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A full stack developer with more than 8 years of experience in many fields: desktop, web, mobile application and game development, 4 years of experience in team managing and technical consulting. Highly skilled in problem solving, training, communication and team work. Fluent in English and Vietnamese. 


Sep 2006Jul 2011

Software Engineer

DaNang University of Technology



- Using swift since it was announced, i'm very confident with it new concepts such as protocol oriented design, value/reference typing, memory management using reference counting... This is my primary skill and what I love to work on.


- Using C# in projects and also catch up-to-date with latest version of C#. Also work with Web Forms, MVC, Web API, WCF,...


- I'm into java since high school. I worked on many java library and frameworks: spring frameworks, android platform, google application engine...


- Front end development is quite interesting to me. I have experience on many Javascript libraries: jQuery, angular js, reactJS, nodejs... I'm currently use typescript as my favourite Javascript compiler. Also, I have experience in using Javascript automation tools like grunt, gulp..


- As a C++ trainer/game developer. I have deep knowledge on C++ programming language: memory managment, object oriented programming, ... I aslo have experience working on low-level graphic libraries: OpenGL, DirectX, Metal.

3D & Math

This is a required skill in 3d game development.

Work History

Jan 2015Present

.Net Architecture

Clearpath Development

Work directly with customer to gather software requirement specification, create system design and manage the team during implementation and testing phase.


- Corespondent Loan Acquisition Portal: a portal for mortgage sellers manage their contracts with customers and investors.

- Business Rule Engine Management: manage and execute business rule engines.

- Template manager: manage email templates and sending emails.


- Backend and database: C#, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, WCF, MSMQ, MongoDB,...

- Front-end: Javascript, Angular JS, HTML, CSS.

- Requirement analyst, system design, test driven development.

- Behavior driven development, automation testing: Specflow, selinium hq...

Jan 2011Dec 2014

Vietnam HD+ Trainer Leader


Manage programmer training team in Gameloft Vietnam Groups of Studios (SA1, SA2, DAD, HAN). Create, organize training programs related to 3D graphics (OpenGL ES, DirectX), game engine, multiple threading & synchronization, networking, debugging, design pattern, etc...


- Programming languages: C++, Java, C#, Objective C, Swift...

- Graphics Engine/Framework: OpenGL, DirectX, Metal, Unity3D...

- Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

- Training, communication, presentation, management skills.

Aug 2008Dec 2009

Technical Leader

IFI Da Nang

Supervise and give direction to the development team. 


- VisioDent: a CRM software for dentist: migrate database from pervasive to postgres SQL. Skills: C++, MFC, pervasive database, postgres SQL.

- Mobile data synchronization for eXoPlatform: synchronize emails, contact, calendar from mobile phones to eXoPlatform portal. Skills: Java (backend), C# (windows mobile), SyncML, eXoPlatform, windows mobile..

- Video conference website: a website for video conferencing. Skills: action script, php, red5, java, Flex, openfire,...

Sep 2007Jul 2008

PHP Programmer

New Software Solution

Create websites for clients and local universities.


- DanangInvest: website for DaNangInvest company.

- Pham Van Dong university website.

- Da Nang University website.


- Programming Languages: PHP, HTML, Javascript.

- Frameworks: NukePHP, Joomla.

iOS Developer

Free Lancer

Develop software & games for iOS platforms.


- Roll!: Taking animated pictures using iPhone.

- GoodMusicApp: automatically play good music in your iPhone library.

- BabyBel: a casual game for advertising.

- Fishing World TV: a fishing game on Apple TV.


- Programming languages: Swift, Objective C, C++

- Engine/Frameworks: iOS, tvOS, OpenGL, Box2D.


Second Prize - ACM/ICPC programming contest Asia-Pacific region (Nha Trang site - 2009).

Second Prize - Software opensource contest for student (twice in 2010 and 2011, 3 times third prize in 2007, 2008 and 2009).

Third Prize Super Cup - Informatic Olympiad Contest for IT Students.


- Programming, reading technical news.

- Team building activities.

- Movies, music.