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With the passion and creativity of web programming, in addition to the learning process the knowledge learned in school well I still take the time to studies current technology such as Ajax, Bootstrap, laravel framework, wordpress ...

Technology and Programming  Language:


Work experience

Jan 2016Mar 2016

Leader eProject


 Design a website where users will get relevant information about the latest music, game, movie releases in the market.

  • This website has web pages that give information about the new releases in the field of music, game, and movie in the National market
  • The site will allow users to view all kinds of music, game, movie - includes National and International, listen to some music, see trailers game, movie, and download them for free some but not full, vote for an album, game, movie and  send feedback about the site, etc. In addition, this website also provides a forum that users could discuss. The website has search and browse functions too
  • When users need to know information about recent releases of music, game, movie they can open this website to see or search some information, and naturally, they can buy some DVDs if they want.
Apr 2015May 2015

Leader eProject


Design a website where the user is allowed to register their mobile number on the site and they will be allowed to send the message to any mobile.

  • There is certain validation for the user to send the message like it should not exceed more than 120 characters. Only 5 messages are allowed to send free to any single mobile number.
  • User can also edit the profile by adding personal, professional details.
  • Once the profile is created the user can be allowed to add the other registered users by sending the request. Once the request is accepted then his/her mobile number will be added in the friend list of the profile and sending message to the friend mobile number will be free unlimited through out the day.
  • It also provide option for activating the service for the joke, current affairs, sports, news in your mobile, this would be paid service where user has to pay through credit card.
Aug 2014Nov 2014

Leader eProject


Design software Karaoke Management where the user can manager room karaoke.

  • User can advanced reservations room.
  • User can check time remaining of room was leased.
  • User also print bill for your customer.
  • User can view total revenue in a week, month or a year.
Jan 2014May 2014

Leader eProject


Design a website where the user can search information or buy a mobile phone just one click mouse.

  • Customer can search by name, type or price of  phone.
  • Customer can view detail information.
  • User can search by name, type, price of  phone
  • In addition, if customer register a account  and  became member of us, you can comment, buy or send your feedback to us.



Developer  PHP

CENTER for technology software Can Tho university

Learning: Html, css, javascript, php basic, joomla.


Software Engineer

  • The first year i'm learning about: C, Html, Javascrip, Css, PHP.
  • Second year i'm learning about: Java basic, C# basic, Developer application with C#, ADO .Net.
  • In the last year: Developer desktop application with java, JSP, EJB, and some Framework of JSP: JSF, Struct, Spring.

High School Students

THPT Ngan dua

i'm was the average graduate.