Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2010 - Present

IT Admin Officer

Philippine Red Cross

Work Description:• Addresses user and department concerns regarding the overall use of the organization's Information Technology (IT) resources in terms of:A. New technology research, testing, recommending (Endpoint Security, WAN Optimization).B. Software retention & upgrade requisition, licensing and asset management (inventory).C. Hardware viability, upgrade and forecast scheduling for end-of-life replacements.D. Network infrastructure requirements (Telco/vendor/reseller to internal LAN/WLAN).E. Conducts assessment on compliance issues (BSA), reviews existing IT policies.Responsibilities also include:• Co-managing the organization's e-mail account.• Performing helpdesk-related activities that include phone and technical support.• Leads team effort in malware detection and virus removal on organization's computers.

Jul 2008 - 2010

Systems Administrator

H.W. Miller Memorial Sanitarium and Hospital

Work Description:• General user administration and support, hardware maintenance, troubleshooting & upgrade, software & application installation, security & patch management, including network availability.• Act as helpdesk resolving concerns coming from various medical and administrative departments. Assist user issues about QuickBooks, including backing up and re-installation.• Provides guidance for inter-department hardware and software requirements, approves purchases for both.• Performs hardware and software inventory using Belarc, schedules spot & quarterly audits on workstations for Software Asset Management (SAM) compliance. Initiates the removal of non-licensed software. Educate users regarding the use of proprietary software. Initiated the use of Open-Source Software (OSS).• Provides encoding support for all departments, in particular our PhilHealth section requiring ICD-9/ICD-10 references, Laboratory on result forms, Radiology for scanning and archiving of results, Medical Records for patient certificates and Marketing for image conversions.• Coordinates with vendor regarding updates and issues about the hospital information management system.• Coordinates photos and write-up with content provider for hospital website.

Competencies:• Software: Competent with the installation, configuration and troubleshooting of Microsoft Operating Systems (Windows 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, and XP), Microsoft Office & Outlook (2007 and 2003), Microsoft Visio, OpenOffice, Intuit QuickBooks, NitroPDF, Antivirus, and other desktop applications. Performs superset programming in Visual FoxPro and database backup/update using SQL Server 2008 (when required).• Hardware: Ability to determine and troubleshoot computer and network problems. Coordinates solutions with the appropriate hardware and software value added resellers (VAR) and system integrators (SI).• Network: Established hospital local area network (LAN) including a defined IP-to-workstation map, checked existing cabling and re-cabled previously unattached departments. Provided Wifi for Cafeteria and Conference Hall use. Utilizes a variety of tools like PacketTrap pt360 Tool Suite PRO to troubleshoot network issues and eMailTrackerPro to detect & report phishing emails.• Security: Performs software updates, including security patches and hotfixes. Utilizes a variety of tools like Secunia, etc.• Organization, Training and Planning Skills: Performs feasibility studies and proof of concept for short and long-term goals in the hospital's IT infrastructure inclined to business continuity plans.Participates in vendor-initiated online training using various web casting software’s like Cisco WebEx, Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro, Microsoft Office Live Meeting, Citrix GoToMeeting, ON24 and Dimdim.Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• Custody of software licenses, including physical copies, hardware supplies and re-ordering.• Evaluation of new technologies that could benefit the hospital’s IT infrastructure and general operation.• Review existing IT services (includes contracts, after-sales support, and warranties) for performance report and evaluation.

Internal Positions:• E-mail Administrator – responsible for the creating and managing e-mail accounts using Google Apps ( – consolidated users practice of communicating via free e-mail (Yahoo! Mail, etc.) into the Google Apps hosted corporate mail (users receive e-mails from Yahoo! Mail straight in their Outlook mailbox, but replies back via Contact addresses are also saved and are informed via an e-mail signature.• Software Specialist/Consultant – responsible for administration and management of Bizbox Healthcare Information and Management Systems (HIMS): an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system designed for hospital use (• MIS Manager – responsible for overall management of workstations, peripherals, network devices, supplies, licenses• Website Coordinator– responsible for coordinating content for the hospital’s website (

Improvements:• I have deployed EchoVNC – a "firewall friendly" VNC for remote accessing all department workstations in order to troubleshoot most of their concerns. It slashed 80% of the time that I needed to walk from one department to another.

• In order to filter out inappropriate "internet" material, OpenDNS was used and usage policies are established; especially when users are visiting sites are non-work related.

• Since the hospital was tight on the budget, but needed a corporate e-mail very much, I have used Google Apps Standard Edition instead of Microsoft Exchange for easier e-mail management.• Before I came, viruses, trojans and malwares are very rampant - due to flash drives being passed from one department to another so I tweaked out Windows Registry and disabled the Autorun functionality ("Autorun.inf") on portable drives and provided a catch basin to stop the possible execution of scripted files (*.bat, *.scr, *.vbs, etc) . See the example here:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\JSFile\Shell]@="Edit"[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\JSEFile\Shell]@="Edit"[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\VBEFile\Shell]@="Edit"[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\VBSFile\Shell]@="Edit"[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\WSFFile\Shell]@="Edit"[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\WSHFile\Shell\Edit\Command]@="Notepad.exe %1"


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\Explorer]"NoDriveAutoRun"=dword:03ffffff"NoDriveTypeAutoRun"=dword:00000004[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\IniFileMapping\Autorun.inf]@="@SYS:DoesNotExist"


Note: I have also submitted this Windows Registry tweak at TechRepublic, a major online source of "tech" information, solutions and product information of which I myself am a member.

• I also positioned the mass deployment of back up power supply (UPS), based on workstation or consolidated workstation load (meaning two or more workstations and shared peripherals like: scanner and printers) and anti-virus solution to all the workstations.

Oct 2006 - Jul 2008

IT Support Specialist

Republic Chemical Industries, Inc.

Work Description: • Participate in the evaluation of key services (SW/HW) substantial to increased user productivity. Match brand against performance, after-sales support/service and long equipment usability. (Preventive Maintenance)• Utilize a variety of patch management tools / data discovery processes to mitigate risk and determine unsecured applications installed in user's computers (Driver Agent, FileHippo Update Client, GetBackData)• Minimized the vulnerability on desktop computers, especially those requiring mobility (notebook pc's) against spyware, malware, pups (potentially unwanted programs), trojans and viruses through behavioural learning on how they are being used, and emphasized on user awareness on such threats. (HOSTS blocking, Microsoft's Sysinternal Tools: AutoRuns, Process Explorer, Malwarebytes, MountPoints2, NOD32, SpyBlaster, SpyBot, Spy Sweeper, VirusScan)• Install HW/SW requirements, configure them and train assigned user on proper use. (Helpdesk Functions)• Planned and conducted the execution of General SW/HW Inventory Audit (Belarc Advisor)Improvements:• Centralized the coordination of “after sales support” for all hardware equipment and software applications so that suppliers can be immediately informed in case of problems requiring warranty services, pullouts or internal repairs.• Improved user-level understanding of (computer equipment) lifetime and how it affects their work/tasks without sacrificing the same company-assigned equipments being underutilized or damaged due to mishandling.• Locked down IE/browsing that is not work-related and might possibly cause identity phishing and/or viral/malware infection on their computers.

Jun 2006 - Jun 2008

Product Database Manager

AAA Marketing World Pty. Ltd.

Work Description:• Identify products that need revision on content, enhance and expand these content by adding images, referring to correct URLs (Australian-based), and check for the clarity of submitted reviews.

Aug 2005 - Dec 2005

Product Information Representative


Work Description:• Responsible for initial creation of products; Tasked with updating information on products and improving the quality of current database information-including product names, specifications, category add-ons, sales alerts, etc.• Provide research information utilizing Internet resources, search engines, as well as image retrieval.

Mar 2005 - Aug 2005

Universal Agent (Technical Support + Customer Service Representative)

West Contact Services, Inc.

Work Description:Technical Support Issues:• Perform helpdesk-related activities that include obtaining information regarding Internet access failures, remote troubleshooting via IP phone (Avaya), and documenting resolved issues.• Creates resolution tickets with concise, accurate and timely information.• Responds to email and chat request in order to share knowledge for the benefit of other support groups. Customer Service Issues:• Review billing and payment history, subject customers to applicable credit/refunds as necessary.• Verifies and updates customer's credit card information. Escalates card-related issues that the billing system doesn't accept.• Dispatches shipping request, processes unfulfilled orders.


1995 - 1999

B.S. Computer Science

Systems Technology Institute



Software Setup / Configuration

I am well versed in the installation, setup and re-configuration of Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007 and the provision, of adding ODT-plugin portability to the same (even without installing a full version of OpenOffice). In case there's no Microsoft Office license, I do use any of the following suites:   • Google Docs • IBM Lotus Symphony •   Now too many to mention, my hands have at least come across very familiar softwares such as Corel Draw, Photoshop and Acrobat.   Most of the tools that I use at work is what's always present or currently being used there.If I don't know something, I will always try to have my hands come in contact with it.

Network Administration, Support and Testing

Although supporting mostly desktop-related concerns, as a Systems Administrator - I am personally responsible for the network of the hospital that I have worked for. Here, I ensure that the local network is stable and it is free from connection-related problems. To ensure that it is, I perform cable testing and crimping (as necessary). I also have recommended and deployed cabling upgrades (from CAT5 to CAT6) for our network infrastructure. Linksys wifi routers are also deployed to provide medical personnel (mostly doctors, consultants, etc) immediate access to patient reports and e-mails.   For filtering out Internet material: I implemented the use of OpenDNS for filtering out malicious IP's and websites' users aren't allowed to visit. On the router level, I also have established dictionary-based rules that prevents users from accessing high-bandwidth materials which previously caused severe bottleneck. Both OpenDNS and the router rules that I have made complements one-another: in terms of safety and security.

Hardware Troubleshooting / Repair

My hardware skills are Microsoft Windows-oriented, so I am able to perform advanced troubleshooting skills based on that Operating System (OS). Of the few things that I normally do when somebody have a bad laptop / notebook or desktop computer is that I check their hardware information. Basic details such as "product number" or "product code" are neccessary for me, especially is they fall under brands such as Hewlett-Packard (HP) or HP-Compaq, Dell, Canon, Acer and Toshiba (which is my favorite, since I own one). Among these, I have access to HP's complete product guide (which I subscribe) to get the latest parts and upgrades needed for our workstations.   Based also on these brands and their specific models I am able to retrieve product information leading me to available drivers, compatible OS'es and warranty support. It helps me perform the appropriate diagnosis before turning over to manufacturer support.   To list everything, I have "hands on" experience on the setup, installation and configuration of the following devices / peripherals (based by brand names):   ** APC ** APC BK500EI, BK650-AS, BP500I, BR800I, BR1000I, SC1000I, SUA750I   ** DELL ** Dell Dimension 2300 Dell Inspiron 1410 & 1545 Dell Latitude D510 & 1150   ** EPSON ** Epson FX-2180 Epson LX-300+ & LX-300+II Epson LQ-300+II & LQ-2180 Epson Stylus C45, C90, C110 & CX5500 Epson Stylus Office T30 Epson Stylus Photo 890 & R230 Epson Stylus T10 Epson TM-U220D   ** HP ** Compaq Evo D381m MT & D381mx Compaq Presario 2500, CQ40-108TU, CQ40-310AU, V2000 CTO, V2617TS HP Brio BA410, BA600 HP Compaq d220, d7700p SFF, dc530 SFF, dc7100 SFF, dc7600 SFF, dx2200 MT, dx2300 MT, dx2700 MT, nc6000 HP DeskJet 690c, 895cxi, 970cxi, 1220c, 1280, 3420, 3550, 3745, 5652, 5656, 6122, D2360, D2460, D2560, D4160, D4260, F4185 HP iPAQ 612c HP LaserJet 5L, 1020, 1022n, 1300n, 1320n, 2300dn, 2600n, P1006 HP OfficeJet 4200, Pro 8000, Pro K850 HP Pavilion a5055d, dv2000, dv2000 HP Photosmart 7260, C3110 HP ScanJet 2400c, 4300c, 4370, 4670, 8270, G3010 HP StorageWorks DAT 72 USB External Tape Drive   ** SAMSUNG ** Samsung ML-1610   ** SONY ** Sony Vaio VGN-G1KBN   ** TOSHIBA ** Toshiba Portege M500, M600 Toshiba Satellite A15-S129, A135-S4427, A50, A80, A200, L20, L100 Toshiba Tecra M5-P2411   ** OTHERS ** DEVELOP ineo 163 Fujitsu Lifebook S6311 Konftel 50    

Installation, Setup and Configuration of Windows

I have intermediate-to-advanced skills in the installation, setup and configuration of Microsoft OS flavors like Windows XP, Vista and just recently 2008. Right now, I am currently testing Windows 7.   Non-Windows that I have already tried installing and using would be Fedora, FreeSpire, OpenSolaris, OpenSUSE and Ubuntu Linux. I used them because I am quite interested in running Windows applications under Linux, using Wine.


I haven't taken any to prove any skill or if I at least understand basic computer operations or so, but considering to take at least any of the following certifications:

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT)Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST)Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)

I will probably require sponsorship for any company-required certifications, in exchange to "bonded" trainings.


I am currently seeking both local and overseas employment, particularly in the Healthcare (and Information Technology) industry as a Support Staff, Helpdesk, Technical or Administrative functions. I enjoy performing research and technical support that will benefit any organization requiring additional manpower. I can also work with other departments ranging from administrative to technical services.

Awards, Citation and Recognition

06.11.2005          Events Coordinator (for Abbott): TARKA Sales Launch Event02.02-04.2005    Events Coordinator (for Schering Plough): Phil. Lipid Society / Hypertension11.07.2004          Events Coordinator (for Merck): Animo POGSLYMPICS 2004, La Salle Greenhills10.14.2002          Lecturer: Methods of Research in the Internet, Technological University of the Philippines11.6.10.2000      Science Assistant: 7th Annual GO I.T. National Convention, Asiaworld Hotel Palawan



I have much interest in IT-related solutions for the healthcare setting. For example, the company: LifeSize provides effective video conferencing solutions for doctors who engage in discussing medical findings with peers who are in their respective remote hospital locations. Another medical related topic would be "Buteyko" which is the holistic alternative to treating people who suffer from asthma. Of course, other topics that interest me such as COBIT, HIPAA, ISO/IEC 27001, ITIL, etc.

Non-work related:

I am a researcher by nature. I apply the same things that I do at work (research & testing) when I'm not at work. One of the things I'm very interested with is "environment protection". Recycling things is one topic that interest me, as well as finding about renewable or alternative sources of energy (fuel) - like solar power. There's another, which concerns about growing plants in poor or in conditions that you wish not to use the soil at all (hydroponics). Combining all these, I seem to be an outgoing person. Yes, I am - but more of an "outdoor" person. I love camping, getting close to nature and its beauty, seeing the stars and so.


• Founding Member - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ("ICANN")

  A not-for-profit public-benefit corporation with participants from all over the world dedicated to keeping the Internet secure, stable and interoperable. It promotes competition and develops policy on the Internet’s unique identifiers.

• Master Guide - Antipolo City Pathfinder Club  A Master Guide is a leader of the Pathfinder Club who has benefit from the continues learning process of the same. As a Master Guide,their training is similar to Scout Leader/Master, but designed primarily for those who wish to become actively involved in the youth ministry of their local church. Serving under the guidance of the Youth Ministries Department of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Master Guides hone themselves with both in-door training and practical outdoor that presents a positive outlook for the younger generation, especially attributing emphasis on community work and survival skills.


12.02-03.2009          Trainers Training for the Consolidated Canvassing System – Ventureslink International

07.08.2009                Optimize Your IT Workshop Series – Emerson Network Power06.23.2009                Avaya IP Office Workshop – Avaya Philippines05.28.2009                HP Thin Client: Go Slim. Gain Control – HP Philippines05.20.2009                Cisco Cebu Collaborative Technologies Forum – Cisco Philippines04.30.2009                Avaya IP Office Launch – Avaya Philippines04.02.2009                Cisco Small Business Solutions – Cisco Philippines03.19.2009                Technology Briefing Series - Emerson Network Power01.29.2009                Straight Talks with Microsoft: Learning about IT Investments11.27.2008                Enabling Business-Critical Continuity – Emerson Network Power10.16.2008                HP Services Roadshow – HP Philippines09.08.2008                SQL Server Cebu Launch – Microsoft Philippines09.08.2008                Inside Windows Server 2008 & MS-SQL 2008 Update – Microsoft Philippines03.14-04.01.2005      US Accent and Product Training – West Contact Services, Inc.

01.17-20.2005          English Proficiency Training – John Clements Consultants, Inc.04.25.2003                APC Network UPS Workshop – Creative Technologies09.28.2001                WindowsXP Preinstallation Training – Microsoft Philippines05.15.2001                Visio for Developers (Level 200) – Microsoft Philippines


Evangeline B. Geraldez, R.N.D., M.A. Ed - Chief DieticianH.W. Miller Memorial Sanitarium and Hospital400 Tres De Abril St. Brgy. San Nicolas, 6000 Cebu City (Philippines)Tel: (+6332)515-4816 Mobile: (+63)921-9654030 Email: evangelinegeraldez [at] B. Hornales - R&D Engineer, Finite Element Analysis GroupFairchild Semiconductor (Phils.), Inc.Mactan Export Zone, Lapu-lapu City (Philippines)Tel: (+6332)340-0534 loc. 5266 Mobile: (+63)920-5725758 Email: benjie.hornales [at] fairchildsemi.comGeorge Parilla - Partner Account ManagerMicrosoft Philippines (Cebu)4/F Skyrise IT Bldg. Asia Town IT Park in Lahug, 6000 Cebu City (Philippines)Tel: (+6332)2387090 Mobile: (+63)9176215888 Email: gparilla [at] microsoft.comJerry Dela Peña - Network & Systems AdministratorCebu Global Teleservices, Inc.2/F Mango Square Complex, Gen. Maxilom Ave. 6000 Cebu City (Philippines)Tel: (+6332)4126375 Mobile: (+63)917-3868094 Email: jerzx [at] yahoo.comMalou B. Darvin - Managing DirectorOmniEssence, Inc.3/F 93 Apo St. 1550 Mandaluyong City (Philippines)Tel: (+632)532-4253 Mobile: (+63)920-9015977 Email: mbdarvin [at] Cipriano - VP, Supply ChainAPL Logistics (Singapore), Inc.456 Alexandra Road #06-00 NOL Group Building Singapore 119962Tel: (+65) 6278 9000 Fax: (+65) 6276 3365 Email: raffy_cipriano [at] apllogistics.comReynaldo R. Murillo - Director, Line UnderwritingBPI MS Insurance Corporation16/F Ayala-Life FGU Center, 6811 Ayala Ave., 1226 Makati City (Philippines)Tel: (+632)840-9502 Mobile: (+63)917-7915972 Email: rrmurillo [at] bpims.comShenalie M. Lopena - Assistant Manager, IT and Process Management DepartmentPrudentialife HealthCare, Inc.Prudentialife Bldg, 843 Arnaiz Ave., Makati City (Philippines)Mobile: (+63)922-2515243 Email: smlopena [at] prudentialife.comSherra Sarmiento - Administrative Assistant III, Operating Room/PACU (Mail Code 1310)National Guard Health AffairsKing Abdul Aziz Medical CityP.O. Box 22490, Riyadh 11426, Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaTel: +966-2520088 Ext: 17033 Email: sarmientos [at]