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  • Used leadership in technical integration of $360,000,000 Brand Acquisition.
  • Defended brand positioning statements for $1,000,000+ commercial shoots.
  • Wrote GMP specifications and implemented line transfers leading to commercialization of $1,000,000+/yr "new" product line.
  • Initiated and supervised $100,000/yr manufacturing cost savings project.
  • Developed strategic training platforms for department of 30+ engineers that will lead to integration of training programs into 200+ member R,D,&E community.
  • Increased quality, quantity, information access, safety awareness, and other service level indicators.
  • Justified and designed one-of-a-kind automated accelerated test equipment with contract firms in the installation of $450,000 capital project. Began implementation of projected $1,000,000 annual cost savings through use of new process for design qualification in effort to increase quality and speed to market.
  • Responsible for career development, appraisals, and salary planning for direct reports in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Reliability Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, and Electronics.
  • Proven performer in multi-technical disciplines under 15+ different managers.

Work experience



Circuit City
  • Lead Q4 computer sales in first 3 months with organization amongst 5-10 year Intel by day:  Circuit City by night technology sales veterans.


Sandoz Nutrition (presently Ciba Geigy)
  • $250K amino acid cost savings project.
  • Retort sterilization bio-analysis and package testing.

Manager Process Improvement


Leads business process development and improvement initiatives. Directs team activities through expert consultation to ensure quality objectives and targets are set and results achieved. Serves as liason for team members, project champions, and senior management to ensure cross functional collaboration and defined project scope.


Lean Six Sigma BlackBelt & Manager

  • Selected as 1 of 7 wave #1 RD&E BlackBelts through selective interview process.
  • Led soft and hard process multi-department & multi-divisional improvement projects.
  • Coached 7 different Green Belts. Co-taught statistical and six sigma curriculum.
  • Witnessed campus wide cultural change.
  • One of first area managers to initiate a 5S program.
  • Conducted on-site professional society paper presentation and tour.
  • Team developed automated project selection process and implemented corporate wide.

Associate Engineer (Highest Corporate Engineering Level)


  • Coordinated 12,000 sq. ft. location move and monitored facilities campus design and build of 200,000 sq. ft. Global RD&E Center, while continuing test engineering department supervision.
  • Implemented remote, wireless "plug and play" data acquisition and training program. Facilitated launch of web-based test engineering global newsletters.

Principal Chemical Engineer (Electro-Mechanical Reliability Supervisor)

  • Portfolio Management of priorities and resources of internal and external multi-divisional test resources on over 150 annual projects (with projected annual sales totaling over $150,000,000).
  • Facilitated 20+ annual design and safety reviews for all new electro-mechanical systems in business unit.
  • Developed new program processes in areas of reliability and competitive intelligence. Developed specification for $3,000,000 new lab capital extension project.
  • Won performance "Exemplary Bonus", several staff members externally nominated for "Excellence Award".

Senior Chemical (Process) Engineer

  • Responsible for plant transfers and new process platforms.
  • Designed and validated new plants and process lines.
  • Won elite performer, "C.E.O. stock award".


The Clorox Company
  • Formulated 10 new products and line extensions while relocating lab and initiating a streamlined competitive product benchmarking process for $180,000,000 business unit.
  • Won "Value and Vision" Award with nominations from both corporate and acquired workforce.


TJ T-Shirts
  • Family owned screen printing business.
  • Utilized experiments and research through Rochester Institute of Technology to study the effects of viscosity/rheology, screen tension, and angular pressure on print quality and throughput rate.
  • Findings led to increase in production rates.

Chapel Rat

St. Albert the Great University Parish
  • In charge of cleaning duties for parish in exchange for room. 
  • Recieved "The Ministry of Maintenance" award from peers. 
  • Nominated and elected President of the Parish Board by peers.


3M Pharmaceutical

  • Cancer molecular design research, analytical testing, scale-up testing, design work on delivery device.

Parks and Recreation Coordinator

Minnesota ISD#832

  • Led on the field drills, scheduling, and staffing recommendations with Elementary Age Programs including basketball, soccer, t-ball, and public beach.
  • Employees were volunteers to high school age.
  • Operated as peer and supervisor.




MIT, Cal Tech, University of Wisconsin & Fortune 500 corporate programs

20+ Technical and Management post graduate courses.

Sep 1991May 1995

Bachelor of Science

Michigan Technological University

  • Major GPA: 3.6
  • Thematics Cluster: Environmental Law
  • Dual Degree Program in Secondary Science Education.

High School Diploma

MN ISD#832

  • Valedictorian (GPA 4.0/4.0).
  • All-State Academics, Arts & Athletics.
  • MN State School Board nominee.
  • MN Governor's Scholar.
  • MN Boys State-National Nominee.
  • Public Speaking State Contestant.
  • 24 Academic & Athletic Varsity Letters
  • Numerous leadership and athletic awards.