Hello ! My name is Hanh and I am a 20 years-old girl who looking for a chance to learn and improve my talents; when I start working I want to finish in a perfection way; that is the reason why I always put 100% in all that I do. I believe that being with 40% hard-working plus 40% good attitude and 20% observation skills will helps my work on the right track.

Over past 3 years in university, I had the chance to show myself as an active, enthusiastic and resposible student who joined in many extracurricular activities at school.

Moreover, I experienced myself in a lot of difference part-time jobs including translator, marketing collaborator, sales, waitress, ect.

Asides from my life as a dynamic student, I am also a trying hard gymer, a cooking enthusiast and a crazy friend.

My career objective


Sep 2012 - Jul 2016

Faculty of International Communication and Culture ( FICC )

Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam

Bachelor of International Communication. 

Work history

Work experience
Nov 2014 - Feb 2015

Translator and fanpage administrator


  • Translate articles from foreign website such as,,,...
  • Edit and post articles to web following SEO standard.
  • Manage fanpage ( 3-4 post/day, reply member's comments,... 

Project Description

  • RedChef is an interesting website with slogan "revolution in the kitchen" which created by a young man with a desire to change the thinking of Vietnamese modern homecook.
  • This website always publish useful articles for interesting recipes, culinary experiences, kitchen's decor, table manners,... with artful pictures.
Nov 2013 - May 2015

Events Logistics.

Lluvia Dance Party, IMC 2015


  • Discuss ideas for decorating stage and hall pre-events.
  • Technical support for both 2 events.
  • Welcoming guests for ICM 2015 and marking the participants in Lluvia Dance Party.
  • Join in clean-up team after events.

Event description

  • Lluvia Dance Party is a party in a series of events to welcome scientific communication's freshmen. This is traditional activity since FICC was founded.
  • ICM 2015 ( International Communication Master 2015 ) is an annual competition which was held by FICC of DAV, this competition towards students interested in communication who have talents and courage to express themself.
Sep 2012 - Aug 2014

Salesgirl, waitress.

Hotdot Cafe & bar, Miushop, Passio Coffee to go.


  • Directly responsible for consulting and saling in store.
  • Discuss and share works with others in shift




  • - Willing to help others when they get stuck.
  • - Always giving the positive idea for group asignments.
  • - I often take all my efforts in group exercises.


Since in college, I often had to face with lots of presentations to pass the exam, so it is not a big deal to me.


  •  Ability to express words easily, good accent.
  •  Always listen and ready to absorb others's opinions.


Translate text from English into Vietnamese and vice versa.

Languages ( English )

Listening, Reading, Writing,Speaking.

Microsoft Office

Word and Power Point.