other important projects. I did interpretations for the New York U.S. Attorney Office and the Department Of Justice of New York, NJ, Florida and Maryland, also for the Department of State, Department of Defense,Department of Agriculture in Washington D.C, The Mexican consulate and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. I was an interpreter of several International phone calls between United States and Canada, Argentina, Spain, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and Puerto Rico.  I was also a telephone interpreter for some of the biggest liquor companies of Spain and some of their American clients.  I was conference interpreter for some of the most famous chefs of Spain, for the biggest beer company of Barcelona and their American clients.   In November 2006 I was an interpreter of an important medical conference about hypertension in Seton Hall University where I was an interpreter of very famous American doctors such as Dr. Dix Poppas, one of the best doctors of the United States.   In 2009 I was an interpreter at a conference in the American College of Cardiology in Washington D.C. where I was interpreter of famous Spanish and American cardiologists.   I was also one of the interpreters in one of the UNICEF conferences, I was the interpreter for the members of the Spanish parliament and the UNICEF Board of directors  ( November 2009)  I also did translations of religious materials for famous Christian ministers such as the famous British evangelist Derek Prince.    I worked as a Spanish-English interpreter for the Immigration of Madrid, Spain from 1999 to 2000.I was also an interpreter in several cases of the Department of Immigration in Newark,NJ and also New York City. I did also some translations and interpretations for the United Nations and the Spanish parliament.    I was also interpreter for foreign and American investors including the attorney of the Kennedy family. I have helped foreign people living in the United States to do the paper work to apply for US permanent residence, asylum visa, student visa , work visa and American citizenship. I also provide interpretation services for immigration interviews and immigration hearings  My rates to do this paper work including translation of immigration documents are much cheaper than the American immigration lawyers charge and I have also extensive legal experience on Immigration.  I was an interpreter for the administration of children services in New York City and Orange County Supreme court(NY) and also for the the New York City Board of Education and the Westchester, NY Board of Education . I was also also interpreter for several government representatives of The State of New Jersey including Jessie M. Dixon former councilwoman of  Paterson, New Jersey.    I was also an interpreter for the administration of children services in New York City,the New York City Board of Education, the Westchester, NY Board of Education ,Arlington, Virginia Board of Education, New York City Housing Preservation and Development, New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation and New York City Law Department.   I have also worked as a court interpreter in the New York City Courts,Westchester courts, such as Ossining, NY and New Castle Court , Hackensack, Trenton and Newark New Jersey courts and other courts such as the Supreme court of Staten Island, NY and Orange County Supreme Court in Goshen, New York.  I have been an interpreter in several law firms in New York City namely in Wall Street ,Westchester(NY),Rockland County(NY) and New Jersey, mostly in deposition cases.  I have also been an interpreter in several church services in New York and New Jersey. I have also been an interpreter in several hospitals and doctor offices in the State of New York , New Jersey such as Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey, Clara Maas hospital in Bellville(NJ),Kessler institute(NJ) Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn (NY), Hospital for Special Surgery (New York City), Concentra Medical Center (NJ), Monmouth Medical Center(NJ) and other hospitals in Atlanta, Georgia.   I was an interpreter of some of the biggest oil and iron companies of Texas and their clients in Colombia, Mexico and Chile.   I was interpreter of several American and foreign investors including the attorney of the Kennedy family.   In 2003 I got accepted to be an English teacher in South Korea and Shanghai, China. I declined the positions due to the SARS disease that was spread in Asia during that time In 2008 I got selected as an interpreter for a medical examination and a detective investigation in Venezuela. I declined the position due to the danger of the city of Caracas during that time. In January 2010 I got selected to work as a Bilingual expert for a company in Bangalore, India for three months. In October 2009 I got selected among 76 applicants for one of the Spanish interpreter job positions with one of the head quarters of The United Nations in Europe. Only 5 interpreters were selected for this position and I was among them.   I did conference interpretations and video interpretations for companies such as Age Photostock of Spain and BH photo video. I also do video and movie subtitles. I'm also an interpreter trainer for interpreters who want to become video interpreters    My profile in linkedin is:          


References available upon request.



I love to teach and help others with my  legal and interpretation skills. I have taught in four schools in New York City, three tutoring companies and hundreds of students of different nationalities and backgrounds.

I have also provided legal, translation and interpretation services to thousands of immigrants from different countries, especially Latin America, Spain and Eastern Europe.

I also enjoy doing voice overs and movie subtitles. I participitaded in a Hollywood movie in 2008 doing the Spanish voice over.

I love reading, listening to nice music and learning new things every day.  I  love sports. I used to be a soccer player and track runner.


I'm mostly interested in a full time legal  jobs such as a  paralegal, legal Intern, legal administrator, History & Spanish teacher, interpreter or translator.

I have also experience doing voice overs and movie subtitles.


 I have been a translator, interpreter,proofreader and editor for 14 years and 3 months of Spanish, English,French, Italian and Portuguese. I have 10 years and a half of experience as a voice talent.

I did translations of documents and interpretations of conferences in Spain,Mexico, Colombia,and the United States. I have experience in translating books, law,medical,historical,literary, technical documents and other disciplines. 


ACES (Spain)


New York State Court certified Interpreter

New York State courts


ATA (Virginia)