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I have many interests that I can tell about. My main interest, and also my future career goal is making videogames. I'm also interested in many other things like cooking and exercising. Other things about me that i'm interested in include:

  • The color blue
  • Reading
  • Building computers
  • Using software
  • Learning recipies for cooking
  • Drawing


My name's Trenton Debreaux. I'm a nice guy who likes to read, draw, cook, and play a lot of videogames. It's been my dream to help make videogames ever since I started playing my first ever game. I want to know what it's like trying to make things work in the game like how to make characters move and what causes things to happen in the game. The more I played games, the more Iearned about common mistakes in games and wanted to learn how to fix those mistakes and improve the overall game.  My goal is to become a video game programmer and help make sure that games are fun and work correctly.

Aside from gaming, I'm also a well-balanced person.  There's nothing I can't do if I really put my mind to it. I sometimes procrastinate and i'll admit it's a bad habit, but I like to get work done as soon as possible so I can have more time to have fun and do things I enjoy.


My objective here on VisualCV is to complete my portfolia while also hoping for employers or companies to find me and share information with me. Since it's my goal to be a game programmer in the future, I would be estatic if an actual gaming company were to be interested in me. I also hope I will be able to be requested for internships to actually see what working in the game development field or computer and IT technicia field is like and have hands-on experience.


Table of contents

1. 100 words

2. Honors and rewards

3. Who am I

4. College questionnaire

5. Educational/future goals

6. Goal statement

7. Resume

8. Cover letter

9. My internship essay

10. Community Service hours

11. Community Service hours

12. SAT Admission ticket

13. Full Sail University video

14. My career interests (college essay 3)

15. College correspondence


Sep 2005Jun 2008

Hines Moddle School
Jun 2004

South Morrison Elementary School

This school unfortunately no longer exists. It was closed down, but I do not remember the reason.


I've always enjoyed videogames, and when I heard about a career involving game testing, I just had to put this as a skill. I'm good at noticing flaws and glitches in a game, but I also enjoy playing them and having fun. Of course it all depends on the genre I play (Doesn't like sports games like Madden or NFL) I mostly enjoy  playing action, adventure, racing, shooting, and fighting games. I hope I would be able to test future games as well as help program the games if I see a flaw or think I could make an improvement.
I really enjoy cooking as a hobby, but it can also count as a skill. I've been cooking meals since I was at a young age, so i'm used to using different appliances as well as using different kinds of weird ingredients in recipes. I'm good at following instructions for ingredients used in different meals, that's why I enjoy cooking at home more than I do fast food and going out to eat.
IT Technician
This year the main focus of my computer systems class is learning about networking. Hopefully I can become adept to this so I can use it in many years to come.
Computer technician
I am currently learning about the hardware and software of a computer. My class require me to sometimes take apart and put a computer together as wella s install software in different ways.
I am currently learning programming in the C++ programming language.

Work experience

Jul 2012Jul 2012

Daycare helper

Liberty Baptist

I volunteered for a week at Liberty Baptist Church for their Vacation Bible School program. I helped lead kids to different activities throught the church and  cleaned the rooms when they were done playing.

Jul 2011Aug 2011

Linen manager/Supply helper

Sentara Careplex

I volunteered at the Sentara Careplex hospital for two months helping with the organization and delivery of supplies that come to the hospital, and with organizing new and cleaned linen in the hospital's linen closet.