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Work experience

May 2014Jul 2015

Part-Time Clerk


My Daily tasks for working at QuikTrip were to make sure that the entire store was to be sanitized and stocked. Otherwise I ensured that the store was running in a fashionable manner. Part of that job was to run the register and make sure cash was being accounted for. 


Aug 2014Jun 2015

High School Diploma

McKinney North High School
Class of 2014

Why should I be hired?

Focused and determined mathematical professional that also can learn at a quick pace. Outgoing and affable when challenged with customer drawbacks.A relentless worker who will overcome any obstacle or hindrance just so he can assist the consumer with their financial issue.


* Acceptable Cash Handling
* Efficient Problem-Solving skills
* Co-operability 
* Enthusiastic 
* Will to Improve
* Reliable
* Adores a fast paced working environment