A captivated geographer with a passion for expanding knowledge and experiences. Geographic Analysis graduate and expert tour guide with excellent interpersonal communication skills. Possesses the art of strategic thinking in demanding situations. Highly knowledgeable and well experienced in geotechnologies, environmental decision making, and the service industry. Strong and agile for physically demanding duties as well as duties requiring speed and accuracy in crowded environments. Dedicated to completing any task assigned.

Work History

Work History
Aug 2014 - Present

GIS and Database Management Consultant

Mount Wise Ltd.

GIS model and database development for geospatial data collection, organization, and maintenance. Creation of web mapping applications. Working with various clients to devise solutions to an array of geographically based issues.

Dec 2013 - Nov 2014

GIS Consultant

Government of Bermuda

GIS model and development for geospatial data collection, organization, and maintenance. Creation of web mapping application for public use.

Aug 2012 - May 2014

Bar Back/Busser/Conference

Oakam House Palin Foundation

Barback/Busser: Aiding all employees of the pub to ensure efficiency of pub procedures and maintain speed of customer turn-over.

Conference: Formal etiquette is to be maintained at all times. Conference tasks include: the set up and break down of specific conference room requirements (chairs, tables, food, etc); catering; and bar tending. 

Jun 2013 - Sep 2013

GIS Consultant Intern

Locus Geomatics

Meeting with clients to build foundations of GIS for the data and generate potential solutions. Data collection through communication and networking with various related personel. Perform data manipulation and conversion to use in GIS procedures such as digitizing, georeferening, and geoprocessing. Interpretation of the data pre, post, and during the GIS procedure  to aid clients with professional analytical insight. Detailed documentation of the methodology to aid clients through future usage of the data. Present the finalized geographic representations of the data to the clients. Discuss the findings, analytical interpretations, and solutions to assist with in the decision making process. The 385 hours earned through the successful completion of this internship were used towards fulfilling the 350 hours required by my University Major.

Aug 2013 - Sep 2013

Deck Hand

The Venetian

Performing regular deck hand duties, with high professionalism, upon the luxury yacht including: setting fenders; tying dock lines; cleaning and maintaing the yacht's luxurious standard; fulfilling any requests immediately, from either the captain or any guests aboard; and ensuring safety and satisfaction of guests while aboard, entering, exiting, or in water. 

Jul 2013 - Jul 2013

Volunteer GIS Consultant

Ocean Support Foundation

Primary data collection through interaction and communication with tournament participants to develop a database of lionfish catch data. Communication with outside resources to gain donations of nautical map documents for location data collection. Use of ArcGIS10.1 for digitization of the data, data manipulation, and geoprocessing applications. Analysis of geographic data to guide the Lionfish Task Force with further applications of collected data in combination. Communication of findings and analysis with clients. 

Apr 2009 - Aug 2010

Tour Guide

Fantasea Bermuda

Large range of responsibility. In charge of leading up to 30person, 3hr, kayak, snorkel and bicycle tours. Involved: tour planning; constant social interaction with guests; set up and pack up of equipment; safety and satisfaction of guests.

Operating private chartered cruises. Responsible for safety and satisfaction of up to 150 guests. Involved: charter boat operation skills; bar tending; bussing the boat; and constant social interaction with guests.

Jul 2007 - Jan 2009

Guest Service Agent

Dolphin Quest Bermuda

Responsible for: checking in guests (ensure they are in right location and the signing wavers); preparing guests for dolphin encounter; 15min briefing, question and answer with up to 25 guests prior to dolphin encounter; cleaning and sorting of guest equipment; gift shop cashier; photographer and photo salesman; cleanup of the general area.






Through University and Internship training, I gained the ability to combine all my knowledge and skills acquired practically and academically to achieve experience in solution development and professional consultation. For this, an understanding of localized and broadened topics and their interworking relationships is necessary. The ability to collaborate my skill set to enhance the quality of my knowledge in order to lower the uncertainty of decision-making is key for successful consultation. Real company and business applications were carried out within classes to develop comfort with the demands, constraints, and communication techniques of a true workforce environment. Hired by clients from the internship to continue consulting projects upon graduation.

Team Operation

In the workforce, the staff of previous and current employment worked as a team for the success of the business. In University, many task requiring group work with unknown individuals from numerous backgrounds were performed to develop solutions and documentation vital to course success. Mediation of issues, compromise, creativity, and solution development were practiced regularly within academia and the workforce.


Experience as a camp counselor at a young age and later tour guide employment, allowed for experiential leadership training as well as safety training through the responsibilities taken of guiding people. In university academia, spending considerable time in group work situations allowed for leadership in important class projects ensuring: communication was sufficient amongst the group and with the professor; group meetings were arranged; and deadlines were met promptly. Participation and completion of the Ryerson University Student Leadership Training as a Faculty of Arts 2012 Orientation Leader.

Statistical Analysis

Using databases either given to me or developed by me (primary and secondary data collection) to intricately analyze statistics to rid unnecessary data from the database and gain a strong understanding of the accuracy, validity, and usefulness of the data to the topic. Ability to incorporate geodemographic solutions to georeferenced data.


Multiple years of research for various fields of academia have aided my development of skills for efficiency of research. Using research to understand the workings of programs, as background information to understand concepts, and to support my own hypotheses and investigations. Creating primary data by personally contacting experts in the topic; strong Internet research skills; strong hard copy, published scholar book and article research; and primary field research.

Quality Analysis

Survey development and distribution for quality analysis. Strong knowledge of survey design and development for intricate analysis of required information and positive return rates of surveys. My social skills allow me to increase survey distribution and agreement of participation thus increase sample amount. Having my creative survey design of style of questions, specific ordering of questions, and optimal length of survey allow for a higher return rate from the participants. From the return surveys, my skills in primary data collection and analysis allow for further analysis and potential improvement based on participant answers.

Data Organization & Manipulation

Data collected by an external sources can come in various formats. Using my knowledge of Microsoft Office products I can organize and manipulate data to create a database for displaying and editing data. Once developed, the database can be linked to GIS systems and/or incorporated into web-based programs.

Primary Data Collection/Observation

Experienced in travelling to the research field for primary source data collection and observation. For collection this involves: obtaining samples; measurements, pH tests; and salinity tests. For observation this involves using knowledge to: locate potential sources of pollutants; interpret potential sources of erosion; locate and decipher any anomalies, inconstancies, or potential threats while at the field. Once collected, a database is developed and findings are entered and analysed statistically. Trained in SPSS and Microsoft Excel database management systems.  From this, further analysis of data can be applied to research for specific requirements of project.  

Spatial Analysis

Evaluating spatial data to develop a intellectual understanding of the area for description, interpretation, and prediction to aid in decision support for: Trade Area Analysis; Land Development Analysis; Environmental Assessment; Market Segmentation Analysis; etc.


University developed skills within the fields of: Geographic Information Sciences; Remote Sensing; and Geographic Positioning Systems. Advanced in the use of a range of geographic information systems including: ArcGIS; MapInfo; and PCI Geomatica.


Throughout the workforce and university experiences, communication via written letter, email, and telephone were dominant forms of information transfer, therefore I maintain a pleasant and professional contact etiquette.