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Tran Dinh Cu

Structural Engineering Student


I have good understanding of use and integration of BIM and FEM softwares.

I have good theoretical knowledge in mechanics and working knowledge in Eurocode.

And I really want to improve my knowledge and enhance my experience in a professional working environment; which is why I looking for an opportunity in your company



Master of Science

Aalto University

Master's program in Building Technology

Major in Structural Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering

Häme University of Applied Science

Bachelor's program in Construction Engineering

Major in Structural Engineering



Mr. Zhongcheng Ma (Sheet Metal Center/ HAMK)

"He demonstrated his diligence and intelligence in his study, particularly in the structural design calculations. He was an excellent student in my classes. He also demonstrated excellent ability to solve complex structural design project. He is doing the R&D project works in Sheet Metal Center at this moment and continue to show the hard working attitude and intelligence in the assigned tasks"   


Mr. Tran Anh Tuan (Agrimeco)

"During the work placement at Technical Design Board, Mr. Tran Dinh Cu has followed the rules and regulations of the company, fulfilled the task assigned, inquisitive and sociable with others"


Mr. Jaakko Siltanen (Innopark)

"All of your ideas were liked a lot. The reason why none of them were chosen was very much due to the budget. You are gifted and hopefully you will continue to develop and hone your creative side"