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Travis Falls

Recent UC Davis Graduate looking to get my feet wet in the Bio-Medical/Technology field

Work experience



UC Davis Engineering
Civil Engineering Internship…. I interned at the Civil Engineering department. I assisted Graduate Students in building and monitoring their projects I. also aided in preparing class room experiments while working with various professors. I gained experience working with heavy machinery. I learned how to be precise and cautious while also working at an efficient pace by myself and in a group. Work Experience Action Water Sports

Obexer's Marina, Lake Tahoe….

Obexer's Marina, Lake Tahoe….
….….….…. I worked on the docks restoring the teak and interiors on wooden boats around Lake Tahoe. I was able to utilize my knowledge of chemistry to improve upon the techniques used by the marina to make the restoration process more efficient and safe. Personal References; Available upon request.




University of California UCD