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Trent Rule

Objective: Gain a greater understanding of mechanical engineering and and find numerous ways to engage with it.


August 2015Present

Sophomore at University of Southern California

Major: Mechanical Engineering 

Minor: Entrepreneurship

Work History


Yard Maintenence

El Cajon, CA

Assisted an elderly family with weekly, with managing their front and backyard landscaping

Extra-Curricular Activities

Rocket Propulsion Lab (September 2016 to present)

- Lent a hand to more senior members in the club in converting raw materials into usable forms in the effort of shooting a rocket into space

USC Track & Field (September 2015 to present)

- Over 20 hours training weekly, year-round,  testing my physical and mental limits and discovering techniques to be a exemplary individual in front of coaches, spectators, peers, and other athletes

Interests and Community Service

Community Service- Various weekend outings with USC Track & Field giving campus tours, encouraging hospital patients, and preparing food at food banks

Summer Fun Camp- 80+ hours- Two summers volunteering at a local church in a week-long camp for elementary grade students. During this time, I lead a number of students in crafts, sports, games, and dance. 


Assembling Items

In my spare time and within class I enjoy disassembling and reassembling devices to learn what makes devices work electronically and mechanically. Over the past three years I have successfully taken apart various consoles, fabricated an autonomous vehicle, and built a bridge out of pasta to test prototypes for strength within a class competition

Knows Computers

Accustomed to working on both Macintosh and PC computers. My expertise on these ranges from digital art to virus prevention. A survey of programs which I have learned include Microsoft office, coding software MATLAB, modeling programs SolidWorks, Cinema 4D, and various Adobe digital design applications such as Illustrator and Photoshop. I have also trained others with their computer problems and troubleshooting their computer's technical issues.