Trevor Moropoulos



Currently I am looking to become acquainted with the responsibilities that the business world has to offer. I am heading off to college next fall and would like be prepared for what challenges college and later a career presents.


Jun 2015

High School

Santa Barbara High School

Senior attending Santa Barbara High, 2015 graduate

Received Advanced Placement Scholar Award for passing three Advanced Placement tests



Professionalism in Communication

I believe that public speaking and presentation skills are very essential in successfully getting across a point in an effective way. In my past three and a half years in high school I have significantly improved my communication and presentation skills and feel comfortable publicly speaking.

Time Management

I have learned this skill the hard way through my first year in high school. Since then I have promised myself that whatever I attempt to complete, it will always be returned before the deadline. This skill has greatly effected my school work and is a large factor in my 4.3 GPA.

Dedication and Effort

I pride myself in the work that I put into a project. When I am assigned a task I attack it with 100 percent effort and with the confidence that I can accomplish anything that I dedicate all of my skills to.

Work experience

Work experience

Entry level applicant

I have not had any jobs or internships but I have completed 100 hours of community service. This has consisted of mostly helping a recreational baseball league for the mentally disabled and a baseball camp for elite younger players. These services have helped me grasp the skill of working around others in achieving a certain task or objective.