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Portfolio: Writing by Trevor Zelman

The writing samples below are categorized into:     

     >> Informational Writing

     >> Instructional Writing

     >> Technical Writing

     >> Visionary Writing

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Informational Writing (Bhutan Travel)

The document below contains links to some of the articles I wrote about the Kingdom of Bhutan's attractions, sporting events, treks, hotels, and restaurants, while living in Thimphu, the capital city; all pages are live on

Instructional Writing (Customer & Employee Communications)

I wrote these documents for Wells Fargo's 500+ recruiters and other employees to help them understand how software updates would affect them.

The Policy Changes document elucidated for recruiters the key changes to Wells Fargo's recruiting policies that they needed to be aware of; the document lays out the change by comparing the new policy with the old, side by side, so that busy recruiters could quickly understand the changes. 

The Tip Sheet helped Wells Fargo recruiters understand the changes they would see following an update to the software system they used on a daily basis to recruit candidates.

The Job Aid helped recruiters answer questions from prospective job seekers regarding changes to the public-facing Careers site of

The FAQs explained to Wells Fargo's 265,000+ employees the changes to a key section of their intranet Careers site, and were posted on the site.

Technical Writing (Wells Fargo Software User Guide)

I wrote this 61-page Online Recruiting User Guide from scratch for Wells Fargo's 500+ recruiters, to help them get the most out of the recruiting tool they use daily. (I also created the graphics, using SnagIt.)

Visionary Writing (The Balance Model)

These two papers together comprise the Balance Model, a model I conceived and developed to help correct imbalances in complex systems.

Described in full in the second paper, this model grew out of the first paper, The Nature of the Future.

LinkedIn References

The following recommendations can also be viewed at

"Trevor is a rare gem -- he's the source of calm execution in the midst of a fast-moving business, tight deadlines, and huge volumes of content deliverables. We have very specific needs and high expectations at each development stage of our training materials. Trevor always raised the quality bar on every project he touched. He can work with anyone under any circumstance and deliver superb results with a genuine smile. It’s no wonder that Trevor was the team’s favorite copy editor in its history. Any team would be lucky to work with him."

Brooke K. Macellaro, Training and Performance Professional (colleague at

“Trevor was excellent to work with as he listened to his customer's needs and followed through with meeting those needs. He was able to navigate successfully a large major healthcare system with his role in redevelopment of a website that was virtually a non existent product to a broad spectrum approach in a short time frame. He did a great job of keeping a large project moving forward yet taking enough time to do it well. It was a political process as well as a technical project and he successfully navigated it with support from the Operations leaders. I would highly recommend Trevor if your organization needs an expert professional. Please feel free to contact me if you need more information.”

Susan McClernon, COO/Administrator, SMDC Health System (client at SMDC Health System)

"I was extremely impressed by Trevor's organizational skills. These skills helped him respond quickly and thoroughly to the many editing and writing requests we received on a day-to-day basis. He has a very positive attitude towards work and is a team player. His abilities prompted me to assign more responsibilities to him and they were completed effectively and without complaint. Trevor proved himself to be a hard worker and a talented editor."

Rhonda Studier-Sve, Applications Systems Analyst (supervisor at SMDC Health System)


"Trevor provided a solid base of knowledge and creative input as our company embarked on a massive overhaul of our web presence. The web strategy was extremely complex and Trevor was required to work with a wide variety of health care professionals, all having a different idea of how they wanted their site segment managed. He was successful in assisting the development and launch of a high quality product that remained on strategy, yet met the needs of the various stakeholders. Trevor has an uncanny ability to conduct just the right amount of secondary research to support his interview/primary research - resulting in relevant content on almost any subject."

Joyce Mireault, Marketing Executive (client at SMDC Health System)

"I worked with Trevor for several years when he held the role of Webmaster at SMDC Health System in Duluth, MN. He was very diligent in his work and displayed exemplary writing skills as well as consistent, respectful relationship skills with all of his co-workers & clients. I would recommend him for a web author/editor position."

Mary Cochrane, Marketing Planner at SMDC Health System (colleague at SMDC Health System)

"I founded an education firm that develops and implements very sophisticated math and science curricula for students from 1st grade up to 12th grade. Just about all of our staff's time and effort is directed towards research and teaching leaving us little time to tell the world how great we are! We needed someone to essentially give us a burst of notoriety. We needed to explain to the very demanding and elusive Bay Area parent community exactly what we do and why we are better.

In comes Trevor. In short order he interviewed all of our teachers, determined exactly what is our edge, uncovered a large number of ways to access the parent community, crafted a message, and spread the word of QuantumCamp LLC. While doing exactly what we needed, I would actually emphasize Trevor's forging of positive relationships with everyone on our staff as something I most appreciate and admire. Keep in mind, these are very busy researchers and teachers focussed on high quality education. In this intense incubator of ideas in education, Trevor was on the pulse of all of the activity in such a way that our staff sought Trevor's advice and opinion on curricula development.

I wholeheartedly recommend Trevor for initiatives in marketing, message crafting and control, editing, and business development.

Michael Finnegan, Ph.D., Executive Director at QuantumCamp (client at QuantumCamp)

"Trevor was quick, versatile and detail oriented. I enjoyed his personality even more than his quick study and quality of work. While his sense of humor made even the worst days a pleasure, his helpfulness made him a very welcome part of the team."

Guy Blume, Realtor at Pacific Union (colleague at ON24)

"Trevor approaches his work with real enthusiasm. He is diligent, reliable and brings genuine concern for the relevance, accuracy and timeliness of results."

Mike Roberts, Consulting in Leadership, Sales & Customer Success (manager at Alexander Group)

“If you are in search of a bright, intelligent, Internet Specialist with a beautiful and friendly personality, Trevor Zelman is your man. During the time that I worked with Trevor, he never complained and never said no and he always carried a big smile. It was a pleasure working with him.” April 2, 2009

Darlene Smith, Credit Analyst (colleague at ON24)