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"Micro MBA"

IBM T.J.Watson Research Center with major universities


  • Doctoral dissertation, "Coding and detection for a multi-dimensional digital data storage system", was funded by a NASA Graduate Student Researcher Fellowship.
  • In parallel, earned MNS in Mathematics (Real analysis).


  • Obtained part-time while working at Motorola.



  • Senior member, Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), IEEE Technical Management Council Board of Governors (2007-2010) IEEE Signal Processing Society Board of Governors Member-at-Large (2004-2006)
  • USA national honor societies: Tau Beta Pi and Phi Kappa Phi
  • Elected to IBM Academy of Technology, August 2002.
  • Granted IBM Fifth Invention Plateau Award, 2004
  • NASA Graduate Student Researcher Program Fellowship (1996-1999)
  • Motorola Technical Society Membership (1994)
  • Active in professional governance, steering committees, and technical conference organization. Active peer reviewer for international journals and conferences.


I am Deputy CTO of  Mail.Ru, the leading Russian portal and free, online email service, and visiting professor for the Dept. of Computing, Mathematics, and Physics at Waterford Institute of Technology (Ireland). I am making a lecture series at Novosibirsk State University (Novosibirsk, RF), and have lectured at State University of Management (Moscow, RF), Moscow State University (RF), in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Colorado State University, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. I am fluent in English and Russian, written and spoken. I have more than 35 refereed technical publications in international conferences and journals, several book contributions and 19 granted patents in USA, Japan, Korea, PRC, with many more patent applications pending in USA, China, Korea, Europe. Selected Recent Publications include the following:

  •  J.Q.Trelewicz, Contribution to "Квартирный Вопрос" (situation about work-from-home environments), Harvard Business Review Russia, no.12, vol.44, Dec.2008, p.44.
  • M.Yeary, W.Zhang, J.Q.Trelewicz, B.McGuire, “Theory and Implementation of a Computationally Efficient Decimation Filter for Embedded Systems,” IEEE Trans. Instrumentation & Meas., v.55, n.5, Oct.2006.
  • M.Yeary, W.Zhang, J.Q.Trelewicz, B.McGuire, “Theory and Implementation of a Computationally Efficient Decimation Filter for Embedded Systems,” IEEE Trans. Instrumentation & Meas., v.55, n.5, Oct.2006.
  • W.Zhang, M.Yeary, J.Q.Trelewicz, M.Tull, “Effcient Computation of Multiplierless Filters in Embedded Systems Employing an Optimal Approximation Method”, Int’l Jnl. of Computational Methods, v.3, n.2, June 2006.
  • Chapter contribution to Tangible Culture, IBM Press, 2005. Chapter 12, "Key Decisions and Everyday Business".
  • J.Q.Trelewicz, T.Trenary, “Multidimensional Rational Approximations with an Application to Linear Transforms”, IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing, May 2004.
  • J.Q.Trelewicz, J.L.Mitchell, M.T.Brady, “Vectorized Transforms in Scalar Processors,” IEEE Signal Processing Magazine (paper submitted by invitation), vol. 19, no. 4, July 2002.
  • * J.Q.Trelewicz, "A new architecture for trellis-coded modulation in page memories," Electronics Letters, 20 Jan 2000.

Work experience

Sep 2007Sep 2009


Google Russia
  • Partnering closely with Product Management (brand management) on company strategy for Russia. Working with Marketing and Sales in CIS region as needed with customers, and to coordinate localization of products to CIS languages.
  • Representing company periodically in public and the press, including keynote addresses at conferences and interviews with major magazines and newspapers.
  • Negotiating and coordinating work with partners on the open-source project for archives, directing the dissertations of several graduate students at Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk, and writing part of the Java software for the archive API.
Jan 2006Sep 2007


IBM Eastern Europe and Asia

(2-year "ex-pat" assignment)

  • Interviewing all candidates personally (in Russian and English), staffing from 0 to about 130 employees.
  • Co-authoring the business case and plan for the laboratory, obtaining IBM Corporate HQ approvals, opening the laboratory “from zero”. Working with IBM leadership worldwide to arrange budget, “mission”, projects, collaborating with other laboratories. Teaming with IBM EMEA staff to find and rent office space.
  • Appointed to the IBM Technical Leadership Team, 2006-2007. The TLT was formed in 1997 to focus on issues affecting IBM’s worldwide technical community and to accelerate the development and deployment of IBM’s technical resources. It is led by executive vice president of Innovation and Technology. The TLT has 36 members from key technical leaders from across IBM.
Jul 2005Jan 2006

Executive Assistant to Executive Vice President of Innovation and Technology

IBM Corporate Headquarters

(temporary "executive training" assignment)

  • Working with a team spanning IBM CHQ, Europe, and Russia to pull together the 2006 Growth plans for IBM’s operations in Russia. Leading two of the proposals involved with this Growth case.
Feb 2004Jul 2005

Research Relationship Manager, Russia, CIS, and Eastern Europe

  • Addressing the needs of IBM and IBM’s current and potential clients and partners in the region, with IBM Research technology, business partners, and university and institute knowledge, to bring IBM solution value directly to clients. Working with IBM Sales teams in client briefings.
  • Shaping the responsibilities and establishing the network inside and outside of IBM, as the first appointee to this position. Building relationships with senior executives of several current and potential business partners to identify new opportunities utilizing IBM solutions, services, research, and business partner solutions and services.
  • Co-leading an IBM Corporate Technology Team study on technical skills to support IBM’s emerging markets strategy, giving the final presentation to the IBM CEO in April 2005.
  • Working with the sales teams in the sale of e-learning licenses (leading to a significant 4Q04 sale) and in building a relationship for IBM in a new Public Sector tender in Bulgaria. Working on several opportunities with new potential clients (executive level) in the pipeline for solutions engagements with business partners in Russia.
Mar 2001Jul 2005

Manager, Research Staff Member, Almaden Research Center

  • Received IBM Fifth Invention Plateau Award, 2004.
  • Chief researcher and Manager, research department developing tooling technology to provide analysis capabilities for systemic business designs. Growing this department from concept in 2002 to a 3-project department, reporting to the director of Almaden Services Research, with external customer and IBM product-group funding.
  • Researcher, Data Compression and Scientific Modeling, Computer Science Dept., developing high-performance image compression and processing algorithms for high-speed color and monochrome applications, integrating into high-end printers.
  • Printing Systems Division Technology Directions Team technical project coordinator, technical leading on projects, budgets, strategy, and reporting to Printing Systems Division executives.
  • Designing and working with embedded systems, performance-intensive, cache-optimized image processing software.
  • Applying IBM search and data mining technology to service records to develop quality management metrics for Printing Systems Division‘s (PSD) new product quality initiative.
  • Serving as invited reviewer for PSD development hardware invention disclosure review committee.
Jan 2001Jun 2002

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Adjunct

University of Colorado, Boulder

  • Designing and teaching a new graduate-level course, the capstone project course in embedded systems for the new Embedded Systems Continuing Education Certificate Program at the University of Colorado. The course teaches Verilog design for the Xilinx Spartan-II FPGAs with a PCI interface.
May 2000Mar 2001

Advisory Engineer/Scientist

IBM Printing Systems Division

  • Received IBM First Invention Plateau Award, November 2000.
  • Developing and implementing new data compression methods for high-end printers, including embedded and microcode designs, and architecting software for efficient communication with high-performance compression algorithms.
  • Performing applied research in image processing for IBM’s printing products, in cooperation with scientists and engineers from several areas of PSD. Coordinating a Technical Development Team project in cooperation with IBM Almaden Research Center, in the areas of rendering and image compression.
  • Working with clients, and collaborating with IBM “Level-3” and “Level-2” customer support teams to address client requirements and field problems. Developing solutions for customer requests and problems.
  • Coordinating sizing and technical task breakdown for Design Concept Phase of a new product line.
Jan 2000May 2000

Adjunct Instructor

Scottsdale College

  • Teaching CSC 110AB Introduction to Computer Science for Majors (Java)
  • Teaching CSC 100AA Introduction to Computer Science for Non-Computer Majors (C++)
Aug 1995May 2000

Researcher, Lecturer

Arizona State University
  • Graduate Research Fellow/Assistant, Department of Electrical Engineering [July 1996 - March 2000].
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant (Assistant Coordinator) [1999-2000 academic year], EEE490: Senior Design Laboratory (ABET Capstone design experience course)
  • Assistant Coordinator, EEE498 Professional Seminar [Summer and fall semesters 1999]
    • Coordinating undergraduate software radio project, 3 students
    • Coordining student design and implementation activities, including the teaching of effective software system development methodology in C under Windows NT.
    • Teaching structure and function of digital wireless communication systems.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant (Laboratory Instructor) [1995-1996 academic year]
    • Teaching Assembly Language Programming (EEE326), Spring 1996
    • Teaching Electronic Devices and Circuits (ECE334), Fall 1995
Oct 1995Dec 1998


private company

  • Interfacing with my clients’ customers at executive level for requirements definition and product support
  • Hiring and training new employees on the development and support of the client’s software and hardware products and systems
  • Designing and analyzing systems, developing algorithms, performing system testing and maintenance, including device driver development and embedded peer-to-peer distributed network control applications. The products were used in the semiconductor industry for factory control.
Jan 1994Oct 1995

Software Engineer

Motorola GSTG, Diversified Technologies Division

  • Designing and implementing algorithms and managing software development and testing for passive location system, embedded systems, device drivers, distributed network interfaces, and user console.
  • Developing and implementing voice coding subsystems for cellular telephony applications.
  • Leading as software task leader on passive location system; including software system design, documentation, metrics tracking, and hiring
  • Participating in Software Engineering Institute (SEI) software quality assessments and in business unit software quality process development
Jun 1991Jan 1994

Electrical and Software Engineer

Motorola GSTG, Communications Division
  • Developing and testing voice coding subsystem for Space Station Freedom, including integrated deployable system and ground station communication module
  • Designing and implementing digital radio subsystems for error correction, framing, modem, voice processing, channel simulation.
  • Working on-site with customers, including requirements definition and integration support
  • Working as project leader on voice-coding product contracts, including metrics and financial tracking, technical/budget portions of project proposals, interfacing with manufacturing, and customer interaction



Professional license as “Engineer-in-Training”

State of Arizona, USA